Saturday, August 30, 2014

#Project365 Picture Number 233 - 239 ♥

I absolutely love this shot I captured of my beautiful babe on Saturday morning. He's being so cuddly, affectionate and loving these days and I can't get enough. The expression on his face is so beautiful to me and I love his little dummy tuck with his lip sticking out, he's held his dummy like this since he was small, it's his little quirk.

 Tyler Lee has a rather love/hate relationship with the camera so it's much easier for me to get a picture of him whilst he's sleeping these days. I got this shot just before I went to bed myself at about half ten. He was sleeping so cozily with his minky blanket and his comforters surrounding him. I love how peaceful he looks when he's sleeping.

 On Monday Tyler Lee's new viking hat arrived and he was being very smiley! His daddy and I love this hat, shame it's not a little bit bigger but it'll be find for autumn and winter. Yay for smiley babies and double yay for funky hats!

 On Tuesday my boy and I went shopping with his daddy. I loved his little outfit, a Led Zeppelin t-shirt and skull print cardigan from H&M, a star print bib and some hipster leggings which I bought off Etsy. I love the clash of prints and the angelic look on T.L.'s face, I think black and white photos suit him well.

 On Wednesday my boy and I had a quiet day at home and I got his daily picture whilst he was eating his lunch. This boy loves cheddar cheese! It's the first think he goes to on the plate and some days all he'll eat is the cheese off his lunch plate. Why the fascination I wonder?!

On Thursday Tyler Lee and I were out with his Nana and by the time we got home all he wanted to do was sit on the floor by the rug and watch cartoons. I loved his outfit, his Winne the Pooh t-shirt and fawn print leggings, so adorable!

On Friday my boy decided he wanted to lie on my bed and just be silly. He loved the flash off the digital camera and I love the couple of shots I got of him. Love his smiley face, Tyler Smiler for sure! I'm so sad that these gorgeous Slugs n' Snails rainbow print tights are getting to small though, I love them.


Friday, August 29, 2014

There's An Elf In Tyler Lee's Room ♥

Tyler Lee is such a lucky boy, not only does he have a fairy living in his room but now he has a new lodger too, a little elf friend. We were very kindly given an elf door from The Magic Door Store and it looks so lovely and grand with it's blue door and white framing, it reminds me of old Georgian doors, perhaps it's a grand elf? I love anything which supports imaginative play for my boy and also anything with a magical theme or element so this elf door is right up my alley. It looks super sweet and has now been placed on Tyler Lee's bookcase, ready for his little elf friend to leave him little notes and cause mischief in his room, oh how I wish that something like this was available when I was a little one, I would have absolutely loved the wonder and magic of it all. I showed the elf door to my little cousin who is five and she loved how it looked, I even let he choose the name of the elf and she choose Páidi, after another cousin of ours, how funny she is. I told her that Páidi the elf would be moving into Tyler Lee's room and she was amazed, I seriously love the magic and imagination that little fairy and elf doors like this bring to little ones. I fully believe that there's no better gift that you can give to a child than to encourage their own imagination and anything that supports that is such a winner with me, that's why I love this elf door from The Magic Door Store so much. The door also comes with a little vial of magic dust, a welcome note from your elfin friend and putty to stick it to the wall or whichever surface you wish, it really is so sweet. 

Páidi the elf has now moved in and his little door is such a lovely little quirk in the room. I placed the elf door on a bookshelf in Tyler Lee's room as I wanted the door to be amongst things Tyler Lee loves and he can't get enough of his books at the moment. Tyler Lee is such a fan of the magic dust and was surprised to find a trail of magic dust leading from the door this morning, he couldn't get enough of the sparkly glitter, he was amazed by it all. I think it'll be fantastic when Tyler Lee is a bit older that he can decorate the area around the elf door himself and ask questions, leave notes and do drawings for his elfin friend which will only spur on his imagination even more. Perhaps when Tyler Lee is older we'll move his elf door out into the garden as I think it'd be such a fun thing to have out there and it's quite a fitting setting for a little elfin friend, don't you think? This magic door will unlock a world of wonder and folklore for my boy and I love that.

The lovely people at The Magic Door Store have very kindly offered one of my lucky readers the chance to win an elf or fairy door in a colour of their choice. The Magic Door Store says about their magic doors -
"Your Magic Door gives your fairy visitors their very own magical entrance into your home. All they require is somewhere quiet and secret so they can come and go as they please, sprinkling love and magic once everyone is fast asleep. Just imagine the excitement of discovering tiny magic dust footprints on the floor, little gifts and messages left especially by your fairy  and elf friends. Please don’t handle your Magic Door roughly, or it might frighten the fairies and elves away. An inspirational gift to unlock your imagination. Each Magic Door comes beautifully packaged with a small bottle of Magic Dust, welcome note for the fairies and putty to attach to your wall".

