Friday, June 28, 2013

Pretty Post #13 ♥

Another week more pretty post! This week has definitely been one devoted to post, I seem to have done nothing but write letters but these sorts of weeks are the best. A few of you had contacted me to be added into the pen pal group I am a part of on Facebook and I hope you're all enjoying it. I'm so delighted to read that these posts of mine are inspiring you to pick up a pen and write letters to people, that really is the best! It's amazing to think that people still enjoy good old fashioned snail mail in this day and age of computers, smart phones and what not but to receive a letter in the post really is amazing. When you know that someone has sat down and written some heart-felt, thoughtful and interesting words to you you know you're special to them and that's what I love about snail mail. I will never be an email lover, it's far too impersonal, plus I love seeing people's handwriting, to me it is an art. This week was another great post week, I heard from three lovely friends of mine who are very dear to me - Marion, Anne Mette and Anna. Here is all the post I received from June 24th - 28th...

1. On Monday I was greeted by the postman with four packages for me, I think this is the most I have ever received on one day when it's not Christmas! Two were things to do with the blog so I won't be speaking about them on my Pretty Post segment. The other two were from the lovely Anne Mette and Anna. Anne Mette's is the blue package shown here and Anna's is the one with the fab washi tape, I love it!

2. My package from Anna in England. She was kind enough to send me some lovely writing paper and envelopes along with another sweet letter. She is such a sweetheart!

3. The washi tape Anna used to decorate my package, I love it! Parisian theme and postal theme equals the perfect theme for me!

4. Another lovely letter and clothes for  Tyler Lee from Anne Mette in Denmark. She is such a sweetheart sending such adorable clothes for Tyler Lee, we are very appreciative!

5. The design on my favourite of the clothes Anne Mette sent for Tyler Lee, trains and stars, what could be better for a baby boy?

6. My letter from my dearest Marion from France. She is such a doll, she surprised me with some writing paper and stickers which I'm going to use to decorate Tyler Lee's scrapbook with.

7. The design on the writing paper Marion sent me, butterflies and stamps, so pretty!

Thank you to my dear friends for their pretty post this week, it was such a pleasure to hear from them all and I have already replied to all three letters so they are flying around Europe somewhere at the moment waiting to be delivered. I hope next week is as fantastic as this post week was!

Stay pretty people and pick up a pen!


Sudocrem Sunscreen Mousse ♥

When it comes to my little one protecting his skin from harm is high on my list of priorities, the sun's harmful rays most probably being the most harmful thing I need to protect his skin from right now. We don't get much sun in Ireland but when we do it's safe to say that our skin isn't used to it, people get burnt, badly. Being just four months old Tyler's skin is super delicate and very sensitive to a lot of things. I have to be careful about what I put on his skin otherwise he can break out in a rash, get very dry skin, etc. I had been looking for a sunscreen for Tyler for the summer months, I was unsure at which one to buy as I felt some were very greasy and oily, not right for such sensitive skin. I was sent this Sudocrem Sunscreen Mousse to try and I can safely say, up until now, that it has been the best form of sunscreen I have ever come across. It is a mousse, something I had never seen in sunscreen form before and it so easy to apply to Tyler's skin, I just put it on my hand, rub it onto his skin and it absorbs straight away into his skin leaving no residue at all so he's not oily and I can pick him up straight away. 

The mousse has no smell so there is nothing irritating his little nose either. The mousse comes in factor fifty, an essential number for babies and children's skin. The mousse comes from Sudocrem, a brand who have been making baby nappy cream for years now so before using this I knew it would be safe for Tyler as Sudocrem are aware of what a baby's skin needs to be protected. This mousse is now a staple in my changing bag so that it is always there if we are going out for the day and the sun is shining. I've seen this mousse retail in different outlets ranging from €16.95 to €19.95 but it is one-hundred per cent worth the money. Protecting your baby or child's skin is a big must and I highly recommend Sudocrem Sunscreen Mousse to any parent out there. This for sure will be my sunscreen of choice for Tyler in the years to come. This sunscreen is so protective that I actually want to take it on holiday with me next week to put on my very sensitive shoulders, they always seem to get burnt no matter what sunscreen I use so hopefully Sudocrem Sunscreen Mousse might be the answer! Update to come when I return from holiday.

Stay pretty people and protect yours and your little ones skin this summer!


Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Competition Prizes From America ♥

I enter blog competitions on a regular basis and sometimes I'm even lucky enough to win! Must be the luck of the Irish! Today I received the competition prizes from a lovely blogger named Robin who blogs at Beauty and Babbling. These prizes were shipped to me from America, it's always great to receive items from the States as they have brands and products which aren't available here in Ireland and it's always great to be able to try out these new things. It's always a treat to receive products from different countries! Here's some close ups of what I received...

1. The prizes before I opened them. Robin wrapped them up so pretty! 

2. Real Techniques Duo-Fiber Collection (Limited Edition). These are my first Real Techniques brushes so I'm excited to try them out!

