Saturday, May 31, 2014

#Project365 Picture Number 144 - 150 ♥

 Another week another roundup... this week my boy and I have been going on lots of walks with his daddy but I never take my camera with me, I really need to start doing this. He's developed a fear of the bath and I've been trying really hard to make him calm and enjoy his splash splash once again, it's going okay but he's still not one-hundred per cent reassured, I really hope he'll start loving the water again soon. He's also been fighting his sleep this week although you wouldn't know it from all the sleeping photos! I think he's trying to change up his routine but I'm not having it, routine is everything for us and I've already extended his bedtime, I hope he starts falling asleep peacefully again next week. Along with the hard times this week we've also had a lot of fun. We joined a friend of mine and her son who is exactly three months younger than Tyler Lee and visited the local wildlife park again, TL was running around chasing after the birds and I caught a picture of him mid-run, he's so funny! We also had a BBQ in the back garden thanks to the lovely weather and TL had lots of fun running around outside with his daddy. He's such a daddy's boy and I'm delighted that Jacek has been around a lot more lately to spend time with our boy, they need their own time together too.

150 days have passed already and I've just looked back at all the photos I've taken of my boy already. It's amazing to see how much he's grown in these 5 months and all the milestones he's achieved along the way, I'm so glad I began this project to document a year in the life of my little angel man.


Thursday, May 29, 2014

Box Upon A Time - Box Number 2 ♥

 Box Upon A Time is a monthly subscription box service which specialises in children's clothes from 0-3 years. It's the only subscription box which I've ever gone and bought and I absolutely love it. The branding is adorable, the clothes are amazing and the customer service is fantastic. This is our second box, you can read about our first one and see the gorgeous clothes Tyler Lee got here. We've one more box to come, which I shall also feature on the blog and then I may get another, I swear I'm addicted! Tyler Lee received four pieces in this box and I love them all. I think two of the pieces are so chic and classical looking whilst the other is vibrant and fun for wearing this summer with his shorts. I haven't had a chance to put any of the clothes on him yet as two are long-sleeved and the weather is absolutely scorching at the moment but I can't wait for him to be sporting all of these, expect some outfit of the day posts from my boy in the coming months featuring these pieces. Our stylist's name was Marine and she really outdid herself with this selection!

My favourite piece from what Tyler Lee received is the Petit Pim Blue Smock Boats Bodysuit which is asbolutely gorgeous! It has that old-fashioned vibe to it which I love to dress my boy in, it's baby blue, has the most exquisite detailing with little sail boats on the chest piece, the colour is beautiful and the embroidery on the cuffs and hem is such a lovely touch. I was so delighted to see this in our box and I can't wait to see Tyler Lee wearing it. The value of this piece is £39.

The second piece my boy received is the L'asticot Green Stripes Bodysuit from L'asticot. I think is is such a fun and bright piece, green isn't a colour I'm usually drawn towards when buying clothes but I think these will be lovely with my boy's shorts.The value of this piece is £35.

The final piece is also from Petit Pim and it's there Navy Blue and White Top/Bottom Set. Navy is a colour which I love dressing Tyler Lee in so I was happy to see this as part of his box. It's quite big so I think it'll be a great little outfit for him in late summer/autumn time. This outfit and the Blue Smock Boats Bodysuit are made from Peruvian Pima Cotton and are incredibly soft, they'll be lovely against my little ones skin. The value of this piece is £26.

The total value of this box was £100 which I think is incredible considering the box itself was only £29 for me as I used a discount code - amazing value! I highly recommend Box Upon A Time to other fashion-conscious parents like me who love their little one to be sporting something a bit special. Plus, the surprise getting the box every week is something to look forward to, for me anyway! 

If you're interested in subscribing to Box Upon A Time you can register on their website and set up your own child's profile for clothing choices.



Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Weigh-In Wednesday #4 - My Herbalife Journey ♥

Well here I am still sticking to my healthy lifestyle and my Herbalife diet, I actually can't believe it but I'm so proud of myself for sticking to this. I can honestly say that Herbalife is something that works for me, it may not work for other people but for me it's changing my eating patterns, food choices, has helped me to tone up and is spurring me on to lead a more active lifestyle. This week I stepped up the active side of my new healthy living regime and started going on hour long walks with my son and partner. It actually feels great to get out of the house and get active. I'm exhausted when I get home from walking up and down hills but it's so worth it. I think YouTube workouts again as they were so effective last time and I could really feel the burn, I need to step up my activity and get into a routine.

I am still eating the same foods as previous week preferring to stick to a routine and I'm actually not sick of eating the same thing over and over again yet. I actually can't believe that it's been four weeks now since I'm ate bread, chocolate, crisps, biscuits... I better stop listing or else I might start craving again! I did have some down moments this week, the first being when I passed out at a blogger event, mortifying to say the least! I put it down to not being able to eat before I went but being sick for three days after I think I may have had a bug, thankfully I'm all better now. I also was quite naughty and had a mojito at the weekend but I deserved a pick me up after being so sick.

As I stated in my update last week I need to eat 117g of protein a day and I wanted to show you two foods I've been eating recently. I was eating Muller Light Greek Style Lemon yogurts which have 6.9g of protein but they are so expensive! I found a great alternative in Aldi which costs about €1.70 or so (I think!) and tastes just as good, if not even better. They're Brooklea Greek Style Lemon Yogurts which have 6g of protein per pot. I've also been eating Ocean Rise Tuna Flakes which are also from Aldi but to be honest these aren't the nicest tuna available and I've only just noticed that these have about 23.5g of protein as they're 135g tins when drained whereas tuna from Tesco and Aldi has 27g so I think I'll be buying them in future. These are just simple things to add to your everyday diet to increase your protein intake. I highly recommend the Greek yogurts, they are delicious!
 So my goal for this week was to lose another 4lbs, did I do it...? Unfortunately not but this week I've lost 2/3lbs (the scales keeps changing each time I step on) which means I've lost 19/20lbs which is still amazing for me nonetheless! To be honest I'm not really seeing a change in my clothes yet apart from my dresses and tops, I even fit into a dress this week which I haven't fit into in ages! It was a great feeling I must say. My tops and t-shirts are also loser and I think my chest may have shrunk down, I think I rest somewhere that the weight goes from your chest/along your collar bone and I can definitely see that. I've not yet weighed in this week with my coach but next week I shall have my measurement loss update (if any has been lost!) so I'm excited to see those stats.

My stats for week 4
Total weight loss - 19/20lbs
Total kg lost - 9kg
BMI - 37 went down to 36

I'm not going to give myself a goal for this week as I don't want to feel disappointed as I feel my weight loss is starting to even out now so I don't think there'll be anymore big drops but every pound counts!


Where Is Your Perfect Holiday Destination? ♥

Summer is almost here (yay!) which means it's the time of year where there's a mass exodus from the island where everyone jets on their holliers and has a great time soaking up the sun, something which we're usually lacking here in Ireland. Some indecisive people (like me!) may find it hard to find their perfect holiday destination due to the many choices available these days and all the different packages on offer. The lovely people at Falcon Holidays have come up with a fun little quiz to help people choose what their perfect holiday would be called the Falcon Holidays Sunshine Selector. I took the quiz and it took less than a minute to complete and calculate the result. You simply click on the pictures to answer questions such as 'how long do you want to fly for?' and 'how hot do you want it to be?' My ideal holiday consists of relaxing on the beach, soaking up the sun and enjoying drinks in the evening so I ticked all the pictures which represented those things on the quiz. The Sunshine Selector gave me Turkey as my perfect destination, a popular choice for Irish holiday goers and a place which Jacek actually wanted to go to this year. We may look into Turkey in the future now seeing as it's my 'perfect' destination. Now you may wonder why I'm telling you all about this quiz, it's because I love quizzes, I know I'm not the only one who does all those silly little ones on Facebook (apparently my next child is going to be a girl named Destiny - eh no she's not...) but Falcon Holidays Sunshine Selector gives you the chance to win an iPad mini just for taking part in the quiz, the perfect accessory for your flight on the plane I'll have you agree I'm sure. I've my entry in, fingers crossed I'm lucky!