To enter simply fill out the Rafflecopter below. This giveaway is open worldwide and shall run for two weeks. Best of luck to everyone who enters.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Our 1st Family Holiday Abroad - The Algarve ♥

At the beginning of August my boys and I embarked on our first ever family holiday abroad to the Algarve, a place which Jacek and I visited way back in 2012 when I was just six weeks pregnant and absolutely miserable with sickness! We actually stayed in the same apartments again and nothing had changed, the apartments were still spotlessly clean and perfect for our little family. I was hoping for a better holiday this time and I wasn't disappointed, the time away with my boys was lovely, it was great to soak up the sun, take Tyler Lee swimming and to escape from my anxiety and daily life for just one blissful week. I was so anxious about travelling with a toddler but it was fine, he was great on the plane and slept on the way over, we even had a free seat by us which we hadn't booked or planned but were so thankful for it. We then had the longest bus journey in the world to our apartment in Portimao but we survived, travel sickness and all - something I didn't even know I had! 

Portimao is right by the beach area of Praia da Rocha and the beach itself is absolutely stunning. There are so many caves, rocks and inlets to explore, it's so beautiful and extraordinary to look at. My boy loved the beach as he's a fan of playing with sand and having initially being afraid of the waves he took to the water by the end of the holiday wading in waste deep by the rocks all by himself, keen to explore some more. Relaxing by the pool was fantastic, it was so hot and I loved dipping in the pool for a cool down, I forgot how much I love swimming and I read so much, I really wish I had brought a magazine with me, Company, Glamour and Cosmo got a bashing! I loved going for dinner in the evenings as a family, it's something we never get to do at home as Jacek is always working, Tyler Lee has his dinner before I do and I hate that we don't have that time as a family so it was special for me to be able to do that whilst we were away, it really is the simple things which make me happy. There are lots of restaurants, pubs and shops on the strip and the atmosphere really gets going down there after eight when everyone's leaving the beach and heading out for the night. As this was a family holiday and we had the little one with us we were always back at our apartment for nine and that suited me fine, we were always worn out from the antics of the day!

Tyler Lee also turned one and half whilst we were in the Algarve and the beach was the perfect backdrop for his monthly pictures on the 16th, you can see them here. It was fabulous to relax with my boys, breathe and just enjoy our surroundings. It's a holiday I'll never forget with it being our first proper one alone as a family and I'm so glad I captured these images for Tyler Lee to look back on one day.


Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Autumn & Winter Toddler Boys Clothes Bargains ♥

I really could help share with you all the recent clothing bargains which I've gotten for autumn and winter for Tyler Lee, the site I got them from is one I've used a good few times now and I've never had a problem, it's AliExpress. I think you can buy almost anything on AliExpress but I only pick up bargain clothes and accessories for Tyler Lee as they're so cheap and exactly the same as clothing offered in stores such as Next, only at a fraction of the cost. I'm all about saving the pennies! I also spotted some 'shops' on Instagram selling clothes from AliExpress but charging more than double for them, absolutely outrageous! This spurred me on to go and source the pieces myself and I've saved a fortune. Last year I got Tyler Lee's gorgeous knitted owl hats on there and we got so many compliments on them and people asking where I got them, they were just €1.62 each too with free postage - yes, even more good news, sellers on AliExpress are now sending purchases free via registered post! The sellers I've bought from have been based in mainland China and Hong Kong and it takes between nine and twenty days for items to arrive but I'm happy to wait. Here are the bargains I've picked up lately, they all arrived this week too.

 Denim star print dungarees. I was hoping the quality of these denim dungarees would be good and I wasn't disappointed, they're great! I only have one problem, I think they may be a bit too big for Tyler Lee but I'll try rolling up the ends. I think they're super cute and I really can't resist anything with stars as you probably all know by now! These were €9.05 - bargain!

 Knitted viking hat. Jacek has a bit of a penchant for all things viking so I could resist getting this cute little viking hat for Tyler Lee. I think it's supposed to be a photo prop but I'll be putting it on him when we're out and about this autumn and winter. It's a bit smaller than I thought it would be but it still fits, it's so adorable, I love it. This hat was just €3.91.

 Knitted puppy hat. Tyler Lee loves puppies and is in love with his PupPup comforter so I thought it was only fitting that I got him a puppy hat to match. The quality of this hat is fantastic and I love that it's in a similar style to his owl ones from last year (which still fit - yay!). The ears on it are floppy and it has an adorable little patch on one of the puppy's eyes, it's so sweet. This hat was €6.89.

 Cat design pants. I love grey on Tyler Lee and I love anything cute so when I saw these cat design pants, which feature the cats face on the bum part I just had to get them. These will be cute with a little jumper and are so soft that they'll be comfy for him to run around in as well as keeping him warm. These were €5.73 and are also available in black.
Star print harem pants. Again with the stars! These are so comfy for my boy to run around in and I love the design, they'll look great with his band t-shirts. These are also available in a royal blue colour and I think I might have to invest! These pants in particular were very similar to something I saw in Next last season but are less than half price of what they were charging, it's the same thing so I can't justify spending more. These were €6.96.

