Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Tyler Lee's OOTD - Ragtagg Pixie Fox Hoody ♥

 If you've been following my parenting adventures with Tyler Lee from the beginning you'll know that I adore putting him in quirky clothes, things which I don't think many people in my area will be dressing their children in and I'm not afraid to explore new styles or colours on him either. You'll also know, if you are an avid follower of my blog, that I love anything handmade as I think homemade pieces have an extra-special something which you just can't find in store-bought pieces. You can imagine my delight when I stumbled across Ragtagg Pixie on my Facebook timeline, a business which specialises in unique, handmade clothing for both adults and children based in Cornwall, UK. I fell in love with their gorgeous fox hoody and now my boy is a very lucky owner of one. 

Tyler Lee's fox hoody was made to order in size 1-2 years and it's quite roomy for him at 19 months of age. This hoody is made exceptionally well and has every detail you could get in a fox - the ears, whiskers, green eyes, nose, claws, white chest and even a long tail at the back. It's a fleece material hoody in a gorgeous burnt orange colour which I think it perfect for autumn, this hoody will be keeping my boy cosy and warm in the colder months here in Ireland and I'm sure it'll also be making him stand out from the crowd as it's so unique! This hoody also has little pockets on the front, great for little ones to store their favourite toys or collect bits and bobs when out and about, tell me my child's not the only one who picks things up on his travels?! This piece has such a whimiscal, fantasy vibe to it and I love it, it's probably one of the most unique pieces in Tyler Lee's wardrobe and was such a great find.

The fox hoody starts at £40 for a 1-2 years hoody and they can be made up to 8 years onwards. You can browse through more of the fantastic handmade clothing which Ragtagg Pixie have to order on their Facebook page or on their Etsy store.

Fox hoody - Raggtagg Pixie
Star print pants - Here
Shoes - Vans


Monday, September 29, 2014

Autumn Fashion Inspiration ♥


Autumn has still not fully arrived here so there's still time for me to update my wardrobe with some gorgeous, cosy pieces which will be perfect for keeping me warm and stylish this season. I've been browsing online and have spotted some gorgeous autumn fashion on one of my favourite brands Esprit's website. I've been shopping from this brand for years now and really love their collections, the quality is amazing. I've put together some autumn fashion inspiration with this super stylish, monochrome with a hint of gold inspired outfit of the day look. 

A nice, warm coat is an essential for an autumn day and I though this faux leather biker jacket with fake fur collar was gorgeous. It's the perfect style of jacket for both day and night wear and I think it's really stunning. I seriously want this as I love the look of leather biker jackets, plus, leather and faux leather are such a great look for autumn too.

I love ankle boots and they are a staple footwear item for me once autumn arrives. These lace up ones are so on trend and have a grungy kind of look to them which I'm a big fan of. The block heels means they'll be comfortable for all those leafy autumn strolls too.

It wouldn't be autumn without hints of gold around the place and what better way to embrace the golden loveliness then with some statement jewellery. I think this golden bracelet has a lovely look to it and is just the perfect piece for brightening up this monochrome outfit.

If the days get a bit colder and you feel like wrapping up a bit more a printed scarf is the best accessory to have. I always carry one in my handbag once the colder months set in. I've been searching Etsy for some unique printed scarves and have found some gorgeous infinity scarves in cross print and star print. I think this bow print chiffon scarf is really pretty too and it's only €6.58 - such a bargain! The print on this scarf would go really well with the monochrome inspired outfit above too.

Autumn means we can all embrace our jeans again and hide our legs away once more and these vintage style jeans are great. I think darker denim is more fitting to autumn and the skinny legs on these would look great with my favourite - ankle boots!

It wouldn't be an autumns day without a jumper in sight and this black and white striped one is gorgeous. I think the knit on it looks great and it looks so cosy but yet still super stylish. You can never go wrong with stripes either, perfect for any outfit.

Finally, a handbag is an essential for when you're out an about on those crisp autumn days and I think this black handbag with star detail is stunning. It's not too big or bulky either making it the perfect size for carrying anything you may need, another autumn essential - an umbrella, would fit in it perfectly too.
That's just some of my autumn fashion inspiration. I love this outfit of the day. I think it's casual yet still being quite chic and stylish. I need that jacket in my life, pronto! In fact, I think I may just need all the pieces, I love this look, it's perfect for an autumns day.


