Saturday, January 30, 2016

Nice Day... ♥

"Mummy, nice day" said Tyler Lee to me thoughtfully, as we sat on the cold stone steps looking down at Fota House, a favourite haunt of ours. It was absolutely freezing, his nose was running and I was feeling quite puffed from all our walking, but he was right, it was a nice day. We were surrounded by beautiful (if not unbelievably muddy!) gardens, the first blooms of spring were sprouting up in the grass beside us and we were enjoying time in the great outdoors as a family - Jacek, Tyler Lee and I together, just how we all love it.

This wasn't the only time during our day that Tyler Lee had proclaimed it 'nice', it was as if he was reminding me just how lovely the simplest of our moments together are, that we don't have to spend any money or go anywhere fancy just to have a good time together. The look of content on his face was something that warmed my heart. He was so happy just sitting there, eating his fruit sticks, drinking his water and taking in the views of the world around him. Nothing seemed to phase him, not his cold hands, his mud strewn jeans or his tiredness from an early morning start and three hours of preschool, he was just simply happy and enjoying his 'nice day'.

We had a frightening moment during the early hours of Thursday morning when I had to ring an ambulance for Jacek. Thankfully all is okay now but it really did scare me. I've never had to call an ambulance for anyone before and it wasn't a good feeling to have to call one for the man I love and the father of my children. Since that moment I just want us all to relax and spend the time together that we deserve, everything else can wait.

Now that spring is not too far away I hope that happier moments and brighter times are awaiting us. I want to hear my son saying "nice day" more and more throughout the coming months. How amazing is it that my almost three year old has already learnt to appreciate the simple moments in life, the ones that others (myself included) would normally over look and that he takes the time to tell and remind me that a day is nice and one to be cherished. I swear he's been here before, he has wisdom beyond his years and a nature that seems to appreciate everything he experiences. It's wonderful to witness.

Today is a nice day to have a nice day... so I'll be making sure we do, if my son doesn't make sure of it first of course.


Friday, January 29, 2016

David Deyong Crystal Locket & Charms | Review ♥

I've made no secret of my love for jewellery and I especially love pieces that can have a special meaning for me, whether they come with an engraving or with charms that I can add on for special moments in my life. I have so many pieces of jewellery, some that I've had since I was just a child, but I can never help adding to collection and when I was recently offered the chance to receive a David Deyong Sterling Silver and Crystal Glass Small Heart Locket (£49.99) and charms of my choice, I just couldn't resist to adding to my collection some more.

The locket arrived with the charms already inside and they came packaged beautifully in a little white box with a turquoise David Deyong ribbon tied in a bow. I thought this was a nice touch as it's always lovely to receive something with packaging as equally beautiful as the item inside, especially if the item is a gift for someone special or a little treat for yourself.

I immediately fell in love with this locket as heart shaped jewellery is a favourite of mine. I also loved that it's a locket that you can fill it up with charms of your choosing to remind you of the ones you love. As the front of the locket is crystal glass your charms will be on view too and I think that's a lovely touch.

I of course chose a 'T' Sterling Silver and Cubic Zirconia Letter Charm (£9.99) for my locket, to represent my little boy and I also chose a star Sterling Silver and Cubic Zirconia Symbol Charm (£9.99), as he's my little star. I'll be adding another letter and symbol charm to my locket once my second child is born.

David Deyong offers a wide range of locket style jewellery in silver, rose gold and gold and all the pieces are beautiful. I absolutely love my new locket and shall be wearing it non-stop. It would also make a lovely gift for Valentine's Day or for a new mother to put the initials of her children in and keep them close to her heart.

*I was sent this locket and charms for the purposes of this review. As always, all thoughts and opinions expressed are 100% my own.


Thursday, January 28, 2016

Family Holidays In France | Travel & Adventure ♥

Now that the excitement of Christmas and the New Year are over it's time for us to begin thinking of our annual family holiday. It's something which we save up for all year round and thoroughly look forward to, so it's important for us to choose the perfect location and accommodation for us to stay in so that we can all have the perfect family holiday, full of memories for us to enjoy forever.

Last year we were able to visit the beautiful island of Jersey twice and made sure to take a day trip to the tranquil and stunning island of Sark. One destination I also wanted to visit while we were in the Channel Islands was France, as there's a ferry service from the islands to St. Malo and Brittany. My aunt and her family used to visit France every year when her children were younger and they all absolutely loved it. I'd love for myself and my family to be able to have those fond family holiday memories to treasure forever for ourselves.

