Friday, July 31, 2015

A Little Holiday Haul | Mama & Baba ♥

It's not often that I post a haul, because to be honest, I don't go shopping all that often, well not for me anyway, I'm always buying things for my son, but when I go on holiday, especially to Jersey, I like to pick up some things for myself as they have shops that we don't have here in Cork. I picked up some goodies for myself and for my son too - I couldn't resist the Little Bird display in Mothercare. I also did some thrifting in a local hospice store which had some lovely things, most of which I couldn't buy as I wouldn't have been able to take them back on the plane but I did get some lovely pieces.

The stationary addict in me couldn't resist going into Paperchase for a look, a shop that we don't have here in Cork, and I picked up some lovely bits for keeping my blogging work in order. I got this gorgeous pale blue and gold diary that goes up to December 2016 for keeping all my blog work and contacts organised, this was reduced from £16 to only £5 - what an absolute bargain! I also got this beautiful hand-embroidered journal for keeping blog notes and post ideas in, I loved the typewriter design, this was reduced from £10 to £5 also. The three pens caught my eye as they looked like they were pastel but the ink is actually quite neon but it doesn't matter, they're still pretty and it's great to have different colours for highlighting different things, these were three for £2.50.

One of the things I picked up in the Hospice shop was this pretty vintage mirror for £2.50. I've cleaned it up and I'll actually use it for applying my makeup. It'll also look pretty on my dressing table and will be nice for photo styling too. I can never resist a trip to MAC, especially when I'm in Jersey as I always think the products are cheaper as they're in sterling - I'm so wrong... I picked up six new lipsticks - Creme Cup, Creme de la Femme, Peach Blossom, Sandy B., Angel and Divine Choice. I also picked up a Fujifilm Instax instant camera in pastel pink and two cartridges of film. I haven't used my new camera yet, I'm saving it for an evening when there's some nice sunlight because there are only ten photos per film, which is a bit of a rip off but they'll be nice to have. The camera was £56 and the films were £17.

 I picked up both these dresses in the Hospice shop (which is actually like a warehouse really there's so much stuff!). I really loved the colour and the print on the sunflower and daisy dress, I'm not sure if it'll suit me or not but I had to pick it up anyway. The brand is Hell Bunny and it was £6, which I did think was a bit much for a charity shop but it's going for £24.99 here so it's a bargain really.

I also picked up this beautiful rose print dress from Topshop for £2 - bargain! It's a size 12 (which I am most definitely not) but I couldn't leave it behind and thankfully it actually fits, yay!

 I got this beautiful Hope and Greenwood oilcloth bag in the post office in Sark. I absolutely love the print with bluebirds, ribbons, love hearts and letters - it's so pretty! I couldn't leave it behind and it was only £19.99.

Cath Kidston had a sale on (which they always seem to do when I'm in Jersey!) but I only liked one of their bags from their new Library Collection but it was like £58, which I wasn't parting with for a bag I probably wouldn't end up using. I got Tyler Lee this gorgeous cloud print jacket which was reduced from £28 to £16, it'll be perfect for autumn. The blue star print shoes were just £8 so I couldn't leave them behind. I also picked up these little plastic lunch boxes for him as I want to start packing him sandwiches and fruit for lunch at school and these will be ideal for that and our little picnics too. These were £4.

Mothercare also had a sale on so I had to go in for a look and to check out their Little Bird display as the one in my local Mothercare isn't the best. The sale section had only baby sizes left in the Little Bird range and even though I'm not expecting (although I'm optimistic about the prospect about it happening again one day!) I couldn't leave the gorgeous little sleepsuits behind, I think they're so unique! They were £7 and if I don't end up being able to use them I'll donate them to the charity shop so there'll be no loss there.

I picked up some bits for Tyler Lee from the new range and was actually surprised that it's all purple for boys, I think the blue on the trim on the t-shirt would have been a far nicer option. I got him a rainbow long-sleeve, toadstool print t-shirt, rainbow designed joggers and some knee high socks which I've been wanting to get him for ages. I can't remember how much they all cost and typically the Mothercare Ireland site doesn't have them in stock yet...

 I also picked him up these pairs of shoes from the Mothercare sale. They were just £6 each and the star print are perfect for summer, I'll be keeping the hightops for him for the autumn.

I love baby tights - I should probably call them toddler tights by now - so I picked up these two from Blade & Rose for £10, they'll be perfect for keeping my boy warm in the cold weather. I also got him this honey coloured Jellycat bunny for £14. I've been wanting to get him a grey one for ages but unfortunately they didn't have one, this one is just as gorgeous though.

