Monday, June 30, 2014

Living Arrows - Week 25 & 26 ♥

I am taking part in I Heart Snapping's weekly Living Arrows project, a photography project to capture an image which represents childhood to you through the actions, likes, dislikes, looks and movements of your own children. As we were away last week below are my pictures for the twenty-fifth and twenty-sixth week of Living Arrows. 

 This picture was taken on the day that my boy felt sand for the first time. I love this picture. He's staring out to sea and the sun is shining on his gorgeous, golden curls.
 This picture was taken out our back garden and my boy was curious about the purple flowers on the bank. He was feeling them and holding them in his hands but didn't pull at them which I was surprised at. He's such a little nature lover.


Stokke Steps Chair & Bouncer - The All-In-One Seating System For Your Growing Child ♥

Recently we were given a Stokke Steps Chair, all it's accessories and a baby bouncer to boot. We were so excited for it to arrive having seen the pictures on the Stokke website of the super stylish chair and after reading the countless positive reviews and we weren't disappointed when it came. We chose our bouncer and cushions in orange, a colour which is supposed to be very positive for babies and I love how it looks. The bouncer and baby set cushions for the chair are also available in red, blue and grey but orange was our definite favourite. It's so bright, vibrant and is quite fun, something which I think needs to be an element when it comes to baby/children's products. The Stokke Steps Chair is one of the most stunning children's chairs I have ever seen. It's quite modern and fits in with our home decor quite nicely. It isn't big or bulky and doesn't take up much room in our kitchen. It isn't too heavy either so can be easily be moved from room to room if needs be.
Beginning with the bouncer, it offers a very comfortable, cushioned seat for little ones and has a gentle, soothing motion to keep babies happy and entertained. The bouncer has an insert which gives a 'hugging' sensation for babies, such a lovely thing to comfort them and has soft, padded straps which all click together to lock in and make sure baby is safe. The bouncer also comes with a detachable toy bar, handy for providing extra entertainment and something for the little one to look at whilst they are bouncing. The toy bar is flexible too which is handy for older babies who may want to pull and grasp the toys dangling down in front of them. The bouncer feature four different seating positions which can be altered to your babies growing weight. This bouncer is most definitely one that will grow with your baby, suitable from birth it's something which will be used a lot, especially as it's so comfy! The Stokke Steps Bouncer is €195.

 As for the Stokke Steps Chair itself, this really is a stunning chair. We chose ours in natural wood but walnut is also available. This chair is so pleasing to the eye, it's stylish, chic and most importantly - it's functional. It comes with a whole host of accessories which you can pick and choose from depending on what you want the chair for and your child's age. It comes with a foot rest which can be easily adjusted up and down depending on your child's height. We love that Tyler Lee is able to rest his feet on this whilst eating or playing as he couldn't on his old highchair as it couldn't be adjusted. The Stokke Steps Chair itself is €210. We got the Baby Set which attaches so easily to the chair - in fact, no screwdrivers or any other devices are needed to set up the whole chair. The Baby Set is essentially the 'highchair' mode of the Stokke Steps. It's so sturdy and quite comfortable for children as it's ergonomically designed ensuring that your child is sitting correctly. The Baby Set features a chair back which can be used in two positions to accommodate younger children at different ages and heights. The straps on the Baby Set are the same as the bouncer and click together to lock in securely ensuring that little ones can't open them on their own. The Stokke Steps Baby Set is €104. With the Baby Set we also got a cushion set which matches the orange colour of the bouncer. I love the fact that everything matches for each stage of baby's development. The cushions are soft and quite padded, perfect for little ones to sit on and they cover the chair back too. The Stokke Steps Baby Set Cushion Set is €43.

 We also got the tray accessory which is ideal for making the Stokke Steps Chair and ideal highchair. The tray is quite large and is able to fit even Tyler Lee's biggest plate which I am delighted by as his old highchair tray was too small for this. It's super easy to clean and doesn't stain, in fact, every surface on the Stokke Steps Chair seems to be a dream to clean, just one wipe and it's clean, I'm impressed as meal times can get quite messy here! The large tray is also ideal for letting children play or draw whilst in the chair, not only is it a comfortable sitting space for little ones but also a perfect play place. The Stokke Steps Baby Set Tray is €51.