France is a perfect holiday destination for families, with various holiday locations available within the country itself and something to offer for everyone, no matter what your interests may be - the South of France for those who like to soak up the sun, the Loire Valley for those who like to relax in a beautiful countryside setting, Provence for those who may want to fit the adventure of skiing in the Alps into their holiday and of course Paris and Disneyland for those who want to experience some magical moments during their holiday.

France is also great for families as you can travel there in ways other than plane - this is great for those who may prefer not to fly to their chosen destination. Car ferries are available to France from the UK and Ireland, meaning that those who want to explore France by car can do so easily. The Channel Tunnel is also available from the UK to France making it easy for those who wish to just pack up their car and cruise to their ideal holiday destination too.

The climate in France isn't too hot either, meaning it's perfect for children of all ages. This is something we definitely have to factor in this year as we'll have a three month old baby as well as a three year old little boy in tow on our first holiday as a family of four.

One aspect I love about France as a potential family holiday destination for us, is the choice of accommodation available for families with young children. I've stated on the blog before that I'm not really a fan of resort type holidays - I'm not really up for a battle for a sun chair on my holiday or an overcrowded swimming pool, preferring to stay in quiet apartments or villas which are just for my family and I. There are so many beautiful villas in France, all available to book for the perfect, relaxing family holiday. What draws me in most to the idea of staying in a family-friendly villa in France is the beautiful outdoor areas they all seem to offer and all the fun they would give to Tyler Lee for exploring, swimming, etc. I also love the fact that renting a villa gives you the privacy and peace and quiet that other accommodation choices lack. The villas pictured in this post are Clos De Chinon which is in the South of France and Water Lily House which is in Provence. These were two of my favourite villas on offer as I think they just exude French style, elegance and charm. Both of these properties are baby and toddler friendly too which is a must for us as a young family.

I'm so enticed by the charm France has to offer - what with its beautiful landscapes, great weather and various locations to appeal to families no matter what their interests, it's a destination with a lot to offer. The photography lover in me is already dreaming about the beautiful captures I could get of my little ones amongst the lavender fields and on the stunning beaches.

*This post is a collaboration on behalf of Oliver's Travels. All of the pictures used in this post are courtesy of Oliver's Travels.

What's Your Car Personality? Find Out With We Buy Any Car! ♥

I’ve partnered up with We Buy Any Car to bring you their latest quiz, which reveals to you your personality traits and quirks based on what car you drive!

The personality quiz has collated data from car drivers in a YouGov poll and the results include things like where you’re most likely to shop, what area of the country you live in, your age group, your likely profession and what you like to eat/watch/read. We’ve had lots of people say their results are bang-on, but others who digress.

Ready to find out what your car says about you? Give it a go by clicking on the image below.


Wednesday, January 27, 2016

24 Week Pregnancy Update | Baby #2 ♥

Today marks the end of my 24th week of pregnancy and it's crazy to think that I'll be 25 weeks along tomorrow - just 15 weeks left until I meet another love of my life, if all goes to plan of course. This week has been much better health wise and we finally had our anomaly scan. I'm not going to lie, I was so nervous before we went in to the scan, you always presume that everything will be fine with your baby, but what if it's not? Thankfully, our little bubs is healthy and everything is looking great.

I was amazed that the lady scanning was able to see the brain, the chambers of the heart, the stomach and bladder (which had fluid in it meaning that baby's kidneys are working fine too). Everything was shown in so much detail and it was surreal to me as we never had this scan during my pregnancy with Tyler Lee.

Baby is currently weighing 1lb 7oz which is right on target. All the baby's measurements are recorded in my maternity book but I honestly have no idea what they all mean, everything is looking fine though. Baby had it's hands over its ears during the scan and was looking out at us, it was super cute. The sonographer asked if we'd like to know the gender but she couldn't tell as the umbilical cord was between the legs so we still don't have a definite clue to the gender but that's okay, it'll be a nice surprise come May, although we both have an inclination to what we're having.

Baby is currently breech and I really hope that changes soon because I really don't want a Cesarean, I want a natural birth again. I'm feeling so much pressure/stretching 'down there' too so maybe it's the way the baby is lying but it honestly feels like the type of pain you experience during the start of labour and it's particularly bad today. Hopefully it eases off soon as it's even uncomfortable to walk.