Living Arrows - Week 39 ♥

I am taking part in I Heart Snapping's weekly Living Arrows project, a photography project to capture an image which represents the magic of childhood through a parents eyes through the actions, likes, dislikes, looks and movements of your own children. Below is my picture for the thirty-ninth week of Living Arrows. 

This week my boy has been teething like crazy, it's strange as three more teeth are already through so I'm wondering if anymore are popping through, only five more to go - yay! He's been fighting his bedtime, trying to stay up with me and sit on my lap, so much so that I've resorted to reading him multiple bedtime stories, stroking his hair, singing and giving him a warm bottle of milk in his cot, the milk worked somewhat and I'm glad to have found something which brings him a little comfort to help him drift off to sleep. Now that the darker nights are here I think it's time to begin lighting the oil burner in his room too, French Lavender Yankee Candle wax tart melts are a winner with him. I love looking at him while he's sleeping. He always looks so peaceful and like a little angel to me. I wonder what he dreams about? I can't wait for the days to come where he tells me about all the wonderful times and characters he's encountered whilst dreaming. I love this boy so much and now he tells me he loves me too - "uv you" he softly murmurs to me as I slip out his door when he's lying down to sleep.

First he was sleeping peacefully.

Then he heard Daddy coming home from work...

I cannot believe that next week marks forty weeks of this project, I love it more and more as the weeks go by.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

#Project365 Picture Number 261 - 267 ♥

On Saturday I captured a picture of my boy after he came home from his grandparents house. He was sitting watching cartoons and strumming away on his ukulele. I think he looked like such a little rockstar with the way he was dressed. He's one cool kid for sure.

On Sunday night I captured my daily picture of my boy. I think the flash on my phone disturbed him a bit and he made a pained face when I took his photo, he then turned over as if to tell me to go away. Bold mumma!

On Monday morning I had a very tired boy who just wanted to laze on the couch watching cartoons. He was quite stylish though in his pleather leggings, I never though I'd dress my son in pleather but I'm loving the Russell Brand look on him.

On Tuesday I caught a picture of Tyler Lee playing with a football which one day magically appeared in the back garden - very strange as there are no children living in the houses next to us. He doesn't kick the ball but likes to pick it up and drop it down again. I think he's going to be a goalie!

On Wednesday we had a lovely family day at the beach. Tyler Lee had an absolute ball splashing around in the rock pools and exploring the beach. I love this picture I caught of him looking up at the clouds and smiling, I wonder what it was that made him smile?

On Thursday Tyler Lee went shopping with his Nana and Grandma and he was dressed up all lovely in a beautiful old-fashioned style top. I just had to get a picture of him wearing it but of course he wouldn't stay still or look at the camera! I love his long blonde curls, which just seem to get longer by the day. Baby blue really suits him.

On Friday my boy and I were curled up on the sofa watching his favourite programme ever - Teletubbies! It's so sweet to see how excited he gets when he sees the sun and all the characters, he always waves hello and says "hiya" to them, super cute!


Friday, September 26, 2014

Traditional Afternoon Tea At Castlemartyr Resort ♥

For ages now I've wanted to go for afternoon tea with Jacek, in fact, we had planned to go for afternoon tea on Valentine's Day 2013, the day our son was due but Jacek had to work and I went into labour so that was the end of that! So for our anniversary this year, which was on the 24th, Jacek promised to take me to the beautiful Castlemartyr Resort for afternoon tea and it finally happened! It was such a lovely experience and I just had to share on the blog, mostly for my own memories but also to show you all just how wonderful this place is and to have you all swooning over the delicious food. I warn you, this is a picture heavy post and you may become quite hungry reading it!
 We were escorted into the beautifully decorated Bell Tower restaurant and were waited on hand and foot by the friendliest staff I've encountered in a long time, honestly the customer service is top notch. The Lady Fitzgerald's Afternoon Tea is a set menu but you get to choose your choice of tea from a large selection, we were able to smell the tea and have a look at each one before we chose. I don't drink tea so I was happy to give Jacek my selection too. He chose the Moroccan Mint tea and the Irish Whiskey Cream tea, the scent of both was unreal. I ordered a glass of pink champagne which was such a treat for me, it was so amazing that I had to order a second glass after I finished my first, it was a celebration after all.

