Friday, May 31, 2013

Pretty Post #9 ♥

Another week more pretty post! This week I had post from a mixture of old and new pals and two of whom who I've met in person - amazing! I received post on four days this week and was so happy to hear from everyone. I've also made new pals with two fellow bloggers this week and am waiting to hear from them, I can't wait to get their letters and begin our snail mail friendship. Let me show you what I received...

 photo Bine2_zps2589be36.jpg
 photo Marion2_zps85f008af.jpg
 photo Marion2Gift_zps45fea6c7.jpg
 photo Anna4_zpsb6c9cf9c.jpg
 photo Tina_zps2061f2f9.jpg
 photo TinaGifts_zpsa15e5844.jpg
1. A letter from one of my oldest pals Sabine from Austria who I met last summer.

2. A letter from my dear pal Marion from France, she also sent me some gorgeous lace effect nail wraps from Sephora. I wish we had Sephora in Ireland.

3. The stunning nail wraps.

4. A letter from one of my newest pals Anna who is Polish but lives in England. Anna features on my Pretty Post segment a lot!

5. A letter, biscuits and some souvenirs from my sweet pal Tina from Germany. I also met Tina last summer when she visited Cork.

I hope next week brings more pretty post for me to share with you all!

Stay pretty people and pick up a pen!


Tyler Lee's OOTD - Checks & Knits ♥

A rare occurrence in Ireland happened this week, the sun was shining and for more than one day too! It was quite warm and myself and my two boys were out the back enjoying the sun. This was the first week I put Tyler in one of his proper summer outfits, an adorable little short legged checked dungarees and white t-shirt combo, he looked so handsome! The dungarees is lovely light material with little wooden look buttons attached and a little chest pocket detail, so cute. I teamed the outfit with little white booties and a knitted baby blue cardigan which I love as the detail is just gorgeous on it. Tyler really enjoyed the sun shining down on him, it must be from being half South African! Although Tyler is the type of baby who loves wearing as less clothes as possible so maybe getting his legs out made him happy! Either way he was pulling silly faces, laughing and smiling all day out in the back garden. I hope we get more sunny days like this as I love dressing him in summer clothes rather than jeans and sleep suits for once. Plus sunny days make everyone happier and what could be better than that?
 photo ck_zps27c1696e.jpg
 photo TylerLeeMay302013007_zps86cc3372.jpg
 photo TylerLeeMay302013016_zps71290c33.jpg
 photo TylerLeeMay302013013_zpsdefc5200.jpg
 photo JacekampTylerMay2013004_zps55f38003.jpg
Dungarees and t-shirt combo - Next 

Cardigan - Knit by a work colleagues mother 

Booties - Marks and Spencer 

Stay pretty people!


Thursday, May 30, 2013

Tresses Thursday #5 - Hair Chalk ♥

 photo Hauls005_zps3deed34c-1_zps999b53ec.jpg
I had bought these hair chalks as part of my home and beauty haul a few weeks back and was excited to try them out. I didn't get the chance until yesterday as it was a bit quieter in my house with Tyler sleeping a lot, must have been the good weather making him lazy! These hair chalks were bought from Claire's Accessories and were only €1 each! I couldn't leave them behind for that price. They had four colours on offer yellow, orange, pink and mint green, I chose the latter two as they reminded me of a hair inspiration picture on Pinterest I loved of pink and mint green dip dyed ends on blonde hair - this was the look I tried to recreate. The hair chalks themselves were very simple to use, I just held the ends of the container and rubbed them on the hair. This process was quite messy though and required using a towel to collect the chalk particiles that went everywhere around my bedroom! I was hoping for a more vibrant colour but the chalk absorbs into the hair giving a more toned down look. I do love the effect it gave to the ends of my hair though, a perfect look for summer and a great one for festivals. This look reminds me somewhat of 1960's hippy style hair so I teamed it with a slight curl and plaits on the sides of my head to give a laid back, peace out look. I love it!

 photo 003_zpsf964aee5.jpg
 photo 010_zps5b0ea9ba.jpg
 photo 006_zps49063d73.jpg
 photo 004_zpsed29001d.jpg
 photo 018_zpsc8363fed.jpg
 photo DipDye_zps6999018f.jpg

Stay pretty people! 