I hope this next week of pregnancy continues to be good health wise and I have my hematology appointment on Monday to test for Von Willebrand disease so it'll be good to have an answer to whether I have it or not too so we can be prepared for the birth.

This week...

Baby is the size of a - garden egg plant, according to my Ovia pregnancy app.

I'm looking forward to - painting the box room and deciding whether to put Tyler Lee back in their and make it a lovely little room for him or to make it a nursery for the new baby. I'm so undecided at the moment.

My favourite moment was - finally having our anomaly scan, seeing baby again and getting the reassurance that everything is okay.

I've been feeling - much happier and so much healthier this week.

I've been buying for baby - I personally haven't bought anything for the baby this week but Jacek came home yesterday with some short-sleeve bodysuits and bibs for the baby. Things that I bought online have arrived too including three precious handmade Peter Rabbit rompers and some photography props for some newborn pictures I hope to take. I also was gifted the sweet little cloud print onesie featured above, as you all may know, I just love anything with clouds on it so this was such a lovely gift to receive for the baby. It's from Rockin' Baby who have some beautiful and ethical clothing for children. I've featured the brand on the blog before when I featured their gorgeous arrow and stripes inspired outfit on Tyler Lee.

I'm missing - having a full night of undisturbed sleep. I have to get up to use the toilet between three and five times a night and with Jacek going to work early in the morning and Tyler Lee finding it hard to sleep at the moment I feel like I've not been sleeping much at all.

I'm craving - still nothing, although when I see peoples Friday night glass of wine pictures on Instagram I really do miss a nice ice cold glass of it.

I'm loving - having a drawer full of baby clothes. Sometimes I just like to open it and see all the adorable little things. I can't wait to hold my newborn in my arms.
I've been meaning to - still make that hair appointment. It's after getting so long through this pregnancy and I really need to go and have a little pamper for myself.

I can't wait for - my next scan on March 16th, hopefully baby will have turned and not be breech anymore!


Tuesday, January 26, 2016

My Experience Of Being Pregnant Whilst Having A Toddler In Tow ♥

When I found out I was pregnant I was filled with immediate joy. We had longed for a second child ever since I suffered a miscarriage back in February 2014 and at one stage I thought I would never experience pregnancy again. The one thing that made me incredibly emotional after I had found out about my pregnancy was the fact that my little boy would become a big brother, in fact, that was the thing that filled me with joy the most - that my super sociable little boy would have a sibling to love, play and grow with.

However, as the weeks went on and I began feeling quite ill with my pregnancy I began to worry about not being able to function properly and not being able to give my son the time, care and attention he needed, especially as there were days when all I could do was lie in bed feeling completely nauseous. I'm sure I'm not the only pregnant woman to have these worries, especially when there's an active and needy little toddler to look after too. I'll be honest, the mummy guilt completely kicked in on those days when I couldn't do much, a two year old doesn't understand why mummy doesn't want to leave the house or why we can't go and do fun things - the bad winter weather didn't help in this instance either, and I felt absolutely awful that we couldn't go out and about as much as he wanted to.

During my pregnancy with my son I suffered from terrible morning sickness, couldn't eat, had no energy at all and stayed in bed all day watching my favourite TV shows online. It was a leisurely experience (apart from the sickness of course!), but then I didn't have anyone to look after or think about but myself. I was terrified of suffering with severe morning sickness during this pregnancy too because if it happened I really wouldn't be able to mother my child as much as he deserves. Luckily, I escaped the sickness this time round but I've suffered with chest pain, suspected gallstones and other aches and pains along the way, which haven't been fun but I'm just grateful that I haven't been in the bathroom constantly throwing up every morsel of my being!

I honestly believe that having a toddler or other children in the house instantly makes you want to function and programmes your mind and body to do so, there's no other choice, you just have to be okay for the children you already have. There are days when I've felt absolutely awful but thankfully I've been able to get into a routine with my son and do things so that I don't have to exert myself too much on days where the nausea or aches and pains are bad. My other half works the majority of the time so I'm my sons primary caregiver, there's no sick days with this vocation and there's no one to rely on to mind him either but myself so I just have to function each day.

There are some things which have helped me so far through the experience of pregnancy whilst having a toddler in tow and I thought I would share them for anyone else who had worries like I did.