3. Philosophy The Supernatural Colouring Book. I love little palettes like this as they're handy for popping into your handbag instead of packing all different products. A great product for me to bring on holiday next week.

4. Philosophy Angel Kiss Lip Gloss in Pretty Please. I don't really wear lip gloss but I love the name of this one, my angel obsession coming into play again!

5. Ulta Eye Shadow. This is a lovely brown colour, perfect for creating neutral eye looks.

6. Nail Bling Nail Wraps. I'm loving nail wraps these days so this will be great for creating another NOTD look.

7. Philosophy Windows to the Soul Eye Shadow Palette in Plum Delicious. The purple tones of this palette are some of my favourite shades to wear on my eyes.

8. Meow Eye Shadow in 'Beach'. This is a lovely gold shimmery shadow which comes in powder form. Another great one for creating a beautiful neutral eye look.

9. Silk Naturals Eye Shadow in 'Flourish'. Another beautiful golden colour for an understated but pretty eye look.

10. Wet n Wild Separators. This will come in handy when I'm painting my toe nails for my holiday.

11.  Urban Decay Eye Shadow in 'X'. A peach coloured eye shadow. I love this colour.

12. Urban Decay Pocket Rocket Lip Gloss in David. This is a gorgeous raspberry pink lip gloss and it has a half naked man on the cap, presumably named David!

13. Urban Decay 24/7 Shadow Pencil in 'Clash'. This is such a gorgeous colour and a perfect shade of blue for framing my blue eyes.

14. False Eyelashes. I'm always a fan of falsies, especially for when I'm creating very daring eye looks so these are great!

Thanks so much to Robin for these amazing prizes! I am totally in awe and so delighted. She even through in some extras, what a sweetheart!

Stay pretty people!


Sunday, June 23, 2013

Back To MAC Lipsticks ♥

Hello dollies! Just doing a quick post to show you the two lipsticks I got today as part of MAC's 'Back To MAC' scheme. I had twelve empties so was allowed choose two lipsticks from their collections including their new orange collection but I don't think orange is the shade for me! I eventually decided on 'Girl About Town' for myself a beautiful bright pink colour which is very girly, Barbie-like in my opinion. It's similar to a MAC lipstick I already have, 'Lickable' but this is an Amplified lipstick instead of a cremesheen. I also wanted to get a lipstick for my mother so I choose 'Twig', this looked like a more mauve tone in the shop but in natural light it turns out to be a reddish brown colour. My mother didn't think it suited her so now it's part of my lipstick collection and luckily it suits me so I've been told! I have three more empties just three more to go so I can get a new lipstick again, how I love this scheme! Reviews and swatches to come on these two shades soon. Any suggestions on what shade to get next?

Stay pretty people!


EOTD - Stila 'Instinct', 'Impulse', 'Glance' & 'Improvise' Eye Shadows ♥

I felt like doing something different on the blog today so I decided on an 'Eye of the Day' post. I've never done one of these before but anyone who knows me knows that I love eye shadows, the brighter the better! I'm not generally a fan of nude shades but having said that I do love my MUA 'Undressed' palette. Today I used my favourite colours from an eye shadow palette I've been raving about on Twitter, Stila's 'In the Moment' palette. I love this palette as the colours are diverse ranging from light highlighting shades, purples, golds and charcoal colours. I also love the fact that these shadows are stay proof and don't seem to crease, amazing! You can read my first impressions of the palette and see my swatches here - Stila 'In the Moment' Palette.

I used my four favourite shades to create this look - 'Instinct' a very pale champagne coloured shadow which I used to cover my whole eyelid, bringing the shadow all the way up to the brow bone to highlight the eye area. 'Impulse', probably my favourite shade from the whole palette, a beautiful lilac colour which I used on the inner and middle lid area. 'Glance' a vibrant purple colour which I used on the crease fold of my lid and blended it into the 'Instinct' shade. Finally I used 'Improvise' a very dark purple shade which I used on the upper lash and lower lash line to frame the eye. I prefer to use shadow instead of eyeliner, I think it's better to incorporate the shadow you use into the whole eye area rather than just the lid, it creates for a more dramatic look. I then finished the eye with Maxfactor 'Lash Silks' mascara which really elongates my lashes as you can see.

I must say the colours of this eye look are far more noticeably in person. When trying to photograph these shades the camera wasn't too good in picking up the different shades. I think this may be because the shadows have a shimmer effect which is hard to show up in light, it's easier to photograph matte shadows. Nevertheless I love the look and am loving this Stila palette! More EOTD posts to come in the future for sure!

Stay pretty people!