This competition for the iPad mini ends of May 30th so enter fast and have fun taking the Falcon Holidays Sunshine Selector quiz here.

*This post is a guest collaboration* 


Tuesday, May 27, 2014

EOTD - Feeling Blue With Sugarpill & Lime Crime ♥

 It's been absolutely ages since I did any sort of bright, creative eye makeup so I thought it was high time I dug out some of my favourite palettes and see what I could come up with. I was like a little girl playing with her favourite crayons again, God I missed doing makeup looks, afterall that's why I began my blog in the first place, to share my favourite (if slightly 'out there') makeup looks with the world. I'm not a professional and never will be but I really enjoying trying out different makeup and experimenting with colour. I was instantly drawn to two gorgeous blue shades from two different palettes I own - Sugarpill's Sweetheart palette and Lime Crime's Aquataenia palette. These palettes were two that I lusted over so much before buying but I'm sad to say that they just sit in my makeup box now, I really need to use them more and I think summer is the perfect season to as the shades are so bright. The two blues I chose to use are actually quite similar in colour but Sugarpill's 'Afterparty' is a matte shadow, whereas Lime Crime's 'Nautilus Prime' is a shimmer shadow and slightly darker in colour. The pigmentation of both shadows is absolutely amazing! I think the two blues used together make for quite an electric look which really pops, the blue is such a fun colour for a summers night look. I used 'Afterparty' all over the lid, 'Nautilus Prime' on the outer corners of the eye and on the crease. I lined the top lash line with a golden brown eye pencil from Sephora and the bottom lash line with 'Nautilus Prime' for a bit of shimmer to frame the eye (tell me I'm not the only one who uses eye shadow as an eyeliner!) and finished with one of my favourite mascaras ever, LOOkX, as it really elongates the lashes.

I really loved this look. It's really simple but the blue mix is just stunning, I really wish my pictures could have captured it better, I hate photographing my eyes, my camera never seems to pick up the effect properly. I hope you like this eye of the day look, it's one I'll be sporting on a night out during the summer months for sure.

Stay pretty people!


Monday, May 26, 2014

NOTD - French Connection In Bright Fuchsia ♥

 It's been absolutely ages since I've painted my nails but I had an event to attend last week and wanted to paint my nails in something colourful and something which would compliment the outfit I was wearing (it was a pink floral dress if you want to know) so I reached for one of my French Connection polishes which I got for Christmas,a gorgeously girly fuchsia shade with a high gloss finish - I love it! After I applied this polish I had to ask myself why on Earth I hadn't used it, or in fact any from French Connection collection since I got them. This polish went on really smoothly and even though it didn't have a fan brush it still went on pretty easy. The colour is gorgeous and really bright and the finish is really glossy, something that I love. I'm not wearing a topcoat on this polish either and it's lasting pretty well which is good going considering my hands go through a lot in one day. I'll be sporting this shade a lot this summer as it actually goes with a lot of my dresses, I must have a thing for pink!

My fiance picked up my French Connection nail polish collection in Boots at Christmas time but the French Connection website still stocks the 5 pack of polishes for £12 which you can find here. Do you like this shade? Do you have any of the French Connection nail polishes?

Stay pretty people!


Living Arrows - Week 21 ♥

"You are the bows from which your children are sent forth" - Kahil Gibran
I am taking part in I Heart Snapping's weekly Living Arrows project, a photography project to capture an image which represents childhood to you through the actions, likes, dislikes, looks and movements of your own children. Below is my picture for the twenty-first week of Living Arrows. This week a musical instrument treasure basket which I had ordered from Tot's Treasures arrived for Tyler Lee. He took a particular liking to the duck face den-den daiko and was running around the garden chewing on it and waving it around to make the beads hit off the wood. I'm so delighted that he loves his new musical instruments, I think he likes the noise and they must be great to chew on because he won't stop putting them in his mouth! This picture was taken about half an hour after he saw his new musical treasure box and I think it captures the spirit of the moment perfectly. Tyler Lee is trying to prove that musical instruments are fun to chew on too, the little rascal!

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