I nap/have a lie down when my son naps (I know I'm completely blessed in the fact that he still naps at the age of almost three!). Now I know what you're thinking, when do I get time to do any housework, etc. if I sleep when he does? He helps me out when he wakes up or I do it when he's watching something on the tablet and honestly, if you're feeling awful you're not going to be doing housework are you?

I involve him in the tidying up/housework. Luckily my boy loves the washing machine, tumble dryer and vaccum cleaner. He likes nothing better than taking the clothes out of the washing basket, popping them in the washing machine and pressing the button once I've put in the detergent, etc. It's great to have a little helper and it saves me bending down to get the clothes out of the basket and machine.

I put him in his buggy or trike when we're out and about. My son is extremely active and would run off when we're out and about if he got the chance! Before I could chase after him but now my pregnant self isn't fit for running after my toddler who could give Usain Bolt a run for his money! I put him into his buggy if we have to go to the city or shopping and thankfully he doesn't mind being in it at all. If we go for walks around home or to parks I pop him in his trike that I can push along and he loves this too.

I don't lift him as much as I used to. I used to lift my son up and down the stairs, into the car, etc. but that's all changed now. Instead I just hold his hand and let him walk up and down the stairs beside me. He's now able to hop into his car seat with just a little leg up from me and now I only find myself lifting him into his cot or into his chair for meal times. It's taken a lot of exertion off my sore back and has given him a sense of being a 'big boy' too so it's win-win for us both.

I make days when we're stuck inside fun. There are days when I just can't leave the house (the days after a gallstone flair up or when I feel faint and my other half isn't around to come with us), but I make these days fun for my son by setting up his teepee with all his cuddly toys in it for little tea parties, putting on films for us both to watch while we're cuddled up on the couch, taking out toys that usually have to be put away in boxes because they're too big or bulky to leave out day to day, getting crafty and painting, etc. He loves all these things and it makes the thought of being stuck inside a bit more bearable for him.

I catch up with work when he's at preschool. My son goes to preschool three mornings a week and it's during this time that I get blogging and housework done the most. By catching up on these things while he's out of the house, it means that I have the time to sit with him and give him all the attention he needs once he's home. Ever since we've told him about the new baby he's been quite needy, always wanting to be near me and wanting to sit on my lap. Being free when he's at home means that I can give him the reassurance and time he needs.

These things have really helped me so far in this pregnancy whilst having my toddler in tow to look after too. Hopefully they can be helpful to other expectant ladies out there too.


Monday, January 25, 2016

Valentine's Day Gift Basket For Children ♥

Valentine's Day shall soon be upon us, and it really won't be that long coming round considering how quickly the weeks seem to be flying by! As I stated in this post last week, Valentine's Day isn't just about romantic love for me, it's also about showing my son just how much he is loved and sharing with him just what the 'day of love' is all about.

My boys birthday falls on February 16th, but his due date was for Valentine's Day and this was also the day I went into labour so I will always think of him as my little Valentine, in fact, I'm always disappointed in the fact that we didn't give him Valentine as a middle name and keep up with the holiday naming tradition (my middle is Patricia as my birthday is close to St. Patricks Day). I see Valentine's Day as a precursor to his birthday and also a day to show him just how much he is loved by his father and I.

This year I've put together a little Valentine's Day gift basket for Tyler Lee and if I'm completely honest, I haven't gone to any expense at all with this, bar the sweet treats that are included in it, but they all came from Aldi so they haven't broken the bank. Last year, Jacek and I bought Tyler Lee lots of love themed books for Valentine's Day and we never got round to reading them all so I've included them within the basket. There are four books by Giles Andreae in the basket, all that have a theme of love (I also think the boy featured in the books looks a bit like my little one too!) - I Love You, I Love My Mummy, I Love My Daddy and I Love You Baby (to get him ready for his new sibling!). All of these books are very sweet and I love the illustrations. I've also included the Who Loves Me? Valentine Edition Personalised Storybook and stickers that I featured here. So, as you can see, we'll have lots of story time on Valentine's Day.

I also included a little 'love bunny' in the form of a Jellycat bunny that he had gotten with this book but which I never gave to him as he has a plethora of cuddly toys (all of which he sees as his friends - too sweet!), but this is perfect for cuddling up to on Valentine's Day and a new 'friend' for his collection. If you want to go for a more traditional Valentine's cuddly toy then you could also opt for a big teddy bear for your little ones gift basket or to sit beside their basket (depending on the size), whatever you think your little one would like most.