 Overall, we are delighted with the Stokke Steps Chair, Tyler Lee loves it and it's one of the nicest baby/child products we've ever had. We love all the accessories and the functionality of the chair itself. It's something which is used everyday in our house and is ideal for everything we use it for.

You can find more information on the Stokke Steps Chair and see more from the Stokke range on the Stokke website.


Sunday, June 29, 2014

#Project365 Picture Number 172-178 ♥

 As the weeks go by this little munchkins personality just shines through. He is getting so grown up and is such a lovely little boy to be around. He was quite whingey this week but I'm putting it down to teething and being away from home and his famiilar surrounding. He did have lots of fun whilst he was away though as you can see from the pictures. He loved playing in the many play areas dotted around Jersey and I think he looks absolutely gorgeous in yellow. He was busy chatting away to a stick on the beach, he was having a grand ole conversation with it, I think he thought it was a phone but it was super cute, he had lots to chat about to that stick! He was also practising his baby yoga on the beach and looked so funny whilst doing so. He's such a little beach bum. He was running through little fountains in the park and it tired him out so much that he didn't even want to wake up from his wonderful nap but we had to get him up, we had to catch our plane home! Once we got home he was a little lazy bean and just wanted to sleep, he had and still has a terribly runny nose which I think is from being on the plane and the temperature change, my poor little poppet. He even slept until 8.45 one morning this week, I couldn't believe it! He was having fun sitting in a tub full of balls and was really hyper! I love when he's like that, he's so fun to be around and really entertaining to watch, he had a fit of giggles with his godmother too. Finally, my little nature lover was examining the plants in the back garden. I was surprised that he didn't pick and pull at them, he just held them in his hands, it amazes me how gentle he is, he's such a sweetheart.


Friday, June 27, 2014

Weigh-In Wednesday #8 - My Herbalife Journey ♥

Ugh, the dreaded post-holiday weigh-in, actually it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be but my stats have gone haywire! This post is a little late as I was only able to weigh-in with my Herbalife coach today. This weeks weigh-in just goes to show what not getting enough protein, being sick and having a few drinks can do to your body and least to say that I'm getting back on track with everything this week and there shall be no drinking whatsoever, expect water of course! I'm beginning to get frustrated with my Herbalife journey but hopefully next week my stats will be going down again and I'll be feeling a lot better. I really thought I would be doing a lot better than I am after two months of being on Herbalife, I am losing inches and weight but the weight seems to be dropping very slowly.

Centimeters and inches lost
9cm/3.5 inches lost off my body bringing my overall total to 56cm/22 inches lost off my body.
My stats for week 8 -
  Weight loss since last weigh-in - 7lbs
Body fat - 48.3 went up to 50.1
Water - 38 went down to 36.7
 Muscle - 118.3 went down to 114.1
Body age - Stayed at 39
Visceral fat - 10 went up to 11
 BMI - 36 
I'm going to be working hard this week and making sure I get as much protein as I can as I want those stats to go in the right direction again. Wish me luck!

Loving Lately... ♥

 Mrs. H - Handmade & More's Dolls. I have a bit of a doll obsession (hey, my blog is called Dolly Dowsie after all!) and recently stumbled across a lady who makes the loveliest dolls, I seriously can't get enough of them and I'm not the only one, they are super popular! I picked up Tyler Lee two Merbaby boys for his handmade shelf - which I shall be featuring on the blog soon and a ballerina doll for myself who reminds me of someone special. Mrs. H does the most beautiful Alice in Wonderland and Little Red Riding Hood dolls too, they are on my wish list.

Vita Coco Kids Drinks. These Vita Coco Kids drinks are tasty, refreshing and a healthier beverage option for little ones as they contain around 20% less sugar and calories than other children's drinks on the market. Tyler Lee isn't a big drinker so I'm always on the lookout for something which may entice him to drink up and luckily he's been loving Vita Coco Kids, especially the tropical Mango and Pineapple flavour. It's great to see him drinking something healthy and tasty, and there was me thinking he didn't like anything with coconut water in it!