Have you been hauling lately?

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Weekenders | Island Hopping, Cycling & Afternoon Tea ♥

This weeks Weekenders post is slightly late as we were away on holiday enjoying ourselves and I had no laptop with me - the break was actually love, I should take a breather from the laptop more often! Last weekend was a fantastic one, Jacek and I experienced lots of adventure, some quality time together and then had a relaxing day with our boy after all the activity. I wish every weekend could be just like the last because it was simply perfect and I was so happy... even if I was being pushed to my fitness and non-existent stamina limits having to cycle up hills!

Bright and early Saturday morning Jacek and I took the boat from Jersey to Sark, another one of the channel islands just much smaller. Unfortunately the boat was like something from The Perfect Storm, with constant huge waves making to boat go up and down and rock from side to side, it was horrendous, like a horrible fairground ride you just wanted to get off, but couldn't... for an hour and twenty minutes... People were reaching for their sick bags all around me and I have to admit that at one stage I thought I was going to be sick too. I just closed my eyes and tried to get through it. Luckily I didn't get sick but I felt awful for hours after and had butterflies in my tummy thinking about the boat journey back to Jersey that evening, luckily that was a much smoother sailing! Sark is an absolutely beautiful island, I think this was my fourth time visiting and the beauty of the island still impressed me. We picked up our bikes from a lovely old lady who was praising Irish people - always good to hear - and we set off on our way around the island. I haven't ridden a bike in years and I'm not fit at all so some parts were a struggle, especially the uphill bits, but I made it through (just!) and we explored all the island together. It was so lovely having some quality time together in the glorious sunshine and it was great for me to show Jacek a new place because he's usually the one showing me around places. I shall have a post up about our day in Sark in the coming week.

 All we ate during our day on Sark was scones with jam and cream or a Sark cream tea if you will, a specialty of the island. Both sets of scones we had were delicious and it was lovely just relaxing outdoors in the sun with something yummy to eat. I don't drink tea so I had a mango smoothie instead, had to throw in something healthy somewhere didn't I?! Little did we know that these little scones would only be a precursor for our amazing afternoon tea the next day.

 As I said above we cycled around Sark and these were our bikes, sure God love them I'd say they've been used an awful lot, the chain even came off mine and one stage. I really liked having the basket on the front of mine as it was handy to store my camera in going around the island. All the cycling has given Jacek a thirst for it and he now wants to get a bike of his own and take Tyler Lee on the back and cycle around our own island, good luck to him because I've had my cycling fill for the year now!

This was our amazing lunch on Sunday, afternoon tea in a gorgeous, shabby chic decorated tearooms called Ransoms Tearooms. The place was gorgeous, I loved the placemats, the bunting on the walls, the little heart shaped spoons for showing the table numbers, it was lovely. Our afternoon tea arrived on beautiful looking cake tiers and everything looked delicious, I even had a glass of bubbly with mine. The only think I wish we got to pick was what sandwiches we wanted to have because we got pickle on one and salmon on another and I eat neither. The scones were so delicious, as were the cakes and I was so full at the end of it all. I'm so glad Jacek and I got to have afternoon tea again because I've been wanting to have it again ever since our visit to Castlemartyr last year for our anniversary.

It really was such a great weekend, I wish we were still on holiday so that this weekend could be as good but we're now back to reality with a bang and Jacek went back to work today - boo... I wish we could spend every weekend together and experience as many things as we did last weekend.

 My Weekenders post is now a weekly thing to inspire me to make the most of our weekends as a family and I've also decided to make it a weekly link up too so please do feel free to pop by the blog every Monday to link up any posts you have about your weekend. Thank you so much to the lovely Kellie from My Little Babóg for linking up last week, you can read Kellie's post about her family's trip to Clara Lara Funpark here. I shall be commenting on each post linked up over the coming days and can't wait to read about everyone's weekend adventures!


Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Our Family Holiday To Jersey, Channel Islands | Part 1 ♥

Jersey in the Channel Islands is a place I've been lucky enough to visit a lot of times in my life. I first visited in 1998 and have visited every year since then, bar one and last year we even took Tyler Lee on his first holiday to the island. Jersey is such a beautiful island with lots of picturesque sandy beaches, turquoise coloured waters and lots of things to see and do. It's also just an hour and forty minutes flight from Ireland, making it the perfect holiday destination for us. My dad has lived on the island since 1998 and the main purpose of our visit was to see him and his lovely girlfriend Shirley, we hadn't seen them in over a year so it was great to catch up and let Tyler Lee spend some time with his grandad.