Finally, no Valentine's Day gift basket would be complete without some chocolate or sweeties. I've included some chocolate buttons for Tyler Lee as they're his absolute favourite, as well as some imitation Ferrero Rocher chocolates as he also loves them. I put some heart shaped marshmallows on a long skewer and popped a little heart motif peg on the top just to finish it off. Also included are some chocolate hearts for when we go baking our Valentine's themed cupcakes, red and white cupcake cases and some red and white star straws for a little 'tea party' on Valentine's Day. Both of these are from My Little Day who have some beautiful party supplies.

As you can see, this basket was super cheap to put together but it's a lovely little sentiment for your little one to discover on Valentine's Day. I can't wait to see my little boys face when he sees all his love themed goodies.

*This post contains an affiliate link.


Friday, January 22, 2016

5 Health & Mindfulness Resolutions To Take Up This Year

New Year, new you? It’s the promise we make ourselves every year and then usually give up around a month later – oops! But making some health promises to ourselves really doesn’t need to be so difficult. Resolutions come in all shapes and sizes and you don’t need to go on some crazy health kick to try and overhaul your image in a bid to feel better. Instead, taking steps to improving your wellbeing and taking a new approach can help to kick bad habits and put yourself first.
Take inspiration from these well-being resolutions and get ready to feel a whole lot better! 

Taking ‘You’ Time 
It’s so important to take some time for yourself every now and then. It’s normal to get caught up in the throes of daily life when you’re juggling so many different hats, but setting aside time each week to do ‘you’ will give you some time to take stock and relax. 

Read a book or magazine, take up a hobby you’ve always wanted to try or learn something new with a loved one. Or why not book an appointment at a beauty salon or indulge in a relaxing bath? Add some bath salts and scented candles too for extra luxe points!

The New Fruit and Veg  
We all know we should be eating 5 portions of fruit and veg per day but sometimes that number can seem impossible to fit in. At least half of your plate should be taken up by fruit or vegetables, and adding things like spinach to pasta dishes can help to boost your intake. 

Pick up a blender and start whizzing up your fruit and veg into tasty juice drinks. Make sure you keep a good balance between fruit and vegetables in your choice to avoid too much sugar. 

Improve your Posture  
Slouching isn’t good for you, and taking the time to correct your posture will also impact how you feel about yourself. When you’re slumped over a desk we can start to feel that sluggish feeling but taking the time to sit up straight can help us feel a little more productive and lessen the strain on our backs. 

A waist trainer can help to improve your posture too and help you banish those midday slouches, not to mention giving you that gorgeous hourglass silhouette. 

Keep Hydrated
2 litres of water. That’s what we should all be aiming to drink each day, keeping topped up can help to reduce headaches and flush out other toxins from your body. It can also help to keep tummy rumbles at bay as many of us often mistake hunger for dehydration. 

Adding a slice of lemon to a cup of hot water in the morning is also a great way to kick start your metabolism first thing, and it’s a refreshing pick me up too. 

Moving More 
It’s a simple one really, the more you move the better you’ll feel. You don’t need to exercise to simply lose weight as keeping active is also proven to impact your mental health as well. 
When endorphins are released we all feel better, so taking a brisk walk in the winter sunshine will do wonders for your soul. Take a walk on your lunch break or grab your friends and go to an exercise class. Just remember to keep it fun. 

These are such easy resolutions that we can all take up this year and I especially want to implement some of these into my life at the moment, especially as I'm pregnant and feel like I need a health kick after feeling quite ill the last few months.

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I See Me! Who Loves Me? Personalised Valentine Edition Storybook | Review ♥

For me, Valentine's Day isn't just about romantic love, it's also about showing my son just how much I love him too. When I was a child, my mother used to write Valentine's Day cards for my brother and I and leave them outside our bedroom doors on the morning of Valentine's Day, it's only now that I'm older that I realise just how much of a sweet sentiment this was from her to us. Now that I'm a mother myself, I want to shower my son (and his future sibling) with some sweet sentiments of my own and I think Valentine's Day is a day that doesn't just have to be about adults, children can get involved too.

