Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Tyler Lee - 2 Months Old ♥

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I like to write about my beautiful baby boy so him and I can look back on these posts when he is older and see all the wonderful memories we had together and to document the great things which have happened to him throughout his life. Tyler turned two months on April 16th so this post is a little late but with a baby my days can be unpredictable and finding the time to take pictures, sit down and actually write a blog post can be difficult at times. With every day that passes I can see Tyler developing physically, emotionally and intellectually, it's amazing to see all these changes. He smiles more and more everyday and greets me with a smile when I go to take him from his cot in the mornings, this has earned him the nickname 'Tyler Smiler'. He now makes a lot of sounds and noises and talks back to me in his own baby language when I say things to him, it is really cute. Strangely it seems as though Tyler may have begun teething already even though he is only ten weeks old. He is constantly putting his fist in his mouth, has had fevers and has been quite irritable. I have the Bonjela and teething granules all set and ready to go!

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 Some big events have taken place for Tyler in this month of his life. He has met his grandfather, my father who lives abroad in the Channel Islands. He has also met his Babcia, Jacek's mother who lives in South Africa, so people have flown all around the world to meet my gorgeous little boy. He has had his eight week immunisations, two injections one after the other, it was so hard to watch him get those done and he screamed down the doctors' office! 

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Tyler is only ten weeks old but he is now 12lbs 2oz and is wearing some brands in 3 to 6 months! We shall be going clothes shopping for him next week and pick some lovely summer clothes. Tyler likes to look at boats, his Godmother calls him the 'harbour master' so we will pick things with a nautical theme. 

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Tyler loves music and singing. His favourite lullaby is Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. His daddy and I love metal, grunge and punk music and Tyler is the same. He loves Nirvana the most and 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' makes him stop crying immediately. I'm glad to see he's inherited mine and his daddy's musical tastes!

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My little baby is growing so fast, it seems like just yesterday he was a newborn. I really have to relish every moment with him because time goes by too quickly. I could not love my little angel anymore, he is my entire world.

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Home & Beauty Haul ♥

I hadn't been shopping in ages and I don't tend to go buy anything unless I really need it but this week I had to go and stock up on a few essentials as I have my son Tyler Lee's christening on Saturday so I'm busy running around trying to get everything organised but of course I also needed to get a few things to beautify myself with for the big day! I've recently been trying to make my house more cosy, home like and updating the decor so I was delighted when my fiance Jacek bought me some gorgeous pieces for my room. Let me show you what I bought and received...

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1. Mint coloured flower hair slides from Claire's Accessories - €4.95. The colour of my dress for Saturday is mint and these flower hair slides matched it perfectly. I am backcombing my hair and curling the ends and I wanted to add something to the back of the backcombed section. These slides will be perfect for the look I'm trying to create.

2. Cocoa Brown Tan - €7 in Penneys. Saturday will be my first time going bare legged all year so I needed some glow! I had read so many rave reviews about this tan that I just had to try it and €7 is such a bargain price!

3. Lustro Gel Cushions and Scholl Leather Heal Liners - €1.49 each in Dealz. The shoes I have bought for the christening are sky high and knowing my feet I will have a problem with them so I decided to take precautions and think ahead on this occasion to save myself the agony of cut, blistered or sore feet.

4. Garnier Invisible Mineral 48 Hour Anti-Perspirant and Radox Pure Clear 24 Hour Deodorant - €1.49 each in Dealz. I had run out of my deodorant so that was a necessity and I decided to stock up on anti perspirant as it was such a great price for a Garnier product.

5. Hair chalk in mint green and pink - €1 each in Claire's Accessories. These hair chalks are normally €4.95 but were on sale. I have seen so many gorgeous pictures on Pinterest of people with coloured ends on their hair and I wanted to try out the look without dying. They also had these in yellow and orange but I thought the mint green and pink were far more prettier and nice colours for spring and summer.
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 photo Hauls001_zpsdcaf46c8.jpg  photo Hauls002_zpsff8a53e3.jpg  photo Hauls003_zpsc8398d92.jpg
These were the home wares Jacek bought me, aren't they gorgeous? I have had my eye on these for awhile so I was a very happy lady when he got me these.