 John Frieda Brightening Oil Elixir. I'm using quite a few John Frieda products on my hair at the moment but this Brightening Oil Elixir really stands out. It makes my hair bright, shiny and soft as well as making it really manageable and easy to comb through after washing. I also use it on the ends of my hair why they're a bit dry to give a sleek and smooth look. This product smells gorgeous too, I'm a fan.

 My New Cushion Covers. I really can't get enough of them! I now have them on all the cushions in the living room and they really brighten the room up. These are all handmade and are done to perfection. I love how each flag is a different fabric, they are so pretty. Such a bargain too at just £1.50 each, these were my favourite bargain from last weeks carboot sales which you can read all about here.

 The new additions to my Urban Decay palette collection. I'm a lucky lady, recently my wonderful fiance treated me to the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette to complete my Naked collection and also got me the new Electric palette - seriously how amazing is he?! I've yet to use my Naked 2 palette but the colours look gorgeous and it came with a free mini lip gloss. The shades in the Electric palette are so 'out there' and I can't wait to start experimenting with them. I've already worn the neon green shade 'Freak' and I loved it. Jacek was able to get both at a great discount too - bargain!

Tyler Lee's new Cath Kidston plate and cutlery. I've been wanting to get Tyler Lee a new divided plate for awhile now as his other one is quite small and I like to give him a variety of foods to pick at for his lunch and dinner. I spotted this gorgeous plate with polkadots and trains on it in the Cath Kidston store in Jersey and had to pick up the fork and spoon to match. I was delighted to see Tyler Lee using the spoon himself with his dinner, he's really taken to his new additions for meal times.


Thursday, June 26, 2014

Our First Family Holiday ♥

Last week my boys and I went on our first ever family holiday, something which was a great milestone in our adventure together as a family. We went to Jersey in the Channel Islands, a lovely little island with fabulous beaches, great weather and lots to see and do and also a place I visited every year as a child and teenager. We actually went there to stay with my father and his girlfriend and it couldn't have been a better place for our first family holiday as it's such a child-friendly place and a short flight to get there, perfect for families with an active little toddler like us. I just wanted to share some of our holiday snaps and show you all just how beautiful this island is. We had lots of fun, Tyler Lee had a ball running around the beaches, paddling in the water and playing in the sand, he had never felt sand before our holiday and I think it's safe to say that he's a beach bum - well he does have a surfer kind of look to him! He even went to far as to splash in puddles on the beach with all his clothes on! It was great to see him so happy.

We visited La Mare vineyard where Jacek and I went wine tasting, Jersey wine is actually quiet light and really nice, kind of wish we had bought another bottle now. We also took a visit to Mont Orgueil Castle (I'm losing count of how many castles my boys and I have visited!) which is a really beautiful spot that overlooks Gorey and is full of history, I'd actually love to go back. There were lots of amazing things to see there and the castle had quite a medieval feel to it Tyler Lee even sat on a little throne there, he is my little prince after all! We went to carboot sales which was great fun and a lovely way to spend the weekend mornings followed by a lazy afternoon on the beach.

Jersey is steeped in history and Jacek and I visited the war tunnels which are 33 feet underground. These tunnels were built and used during the German occupation of the island during World War Two and I found the place really very eerie but Jacek enjoyed it. We had lots of laughs in a blow up boat and after being quite apprehensive about it at first Tyler Lee eventually joined Jacek and I and quite liked lulling along on the crystal clear waves. I loved first family holiday. It was great seeing my Dad and Shirley, getting out and about and enjoying some quality time with my boys. 

 Having gone to Jersey I've been able to tick another thing off my bucket list for 2014 as 'visit the Channel Islands again' was one of my goals. I'm so glad we went and spent quality time together as well as seeing my Dad again as it had been over a year since I saw him. Spending time together and having fun is important, I wish my boys and I had more time to do these things here at home. This holiday has made us realise that we need our family time without distractions, we need to get out and about and just be happy in each others company more... ♥

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