I have so many other bargains in my wishlist on AliExpress but I need to have a proper clean out of Tyler Lee's old clothes before I can invest in some more because his chest of drawers and wardrobe is full of clothes at the moment. I love buying clothes for a new season though, bring on autumn and winter because I can't wait to have my boy sporting his lovely new pieces.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Toddler Autumn/Winter Bucket List ♥

With autumn fast approaching I've been thinking of all the lovely things I'd like to do with Tyler Lee in the colder months of the year, this being the second autumn and winter of his life. I love spring and summer but there is something so tempting about autumn and winter that leaves me longing for nights in front of the fire, comfort food and warm, comfy clothes. Now that Tyler Lee is past the one and a half mark and a walking, curious, adventurous little toddler there are so many things I'd like us to do together in the colder, cozier seasons of the year. I've decided to compile a little bucket list of some autumn and winter activities and moments I'd like us to have together, hopefully I'll be able to cross everything off with my little cherub in tow. We had a wonderful autumn and winter last year even though my boy was so small so hopefully this year will be even more adventurous, fun and jam packed  now that he's able to do activities with me.

1. Put together another Christmas Eve basket for Tyler Lee and give it to him an hour before he goes to bed on Christmas Eve.
2. Buy more winter/Christmas themed books and have an epic story-time in front of the fire.
3. Roast marshmallows and dip them in hot chocolate.
4. Go trick-or-treating. (No one to go with :( )
5. Dress both of us in costume for Halloween. (done 31/10/14)
6. Carve pumpkins and put candles in them, put them outside the front door. (Too late buying them)
7. Go pine cone and leaf collecting in the woods. (done 29/09/14)
8. Collect conkers and put string in them for conker games. (Couldn't find any conkers!)
9. Jump in a pile of leaves. (done 04/11/14)
10. Visit Believe at Fota again.
11. Watch The Addams Family and Casper on Halloween night. (He wouldn't watch them!)
12. Build a snowman (if it snows!).
13. Have snow cones.
14. Cuddle up on the couch with the fire on watching Disney movies.
15. Send a letter to Santa.
16. Leave a carrot for Rudolph and cookies for Santa on Christmas Eve.
17. Make paper snowflake decorations.
18. Put a blanket on the floor and have an indoor picnic in front of the fire.
19. Take a chilly walk in the woods amongst the falling leaves. (done 04/11/14)
20. Buy a teepee and make it a special reading place.
21. Bake Christmas cookies, let Tyler Lee decorate.
22. Have a mini photo session in a leaf pile.
23. Go on a nature walk. (done 29/09/14)
24. Visit a Christmas fair.
25. Visit another castle.
26. Sit on a hay bale and take some pictures.(done 04/11/14)
27. Have another family day out.
28. Have a snowball fight (if it snows!).
29. Buy lots of cute Christmas outfits for Tyler Lee and take lots of pictures.
30. Visit Santa.
31. Have another Christmas photo session. (Toddler would not co-operate :( )
32. Visit our friends in Wexford. (done 03/09/14)
33. Let Tyler Lee help decorate his own special little Christmas tree.
34. Do leaf printing.
35. Do apple bobbing.
36. Make homemade soup and have it with soda bread.
37. Buy new pyjamas for Christmas Eve.
38. Do something special for daddy's birthday.
39. Pick some apples in Barryscourt Castle orchard. (done 16/09/14)
40. Celebrate Valentines Day and make sweet treats.
41. Make sure Tyler Lee has an amazing 2nd birthday.

I hope I can cross everything off the list. I'm now filled with images of colourful falling leaves, mittens and scarves, cute jumpers and coats, Christmas decorations, twinkling lights and lots of cuddles with my boy. I seriously cannot wait.


Monday, August 25, 2014

Living Arrows - Week 33 & 34 ♥

I am taking part in I Heart Snapping's weekly Living Arrows project, a photography project to capture an image which represents childhood to you through the actions, likes, dislikes, looks and movements of your own children. As we were away last week below are my pictures for the thirty-third and thirty-fourth week of Living Arrows. 

Last week we were away and Tyler Lee had his first ever holiday abroad. We were in the Algarve and I love this shot I caught of him strolling along the beach, I love the way the light has caught his hair, I think it looks so ethereal and to me it seems like he has a look of confidence and pride on his face. He has so much fun exploring the rocks and caves on the shoreline and rolling in the sand, he's such a little beach babe. 

 I love this picture also taken in the Algarve of my boy on his second ever carousel ride. I love the way the wind has caught his hair, the expression on his little face and the blur made from the ride spinning around. Moments like this are what childhoods should be filled with.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Where Rainbows End Blog Hop #9 ♥

Hello and thanks for stopping by my little blog! Welcome to week 8 of the Where Rainbows End Blog Hop! I hope that you'll all link up, have fun finding new blogs which you'll hopefully fall in love with and have some great posts to follow from your newly found fellow bloggers. You can link directly to your main blog or your favourite post from the past week or a giveaway you're running it doesn't matter, just enjoy it! You can submit Bloglovin or main blog page links for GFC users too.  All blog genres are welcome too!

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Thanks for taking part, happy blog hopping!
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