What I love about Jersey is that even though it's only a short distance from Ireland it feels like a whole other world. The weather is a whole lot warmer and as we were flying in we thought that the waters looked quite tropical, it left us dying for a swim! The island is quite small in size, just nine miles by five (as my dad keeps reminding me!) but you really wouldn't think it as there's so much to see and we're always finding new places to explore.

We arrived on the afternoon flight from Cork to Jersey, it's great to be able to fly direct, especially as we've Tyler Lee to think about and he doesn't like to stay still for too long! It's was great to see my dad and Shirley after so long and they greeted us with a wooden sign saying 'Tyler Lee' and an iPad to record our arrival - oh the same! Tyler Lee's face just lit up when he saw them, it was so lovely to look back on film. We headed straight to the Watersplash for dinner, located right by the gorgeous beach of St Ouen's, my favourite (and the surfers it seems!) on the island.

After my delicious chili burger dinner (can you say yum?!) I decided to take my little beach bum for a walk down to the water. The tide was way out and it took a few minutes to get down to the shore. Once we did though Tyler Lee was pulling at his clothes and saying "mummy!" for me to take them off so he could dive straight into the sea, he's a water baby for sure!

I didn't bring my camera down to the beach with me so I captured these pictures on my phone, but isn't the light absolutely amazing?! These aren't edited in any way and I absolutely love them. I think I'll have to print them out and hang them somewhere in the house.

My boy was so happy splashing about in the crystal clear tide. I was so happy too just watching him and all the fun he was having, I even went in for a paddle. The weather was perfect, the beach was beautiful and this was the perfect start to our week.

On Wednesday we visited Tamba Park, a fantastic new park for little ones and people of all ages with lots of things to see and do. We had never actually taken Tyler Lee to a park like this before so it was great to visit and experience all the attractions with him.

 Tamba Park had the most beautiful flowers and I couldn't help put snap a few pictures of them. They also had lots of statues and sculptures, all of which are being sold to raise money for charity, how lovely is that?

The first part of the park we went through was the dinosaur walk, which had life-size moving and noisy dinosaurs, a real life Jurassic Park if you will. Tyler Lee has only just learnt what a dinosaur is but was mesmerised looking at them all, I think Jacek enjoyed it too!

After a long stop at the massive playground (oh how our boy loves playgrounds!), we decided to have a go on the boats whilst waiting for our lunch. We got the lifeguard boat and Jacek had great fun driving it around the lake, Tyler Lee on the other hand cried the whole way round because daddy wouldn't let him turn off the engine. Even through all the crying it was quite fun and I just stayed in the back of the boat chilling out.

Tyler Lee enjoying an ice-lolly with his grandad in Tamba Park, it's impossible to get them looking at the camera at the same time!

After our lunch in Tamba Park (that jacket potato covered in chili was the best) we went to Secrets, a secluded spot along St. Ouen's beach, it was perfect there, so peaceful and quiet. My boys and I explored the rock pools which were filled with warm water thanks to the glorious sun. Jacek and I enjoyed some drinks on the beach whilst Tyler Lee played with the two other boys that were with us. I even had a quick dip in the sea, it was perfect.

 Tyler Lee walking along the beach at St. Ouen's. He had a fab time on the sand and down by the water splashing. He's a beach bum for sure.

On Thursday we visited Jersey Lavender Farm, a beautiful, tranquil spot on the island, filled with the most beautiful lavender blooms, the place spelt like Heaven.

We had a great time exploring the farm, walking amongst the patches of lavender and getting lots of sand in our shoes! Tyler Lee had a great time swinging on an old-fashioned swing hanging from a tree with his new ragdoll Billy, bought from the Jersey Lavender Farm gift shop.

Whilst strolling through the Lavender Farm which came across another beautiful garden, Reg's Garden, which turned out to be free to visit and which was filled with the most stunning plants and fun little sights to see such as a pretend horse and carriage, a fairy garden and some little waterfalls.

Tyler Lee sitting in the horse carriage with 'Billy' in Reg's Garden. He kept saying "hello horsie!" - so cute.

Part of the Fairy Garden at Reg's Garden, someone had made a little fairy chair out of bottle caps and wire, it was adorable and so well done.

