Friday, December 27, 2019

Beau's Christmas Bedroom Decor ♥

Every Christmas I like to add a bit of festive decor to the boys' bedrooms and this Christmas they both have a new room - having moved house last month.

It's been fun decorating their rooms to our own tastes and popping up all the festive bits in the build up to Christmas day too.

Beau's room is the smallest in the house but is so cosy and snug. It's south facing so is warm and well-lit and it's a beautiful room to sit in on a sunny day.

His normal bedding is the Bedlam Billy Bunny set that we were gifted from Wayfair and when I saw there was a Christmas version available I had to get it! It's adorable with all the bunnies, Christmas trees, red post boxes with robins on top and presents on it. I bought this one from Ebay as it seems to be sold out everywhere else and sadly there was only double available but I made it work by draping the duvet over the sides of his bed.

I also added some fairy lights to his bedhead and his lovely personalised Christmas stocking which he was gifted by from the lovely people at Mori.

Every year I put a little white Christmas tree with baby blue and silver decorations on it up in Beau's room and this year is no different. I initially had the tree on his bedside table but feared he might knock it over, so I moved it to his dresser.

I love the decorations on this tree so much and after two baby boys I don't think I'll ever have a Christmas without a little Christmas tree with baby blue decorations on it.

I also picked him up some 'jingle bells' as he calls them to hang on his wall, mainly because he was getting restless in The Range and wouldn't let them go! They look lovely hung up on his wall though.

Finally, we were sent beautiful personalised burlap Christmas sacks from Harrow & Green for the boys and I've started filling Beau's with his Christmas gifts. Beau has a gingham topped on and Tyler has a ticking stripe one. Obviously I haven't left this in sight of him as it'll be from Santa but I think it looked lovely in his room - the blue wrapping paper matched his wall!

I also cut some holly from the bush in our garden and hung some from the print above his bed, as well as in a vase of gypsophilia on his bedside table. I love the seasonal flowers and plants so like to have them in the bedrooms.

I love decorating for Christmas and bringing some of the Christmas decor into the boys' rooms. I think it makes the season all the more magical for them.


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  1. So sweet looking. I have never decorated in the kids rooms but I’m sure they would love it.


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