Saturday, June 22, 2013

Snail Mail ♥

Hello dollies! So every week I do my Pretty Post feature and it's fast becoming the most popular feature on my blog. I'm so glad people are liking it because I love showing off all the beautiful post I get to the world. Every week though people ask where I get my pen pals from and how we got in contact so I wanted to write this post to explain. There are two main places I source my pen pals from. I joined a website Interpals way back in May 2009 and found my first pen pals through this site. It's a great place for contacting people from all over the world and making new friendships. I still write with my first ever pen pal from the site who is from California and our friendship is now going strong for four years so to me that is amazing and I will always be thankful to Interpals for that. There are still some normal people on the site interested in true, genuine friendships, in fact my newest Dutch pen pal and I just met on the site a couple of months ago but for me Interpals has lost it's spark and is now full of sleazy men who see it more as a dating site rather than a place to form snail mail relationships.

I now make my friendships through Facebook pen pal groups, most notably International Penpals. This however is a secret group so you need to be added to the group by someone who is already a member. This is to keep the group spam free and full of people who write back and are actually interested in forming snail mail friendships. If you wish to be added to this group then feel free to add me on Facebook. This group holds events almost every weekend for forming new snail mail friendships and everyone is lovely and always up for a discussion.

Also I am always interested in meeting new pals and writing to new people. If anyone is ever interested in snail mailing with me you can always drop me an email to and I'll give you my address. Please though don't be one of those people who stops writing after one letter, that is one of the most annoying things about snail mail, all the people who are charmed by the idea of the hobby but not actually willing to make a commitment.

I now also have a Facebook page for my new craft and snail mail supply store Dolly Dowsie and I'd love your support so if you could give it a 'like' that'd be great. I currently am holding a giveaway for these stamp motif and butterfly outline stickers so get liking and sharing the picture to be entered into the giveaway!
Stay pretty people and pick up a pen!


Friday, June 21, 2013

Pretty Post #12 ♥

Hello dollies! Well I've come to the end of another post week and this one was a fantastic and eventful one! I received eight items of post from seven lovely girls, all of who I was delighted to hear from. I received letters from three new pals this week, one who is a fellow blogger, one who I got to know via a Facebook pen pal group and one who contacted me via email after reading an interview I did a long, long time ago for a feature called 'Pen pal of the Week'. I was so happy to make new pals as it's always a great thing to hear from new people and forming new friendships. I had been in a bit of a funk a couple of weeks back and had lost my motivation for writing somewhat but I'm delighted to report that it has come back in full force and my passion for the hobby has been re-ignited by all the beautiful post I receive. This week also had some post mishaps. One of my letters came by ship rather than air and took and age to reach me, Royal Mail were kind enough to let me know why and once again Royal Mail gave me a laugh when my postcard went on a journey to a land far, far away from where it was supposed to go! Let me show you what I received this week June 17th to 21st...

1. My first letter from K, she blogs over at Lush Life Thoughts. I'm delighted to be able to write snail mail with a fellow blogger!

2. K and I were wondering why he letter took so long to reach me. It turns out the lady in the post office didn't give her enough postage for international mail and Royal Mail stuck this on the back of my letter, funny!

3. My first letter from Babsii who is living in Finland. I loved her sea themed writing paper, perfect for the summer.

4. I love the Moomin themed stamp and airmail sticker that Babsii used for my letter.

5. My first letter from Lisa from California. Lisa was the girl who read my 'Pen pal of the Week' interview and contacted me. She was so sweet and sent me a postcard from Rendondo Beach, lots of little a note papers and stickers.

6. The note papers and stickers that Lisa was kind enough to send me, Hello Kitty!

7. My second letter from the lovely Amy from Australia. Her letters are so pretty and I love the floral design she used to decorate the envelope. I also love her vintage vibe writing paper. She also sent me four lovely postcards and some flower stickers, so sweet of her.

8. Look at the amazing stamps Amy used for my letter. I love the miniature dachshund and the Australia Post 100 years black and white stamp.

9. A package from my lovely doll Vicky from England. We were both having a clear out and decided to send each other some things. She sent me two t-shirts for Tyler Lee, a tote bag for him also, some makeup and an apple ring.

10. Vicky handmade this bag for Tyler Lee's bedroom which I am doing up in a nautical theme. How sweet was she to make this for him. I love it and can't wait to hang it up in his bedroom.

11. A postcard from my beautiful Asta from Finland sent from her trip to Tuuri with friends.

12. A letter from Asta, I loved hearing from this girl again, she's someone I have definitely clicked with. She also sent some tea for Jacek. I wish I liked tea, all of these things seem so lovely and it would suit me so well!

13. I loved this sticker Asta used on my letter, it's so cute!

14. A postcard from Scotland from Ragna from Germany, sent during her trip there in April.

15. Someone in the sorting office must have been hungover or something because my postcard, written to go to Ireland was missent to Thailand! How this happens I have no idea but my postcard sure did take the scenic route to Ireland. Shame it couldn't take pictures of it's trip for me to see, that would have been amazing! It's a well travelled postcard but I'm glad it's back to where it belongs.

I hope next week is as fantastic as this post week. I'm already looking forward to Monday and I hope my item that I ordered from Dublin arrives, it's been over a week now, I could have walked up to collect it during this time!

Stay pretty people and pick up a pen!

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