1. Eiffel Tower canvas picture - €3 in Penneys. I love anything with a Parisian theme so I had to have this. I already have another canvas of the Eiffel Tower but I thought this was so pretty with the red car in front, it is so vintage inspired.

2. Ice-cream look candles in 'Pink Icing' and 'Cupcake' - €3 each in Penneys. These candles smell divine, good enough to eat! I always think it's a shame to burn candles as they're meant to be decorative pieces but I think these will definitely be burnt, my bedroom will be smelling delicious!

Penney's have got the most beautiful home wares these days and for such great prices too. I shall definitely be popping in again and picking up more stunning items to make my house a more prettier place to spend time in.

Stay pretty people!

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Monday, April 29, 2013

Wet N Wild 'I Need A Refresh-Mint' Nail Polish ♥

I'm really getting into painting my nails these days. I seem to be acquiring a little collection from swaps and giveaways so I decided I should try to use all these polishes at least once and make my nails look somewhat pretty. I was sent two Wet n Wild nail polishes from my friend Kay in California and this was one of the shades 'I Need A Refresh-Mint', a gorgeous minty blue colour which I think is one of the staple spring/summer shades of this year. I was so impressed with my first use of my other polish 'Candy-licious' and I'm pleased to say the experience with this one was no different. The application is so easy due to the pro brush which is wider for easy use. I was so impressed with the vibrant colour and glossy effect of this polish and I now have summer perfect nails!

 photo Blue_zps8dc0bc8c.jpg photo Blue1_zpse1942c09.jpg
 photo Blue2_zps0fe30d81.jpg
 photo Blue4_zps6ad8cb29.jpg  photo Blue5_zps1f5a7e4a.jpg

Stay pretty people!
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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Pretty Post #4 ♥

Hello dears, I hope you're all enjoying your weekend! I am happy to say that this week brought lots more pretty post to my door. I was so delighted to hear from everyone this week and was astounded by the creativity and generosity of my pals, let me show you what I received...

 photo 031_zps352f9f88.jpg
 photo 032_zps30da8db0.jpg
 photo Nadia2_zps5a9082a0.jpg  photo AnneMette1_zps4019b7e7.jpg  photo Bee1_zps0b64e33f.jpg  photo Daisy3_zpsb4811e02.jpg  photo Daisy_zps523287ff.jpg  photo d1_zps86fef650.jpg  photo d3_zps4d13b826.jpg  photo d4_zps9716089b.jpg  photo Yvonne1_zps04b8278a.jpg  photo Brooke1_zps40ebfc11.jpg 1. A clay imprint kit for recording Tyler's foot and handprints from Tanja in Germany.

2. My second letter and some lovely writing paper from Anna in England.

3. My second letter from Nadia who is in The Netherlands right now. She designed the writing paper herself, isn't it wonderful?!

4. A letter from my dear Anne Mette in Denmark.

5. A letter from my friend Bee who is also from Ireland.

6. An amazing Alice in Wonderland themed letter from my dear Daisy in The Netherlands. How creative and inspiring is this letter? I love it!

7. The inside of Daisy's wonderful letter.

8. Alice in Wonderland inspired contents of Daisy's letter.

9. 'Eat Me...' This was filled with coffee flavoured sweets.

10. 'Drink Me...' This had two pouches of Dutch Grey tea inside.

11. My first  wonderful letter from Yvonne in Germany. She sent me a postcard of Frankfurt, a beautiful necklace in a lovely vintage inspired bag and a pair of rattle socks for Tyler.

12. A letter from my Trans-Atlantic sister Brooke in the U.S. She sent me a postcard of Chicago and some rock socks for Tyler.