Wednesday, May 29, 2013

NOTD - Kiss 'Party Girl' Nail Wraps ♥

 photo 022_zps4025c5a2.jpg
I was sent this nail wraps by Kiss in 'Party Girl' by my lovely friend and pen pal Shauntella last week and I just had to try them out. I had never used nail wraps before so this was an experience! This is also the reason why these aren't looking as perfect as they could be! It was hard finding sizes to match my nails as I've quite dainty hands with long, thin oval nails so I used a scissors and a nail file to bring these down to size. I love the colourful design of these nail wraps, for me they're perfect for a summer inspired nail look, the black with the neon colours looks great. I was expecting these to feel uncomfortable on my nails but I don't even realise they're on there, just like polish. I love these and can't wait to show them off. I'm becoming a real fan of all things to do with nails these days, my nails have never seen this much love before!

 photo 026_zps873e0ac7.jpg
 photo 023_zpsb2c4e86a.jpg
 photo 027_zpsffca420c.jpg
 photo 019_zps87fea65e.jpg
 Stay pretty people! 


Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Tyler Lee's OOTD - Angelic In White ♥

We're back with a new outfit post of my little angel Tyler Lee's and today he is looking angelic in white. This baby gro is one of my favourites that he has. It is crisp white and has tiny baby blue stars dotted all over it. I love to dress Tyler in white, baby blue and anything with stars on it so this gro is the perfect combination of all three. I also love the matching little hat with the top knot on top of it and the baby blue stars around the rim, it's so cute. Tyler isn't generally a fan of hats but this one is loose enough for it not to bother him so much. I love when he wears hats and it makes him look like such a small baby again.As Tyler dribbles a lot now he is teething it's essential for him to wear a bib so that his neck area doesn't get all sore and irritated so I teemed this outfit with a baby blue and white stripey bib. Tyler is getting so big now that I doubt he'll get the chance to wear this outfit again so I'm glad I was able to put him in it one last time and take some beautiful pictures. My baby boy is growing up!

 photo White1_zpsfe220414.jpg
 photo TylerLeeMay20130072_zps5cf2407b.jpg
 photo TylerLeeMay20130142_zpsbb0235c2.jpg
 photo TylerLeeMay2013021_zpsf3806201.jpg
White and baby blue stars baby gro and matching hat - From a newborn 10 piece starter pack bought from Marks & Spencer by Tyler's godmother.

Stripey bib - From a pack of three bought from Penneys by Tyler's godmother. 

Stay pretty people! 


Gummee Glove ♥

 photo GG1_zps5939d12a.jpg
A lady in my pregnancy group told us all about a product which she had gotten for her daughter, Gummee Glove, a product to help teething babies and one to stop babies generally chewing the hand off themselves. When she uploaded a picture of her daughter with the Gummee Glove for us all to see I decided that I needed to get Tyler one. He is only thirteen weeks old at the moment but is teething, he has a tooth coming through on the bottom gum on the left hand side and is in a lot of pain with it all. I decided to get him the Gummee Glove as he constantly has his hands in his mouth and I though the Gummee Glove could offer him some relief from the pain as well as being a fun toy for him to play with and explore. I was drawn to the Gummee Glove as it is perfect for Tyler, he is too young to be able to hold a teething ring himself so the Gummee Glove was the perfect product for him as it simply is placed on the hand, closed with a velcro strip and allows the baby to use as freely as they wish. The Gummee Glove can be used on babies from three months of age and I bought Tyler's when he was twelve weeks old. The glove itself has many different protrusions a baby can enjoy getting stuck into, three colourful rubber paddles with dots and waves on them, a water filled teething ring which is adjustable, crinkle paper for noise and two taggies. The Gummee Glove is yellow in colour and you can choose either a pink or blue teething ring, I chose blue for my boy. The glove also comes with a machine washable bag, handy for storing the glove and for bringing it on journeys so it doesn't get dirty. The Gummee Glove has already won awards such as 'Product of the Month', 'Mumpreneur of the Year' and was seen in Vogue Magazine! The Gummee Glove is sure to be a product loved by both parents and babies through the stressful teething process. 