 We were first served the 'Sweet Start', a buttermilk panna cotta with honeycomb, freshly diced strawberries, a strawberry consumé and basil cress. It was served it a little glass cup and saucer and it was delicious. I'm a big fan of panna cotta and this was one of the best I've ever had. I loved the taste of the crunchy honeycomb combined with the soft and delicate panna cotta, it was seriously yummy.

 We were then given the show stopper of the afternoon tea - the three tier selection of freshly made finger sandwiches, scones, banana bread fingers, lemon and poppy seed fingers and a selection of indulgent treats created by the pastry chef which included Swiss roll slices, macaroons, eclairs and a chocolate liqueur mousse which was also served in a little glass cup accompanied by a custard and raspberry filled cone. This three tiered selection really was amazing to look at and for me, was the best part of the afternoon tea.

We worked our way through the gorgeous selection of treats on offer, my favourites being the chicken, rocket and wholegrain mustard sandwiches on multi-grain bread, the scones with clotted cream and strawberry and prosecco jam and the banana bread fingers. Jacek thoroughly enjoyed his tea, finishing five cups in the hour and a half that we were seated for and he really loved the lemon and poppy seed fingers.

Jacek and I loved our traditional afternoon experience, we were very full, happy customers at the end of it all and we will hopefully visit Castlemartyr Resort again in the near future. I'm so happy we finally went there and were able to celebrate our third anniversary in style! I couldn't have imagined a better way to celebrate than some gorgeous treats in a beautiful setting with the one you love.

 Castlemartyr Resort's Lady Fitzgerald's Afternoon tea is €29 per person and is most definitely worth every penny. You can read more about it and find booking information on the Castlemartyr Resort website.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Three By The Sea ♥

Yesterday, September 24th, was mine and Jacek's three year anniversary. The day also marked seven years since we first laid eyes on each other and spoke for the first time when I started working with him. We're celebrating alone today and I shall be posting more about that tomorrow but yesterday we celebrated as a family, just the three of us by the sea. 

We packed a picnic and drove to Garryvoe, a gorgeous beach in East Cork which is very popular during the summer due to it's golden sand - something which is lacking in beaches around my island it has to be said, they're usually all full of stones and pebbles, not great for the bare feet! I was happy to find that the beach was almost deserted and the lack of a breeze combined with the shining sun made it feel like a summers day, it was actually roasting hot and I loved it. I watched my boys playing down by the waterfront, Tyler Lee exploring the various rock pools along the way and getting soaking wet in the process, that boy just loves the water, even when it's freezing cold it doesn't phase him. Jacek went paddling and assured me that the water was warm, I think September needs to be known as an extension of summer as it always seems to be a lovely, sunny month here in Ireland.

We had a lovely picnic on the beach, Jacek and I looking at our boy as he went exploring, we couldn't be more proud of him and in awe at the fact that we created this gorgeous, curly haired little angel. He's ours. We took our obligatory anniversary selfie and I realised that almost every picture of Jacek and I together has been taken on a beach or by the coast, the sea seems to be a theme in our love story. We've seen a lot in our three years together, we've visited many different places, have had lots of laughs, some tears, lots of adventure and have made many happy memories both together and as a family with our little boy. I love my boys and the three of us by the sea equals perfection to me.

Here are some pictures from our perfect day together, just the three of us to mark three years of love.

I loved the look of the clouds mixed with white and grey against the bright blue sky.

Jacek taking a paddle.

The obligatory annual anniversary selfie.

This most certainly isn't autumn.

Our little explorer.

Two boys and an island, all diagonal.

 He loves getting messy in the sand and rock pools.

Kisses from my angel.

A heart made of stone.

 Strolls by the shoreline.

 The boys in the distance.

 Playing with Daddy.

 Taking a dip in the sea.

 Lock Ness monster pose.

 My little babe and I.

 Dada, Mumma & Tyler makes three.

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