Tyler Lee hiding from me on the bridge in Reg's Garden. He had an absolute ball exploring all the different parts of the garden and was looking for 'fishies' in the pond.

When we were done exploring Reg's Garden we strolled back into the lavender farm where I captured some gorgeous pictures of my boy running through the lavender fields, you can see some of my photography in my post on Fawns & Fables - Purple Haze Amongst the Lavender.

We had a great time strolling around the Lavender Farm and I shall post some more about our visit during the week. I highly recommend a visit if you ever find yourself in Jersey.

On Friday the weather turned bad so Jacek and I left Tyler Lee with his little friend Riley and walked to St. Helier to do a spot of shopping. We mostly picked up some things for Tyler Lee (coming in a haul post soon) but I did pick up these three gorgeous MAC lipsticks for myself - Creme Cup, Peach Blossom and Creme de la Femme.

It rained in the afternoon so we went in search of a place where we could eat but where the boys could also play in doors and ended up in the Old Portlet Inn, where they have a great play area called Pirate Pete's for the little ones. After a delicious chicken Caesar salad I went healthy and had an Eton Mess with raspberry compote for dessert...
The rest of our family holiday to Jersey and mine and Jacek's visit to another of the Channel Islands, Sark, will be up during the week. As you can see I took a little break from my proper photography for the week and also used my phone a lot too to capture our holiday moments, I just wish my phone's camera was a little bit better, I hope you've enjoyed reading about the first few days of our lovely little break away and will pop back to read part two when it's up.


Wednesday, July 22, 2015

My Good Reads | Mini Book Reviews ♥

As a child I always had my head in a book, in fact, I used to visit the library every Saturday and take out two books which I would have finished before my next visit. I was a huge fan of The Babysitter Club books (Remember them? Oh the hours I spent reading about those girls antics and wishing my name was Claudia...) and quickly worked my way through every single book from the series that the library had. In my teenage years I began reading biographies and books that usually centered around Kurt Cobain (oh how I loved him...) and all the conspiracies about his death. My taste in books has varied over the years and I've always loved finding new, interesting books to read, but after I had my son my love of reading become replaced by other new and exciting hobbies - blogging being the main culprit for my lack of reading books over the past two years.

Back in May I promised myself that I would begin reading again, try and spent more time off the laptop and social media and more time broadening my horizons and imagination with some good reads. I'm proud to say that I've kept my promise to myself and have made my way through a handful of books in the past two months. This is my first mini review post...

 Life With A Sprinkle of Glitter by Louise Pentland | I picked up this book on the off-chance when I spotted the blogger/vlogger section in my local Waterstones. I've never watched any of Louise's vlogs but I have checked in with her blog from time to time and loved her down to Earth, fun tone. This book is lovely and actually spurred me on to begin reading other bloggers books too. I love how happy the book is. It shares a lot of positive thinking and tips from beauty, to DIY to relationships. There were a few parts I had to skip as they just didn't relate to me - living in student digs, etc. but overall it was a great read and I'll be hanging onto this book for future reference. I'd give this book a 5/5, love it!

My Boys, My Body, My Business by Caprice Bourret* | I was actually sent this book to review and I was happy to do so because I actually like reading autobiographies, they're usually easy reads and that's just what I like. I finished this book in a day and it gives a great, honest account of Caprice's life, from her days as a famous model, to beginning her own business, to her struggle to get pregnant and then being blessed with the miracle of two beautiful baby boys. I really liked Caprice's honesty in this book, she didn't hold back on the details of her life and that was refreshing, especially as she's a well know figure. I tweeted about how inspirational I found this book - Caprice's determination to create a successful business and become a mother really resonated with me - and I was delighted that Caprice actually tweeted back to thank me, it made me like her even more. I'd give this book a 4/5.

The Wind in the Willows by Kenneth Grahame | Many people see this book as an absolute childhood classic but I had never read it before I picked it up in a charity shop last month. I was really drawn to the cover (I know you should never judge a book by its cover!) and was delighted to begin reading it. It follows the adventures of Mole and the Water Rat and their friends Badger and Mr. Toad. Some parts of the book were great but I began to become quite bored in the middle and actually couldn't wait to finish it just so I could have it over and done with and that is never a good way to feel about a book. I wouldn't call this book a classic, it just didn't draw me in. I'd give it a 3/5 and that's just for the good bits.