 photo GG3_zps4b214502.jpg photo GG2_zpsd866e197.jpg
 photo GG5_zpsff52daf9.jpg photo GG4_zps0cedb0f7.jpg
 photo GummeeGlove1_zps534531e2.jpg photo GG6_zps7d9eb6bd.jpg
Tyler is only thirteen weeks old so he is still quite awkward in his movements and sometimes finds it hard to position the glove properly to get the different parts in his mouth. He sometimes uses his other hand to keep the glove in place, as seen in the last picture here. As he gets older I'm sure he'll become used to where all the different bits are on the glove. His favourite bit on it is the yellow paddle, he must love the colour. I sometimes take the glove off his hand and place it up to his mouth allowing him to comp on the teething ring, something he gets great comfort in. The Gummee Glove really is a great product and comes everywhere with Tyler and I. We'd be lost without it now.

I bought my Gummee Glove from an Irish stockist Hey Baby (sadly they are no longer trading). The glove was €14.99, €20.99 with delivery and the service was great, the glove arrived two days later by registered post.

I would recommend this product to any parent with a teething baby or a parent whose baby is not yet teething but who loves to chew on their hands, I find it both great as a teething aid and as a fun toy for the baby.


Sunday, May 26, 2013

YSL 'Rouge In Danger' ♥

 photo MakeupReviews010_zps8a5f61a8.jpg
I was given YSL 'Rouge In Danger' by my mother about a month ago and had never worn it until today. I wanted to share it with you all as I am in love with the colour and the gloss effect it gives to my lips. Rouge Volupte Sine 'Rouge In Danger' is a highly pigmented, bright red lipstick which glides onto the lips easily leaving them shiny, smooth and glossed to perfection. I love the packaging of this lipstick, it looks very luxurious and high end and I just love how the colour on the packaging matches the shade of the lipstick. I find the pigmentation of this lipstick to be fantastic, something I was surprised by as it has such a glossy finish, however, if you're looking for something that will melt into your lips then this is not the lipstick for you. 'Rouge In Danger' sits on the lips and can be quite oily, in my opinion it has the consistency of a roll on lip gloss rather than a lipstick but I still love it. 'Rouge In Danger' has a fruity scent which makes a difference from the usual vanilla scent most lipsticks have. This is one of my favourite red lipsticks in my collection as the colour is so vibrant and really creates a daring look and for me owning a high end lipstick like YSL is a real treat as it's not often I would spend the money or be given a lipstick with a high price tag.

 photo MakeupReviews009_zps1fb83873.jpg
 photo MakeupReviews011_zpse26dff96.jpg
 photo MakeupReviews012_zps8269cba1.jpg
 photo MakeupReviews003_zps0ed4d008.jpg
 photo MakeupReviews004_zps1642cc53.jpg
 photo MakeupReviews007_zps5594cc39.jpg
Are you a fan of red lipstick? If so then give this one a try if you want a gorgeous vibrant red shade and the gloss effect of a lip gloss.

Stay pretty people! 


Saturday, May 25, 2013

MAC 'Creme De La Femme' ♥

Creme De La Femme is one of my favourite MAC lipsticks of all time. It has a gorgeous glossy pink tone that shimmers on the lips. This lipstick is highly moisturising, an aspect that I love as I find that other MAC dry out my lipsticks a lot forcing me to wear Labello with them. Creme De La Femme is part of the Frost collection by MAC and really is a great colour for people who prefer a more natural looking lip colour. Creme De La Femme is my go to lipstick colour, it looks stunning with different eye makeup and blush colours and compliments any look perfectly. I never hear or see people speak or write about Creme De La Femme that often, I think, as it is a similar shade to 'Angel' that that tends to be more popular but I really do love this lipstick and it, along with 'Snob' are the two MAC lipsticks I repurchase over and over again.

 photo CremedelaFemme_zps8ec839d9.jpg
 photo CremedelaFemme2_zpscd77b67b.jpg
 photo CremedelaFemme3_zps740efd8b.jpg
Creme De La Femme is long lasting, something which I love as so many lipsticks are too quick to transfer and fade away these days. If I wear this lipstick I don't need to worry about reapplying which is great. I think Creme De La Femme is a shade which can be worn all year long and suits a lot of skin tones. If you're looking for a pretty coloured lipstick which you can wear on a daily basis then Creme De La Femme is worth a go! 

Stay pretty people! 

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