Thank you to everyone for their pretty post this week. I'm looking forward to seeing if any lovely letters arrive at my door this week.

Stay pretty people and pick up a pen!

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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Wet n Wild 'Candy-licious' Nail Polish ♥

Yesterday I posted about my amazing beauty package swap with my friend Kay from America Click Here if you would like to read all about it. Included in the swap were two Wet n Wild nail polishes one being 'Candy-licious' a gorgeously girly vibrant pink colour. I am such a pink-a-holic so I had to put this on last night. I am quite messy when it comes to doing my nails, the left hand always looks so perfect but when it comes to doing the right it's a complete and utter disaster so I was glad to see that this polish came with a wide angled brush which made application swift and smooth. The colour didn't clump or smudge and it dried super quick - less than two minutes! Usually I apply nail colour and sit there for ages blowing on my nails trying to get them to dry afraid to touch anything in case they smudge or get ruined. I can't recommend this polish enough, I love everything about it and how easy it was to use was such a big bonus for me. The polish gives a lovely glossy finish which I love and what's great about this polish is that the colour in the bottle is the actual colour your nails will be. Far too many times have I applied a polish for it to be lighter, darker, watery on my nails and not the colour I fell in love with in the bottle. I shall definitely be buying Wet n Wild nail polishes in the future. I now have Candy-licious nails, yay!

Stay pretty people!


Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Beauty Pacakge Swap - America ♥

My American pal Kay and I are both into beauty products and makeup so we decided to do a beauty product swap. Getting these types of packages is so much fun, especially when you get products that you've never used before. Kay sent me lots of Wet n Wild products, a brand which I have never used but I'm excited to try out some new looks with my lovely new products. Let me show you what I received.

1. Carmex Lip Conditioner in orange flavour and a Carmex Protecting Lip Balm in strawberry flavour. These are great for me as my lips always seem to be dry no matter how much water I drink or what the weather is so hopefully these will help me get smooth lips again.

2. Two Wet n Wild nail polishes in Candy-licious and I Need A Refresh-Mint. The mint coloured polish is a perfect match for the dress I am wearing to Tyler's christening so yay for that! The pink polish is totally me, I am such a pink-a-holic and this is such a girly shade!

3. An eye shadow trio from Asian brand Majolica Majorca and a beige coloured eye shadow from Forever21. The eye shadow trio has the most gorgeous colours and the Forever21 shadow will be perfect for a subtle day look.

4. A Banana Cream Pie flavoured lip gloss from Forever21. Cannot wait to try this out!

5. Kate Moss for Rimmel lipstick in shade 90. I love the light red hue of this and Rimmel lipsticks always smell so divine to me!

6. Two Wet n Wild lipsticks in shades Dollhouse Pink and Cherry Picking. I have a feeling that these will be my staple summer lipsticks of choice. Dollhouse pink will look gorgeous with the Candy-licious nail polish which Kay also sent me.

7. A gorgeous makeup bag. This is the perfect size for popping in my handbag so I shall be making it a welcome addition and adding my travel makeup products to it.

8. Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula - this is great for me as my skin has been so dry lately. I love Palmer's products, I use their skin oil a lot.

8. Wet n Wild 'Mega Eyes' Creme Eyeliner. I can't wait to try this out, I've never used a creme eyeliner before so it shall be an experience to say the least!

9. Neutrogena Makeup Up Remover Cleansing Wipes. I used one of these for the first time last night and I have to say they are excellent! Review to come.

10. A mixture of beauty sample goodies including Korean BB Creams and nose strips. Kay has been raving out Korean BB Creams so I am looking forward to giving some of these a go. The nose strips are always handy too for deep cleansing.

Thank you so much to Kay for all these wonderful goodies! Expect lots of reviews to come! If you would like to see a review of anything in particular just let me know. Also if anyone would like to do a beauty product package swap just send me an email at fionairish@eircom.net

Stay pretty people!

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