Have A Little Faith by Mitch Albom | Mitch Albom is one of my favourite author ever and his books never fail to make me think of life in a different way. His books mainly deal with theories of religion and philosophical thinking and Have A Little Faith is no exception. This book is a true story and is centered around Reb aka Rabbi Albert L. Lewis, who Albom met with on a regular basis in order to be able to write his eulogy when he died. As the story goes on and the theories and beliefs of Reb are talked about by him and Albom another character named Henry Covington is introduced, as is the work he did in the I Am My Brother's Keeper Church. I really loved this book, it really made me think and show that there is good in the world and even though religion is a primary theme in the book you don't have to believe in a God in order to appreciate the sweetness, hope and positivity that is expressed throughout it. I'd give this book 5/5.

 Playing With the Grown-Ups by Sophie Dahl | This was a re-read as I actually couldn't remember the plot of the book when I came across it when donating some books to the charity shop. It follows the story of Kitty and her over-eccentric mother Marina who leads a rather glamourous lifestyle from the profits from her art. The books follows Kitty's life from a young age right up to present day and all her adventures with her mother. The book is quite hard to relate to as I could never imagine anyone being like her mother is described, although I'm sure there are people like that out there. In fact, the lifestyle the main characters were leading became a bit too unbelievable for me and I hated the ending, it didn't really resolve the plot. I'd give this book 2/5.

L.A. Candy by Lauren Conrad | This was a book I wanted to read for quite a long time and when I came across it in the charity shop last week for just €1 I just had to have it. It follows the story of best friends Scarlett and Jane who move to L.A. for work experience and college and their rise to fame as stars on the reality TV show L.A. Candy. All the while I was reading this book all I could think was - this is the story of The Hills and I'm sure Lauren did draw on her own experiences for the plot. It was a really easy read but not very gripping, which was rather disappointing as I had been wanting to read it for so long. I'd give this book 3/5.

Angels in my Hair by Lorna Byrne | This was another re-read for me as I absolutely loved this book first time round and wanted a refresher of it before I pass it onto a friend. It follows the true story of Lorna Byrne, an Irish mystic who can see and speak to angels ever since she was a child. The book has some sad parts but really does give an immense sense of hope and made me really believe in angels and the power they can bestow on people in order to help them through life. I love how Lorna describes the angels and their appearance and names. I also felt as if some paragraphs in this book were just speaking to me, that I needed to read them in order to feel okay in myself once again. It really is such a beautiful book and I can't wait to read Lorna's three other books. I give this book 5/5.

I will be donating these books (bar Life With A Sprinkle of Glitter and Angels in my Hair, which I'm giving to a friend) to the charity shop now that I'm done with them. It's so great to be reading again, there's nothing like the feeling you get when you finish a good book, it's so satisfying.

Have you read any of the above books or would you want to?


Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Tips For Flying With Small Children | Travel ♥

I was recently asked to contribute a tip about flying with babies under two for an article on Ryanair's blog Into the Blue. You can read the article here and see my tip under the heading 'keep them warm and cosy'. I'm not going to lie, I thought that flying with my son would be one of the most daunting things I'd experience as a parent but honestly, it wasn't too bad at all (I say this as we are on a flight to Jersey for a weeks holiday so fingers crossed it all goes well again!). Last summer (oh it seems so long ago now...) Jacek and I took Tyler Lee on his first holidays abroad, first on a flight to the Jersey in the Channel Islands and then on a slightly longer flight to the Algarve, both went okay and I was actually surprised when our boy fell asleep during the flights - thank God for small miracles! 

We had both been feeling quite  daunted and anxious about how we would cope with him on a plane before we left (he's not a child who readily sits down for long periods of time) but everything actually went fine due to us preparing ahead and using some of the tips below. I can assure you, flying with small children is never going to be as bad as you think it will be and remembering some of the key things below can actually be lifesavers on the plane.

Book at the right time with the right airline
First things first, actually booking your flight. Some families are only able to travel during the school holidays or half term but if you can avoid peak-time flights (which we prefer to do), you’ll be rewarded with more space, more attention and a better experience all round. Weekday flights tend to be less busy too, so look at traveling between Tuesday and Friday (we're traveling on a Tuesday so we also followed this tip) and although you might pay more for a nicer airline, the additional cost is often well worth it. If you can also be flexible with your travel dates then it can really be worthwhile for saving money. We saved €300 alone by flying on a Tuesday instead of the Saturday before.

Get them excited about flying
Very young children might not fully understand what is going on but if you can teach your kids about the wonder of flying they are more likely to feel at ease and comfortable. I've been bigging up planes all week to my son and have told him that we'll be on a plane and visiting his grandad soon, this has made him excited and hopefully he'll find wonder in being on a plane and flying through the skies.

Come up with some games and activities
Keeping children occupied is tough at the best of times (I know it is for me when it comes to my son anyway!) but on a crowded and confined flight this becomes an even bigger challenge, but use the airplane to your advantage and come up with some appropriate activities or games. You could let your child pretend to be the pilot (I'm always happy to promote imaginative play!) or get them to draw portraits of fellow passengers (always a fun one!). Alternatively, there is always flying themed games on smartphones and tablets to fall back on or you could simply download their favourite cartoon and let them watch as they fly. For our flight today I've prepared a 'lucky bag' of sorts for my son, full of things which I know he'll enjoy and which will hopefully keep him quiet and happy throughout the flight. I have a mini etch-a-sketcher, dinkies, some healthy snacks and lollipops to give him a treat and to keep his ears from popping.

Don’t forget the essentials
From medicines including ear drops and sick bags for the changing altitude and turbulence to their favourite toy or book, don’t forget to include the essentials in your carry-on, even if it's for 'just in cases'. Always take more than you may necessarily need and pack similar essentials in your checked luggage just in case items get lost in transit. Bring along a blanket for your child as flights can get quite cold and this will come in very handy for keeping them snug and cosy while they nap too. I'm also bringing along his favourite comforters and his dummy, the more home comforts I can bring along for him the better.

Don’t be put off by the thought of going on holiday and flying with young children. As long as you remember these tips and tricks, you are sure to have a great time away and all that traveling will soon be forgotten about.

Are you going on a holiday with your little ones this year? Are you nervous about the flight with a baby or toddler?

Monday, July 20, 2015

My Personalised Handprint Heart Charm Necklace From Hand On Heart Jewellery ♥

Since my son was born I've completely fallen in love with personalised items. There is something truly unique and special about an item that has been personalised especially for you, or in the case of most of things I buy, for my son. I have featured many personalised items on the blog in the past two years but I recently became the owner of a beautiful handprint heart charm necklace, the most precious piece of jewellery I have ever owned and the first personalised item I have ever gotten for myself (even though it's focused on my son). I got this necklace from Hand On Heart Jewellery, a jewellery company who specialise in personalised pieces that can be engraved with children's actual hand and footprints - amazing right?

I've wanted something like this for ages because I actually don't have any of my sons handprints, apart from a DIY clay ornament I made when he was like six months old. Hand On Heart Jewellery have a wide range of jewellery pieces available but I was really taken with their handprint necklaces. I was really curious as to how Hand On Heart Jewellery would be able to actually get his handprint engraved onto the necklace but it's actually a really simple process - they send you out a sheet and a wipe, which you swipe over your child's hand (or foot if you're getting their footprint) and press it onto the sheet, it's an inkless print but it shows up on the sheet. You then freepost it back to them and they put your necklace together.

The necklace arrived in gorgeous packaging - which made it even more of a treat and it'd actually make a great gift too as it's presented so beautifully in packaging adorned with a ribbon and then a little white plastic box with your piece of jewellery inside, they also sent two mini packs of Loveheart sweets, such a lovely touch. 

When I opened the little white box and saw my necklace engraved with my sons handprint and his name I actually said "wow" out loud, it just looked so beautiful. I shared it on my Instagram later that day and other people also thought it was precious. I absolutely love how it looks and having this little piece of my son with me everywhere I go is such a beautiful thing for me. I also love the fact that Hand On Heart Jewellery sent me proofs of how the necklace would look and whether I would rather 'Tyler Lee' or just 'Tyler' on it, depending on my own personal tastes. I, of course, had to go for his full name and I absolutely love how it looks.

This was the perfect piece of jewellery to treat myself too and I honestly will treasure it forever, it really is so precious to me. I haven't stopped wearing the necklace since I got it and my son actually recognises his name on it too and likes to look at the necklace - so sweet!

The handprint heart charm necklace is £95 and really is worth every penny, it really is such a special thing to own. You can find my particular necklace and browse the other beautiful pieces Hand On Heart Jewellery have to offer on their website. As an angel mummy I love their range of memorial jewellery too, such a beautiful idea.

Do you like my necklace? Would you get something similar to tribute your child/children?
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