Last year Jacek and I got Tyler Lee some love themed books to teach him all about the real meaning of Valentine's Day and to show him how to love others. Luckily for us he's such an affectionate little boy, always wanting kisses and cuddles and it's so lovely to see. I hope his love of others stays with him all his life and that he will always feel comfortable expressing his feelings.

I'm putting together a little surprise for Tyler Lee for Valentine's Day and part of this surprise is a new book from I See Me!, it's their super sweet personalised Valentine Edition Storybook called Who Loves Me?

This is a beautifully illustrated hardback book which features the names of family members and friends who love the child who the book is for. The book reassures the child that they are loved "so much" by the each person and the verses of the book rhyme perfectly too - rhyming books are always so much fun to read aren't they?

As this is a personalised book I was able to upload a picture of Tyler Lee to include at the beginning of the book, I was able to get his name included within the story and was also able to include a personal message from myself and Jacek within the book too so that he can have it as a keepsake.

Who Loves Me? is a beautiful gift idea for children this Valentine's Day and is a lovely keepsake alternative to a regular Valentine's Day card. Tyler Lee's book also came with personalised and matching Valentine's stickers and he's at an age where he loves stickers and adding them to his drawings so I just know he'll love these too.

I See Me! offer a wide selection of personalised books for children and I think Who Loves Me? Valentine Edition* is one of the most beautiful and special from their range. The only downside of this book for me is the price. I do think £21 is quite expensive for a children's book, even if it is personalised and I think it may be out of an affordable price range for most parents, myself included. However, I can't wait to read the book to Tyler Lee at bedtime on Valentine's Day and think it will be a beautiful keepsake for him for years to come.

Who Loves Me? Valentine Edition Storybook is £21 and is available from the I See Me website.

*I was sent the I See Me!Who Loves Me? Personalised Valentine Edition Storybook for the purposes of this review. As always, all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.


Wednesday, January 20, 2016

23 Week Pregnancy Update | Baby #2 ♥

Today marks the end of my 23rd week of pregnancy and it feels so strange to say that I'll be 6 months along tomorrow, that makes it seem all the more real that I'll be having a baby in a few months! This week has been a strange one for me, I've been continuously anxious since last week when I experienced severe rib and stomach pain and I seem to be getting weaker by the day - I couldn't even stand up in my kitchen the other day when I was making Rice Krispie cakes with Tyler Lee. I have a blood test coming up so hopefully it can tell me if my iron levels are lowering again, although my pregnancy vitamin and iron supplement should be keeping them in check.

On Monday night I began getting a pain in my ribs again and I knew I was going to experience that awful pain again. It's suspected gallstones and honestly, I wouldn't wish the pain of the flare-ups on my worst enemy. Thankfully, this episode wasn't as bad as the previous ones as I was able to control my breathing and began sipping on lemon water whilst lying on my left-hand side. Once I got sick I was fine again and to be honest, when this happens it's a relief to be throwing up. I have to wait for an ultrasound to confirm that it actually is gallstones but from what my GP says, it is.

This week I've also began seriously thinking about baby's name. I've come up with a new favourite and have a middle name to go with it too but knowing me this will all change soon enough as I can't seem to stick to a name, something always puts me off it. I do really love this name though and can picture the child who would have the name and it seems to fit perfectly, I even have a nickname to go with it!

Hopefully my next week of pregnancy will see my health improving. I also hope all will be okay with baby tomorrow at the anomaly scan, when I get some reassurance I'll be able to relax a little!

This week...

Baby is the size of a - bunch of grapes, according to my Ovia pregnancy app.

I'm looking forward to - the anomaly scan, which is finally happening tomorrow. I hope all is okay with the baby and it'll be lovely to see him or her again.

My favourite moment was - going out to the fairy woods with my boys, it was great to get some fresh air and to capture some gorgeous pictures too.

I've been feeling - anxious, ill and quite weak. Hopefully next week will be a better week.

I've been buying for baby - nothing this week as I'm trying to curb my spending a little as it'll be Tyler Lee's birthday in just under a month and I want to save up to take him somewhere nice on the day.

I'm missing - being warm, I am freezing all the time, even when I'm lying under my duvet in bed. The spring and summer can't come quick enough.

I'm craving - nothing really still but when I saw a picture of someone's delicious Sunday roast I had to have one for myself. I'd eat it again now if I had it!

I'm loving - finally having the box room cleared out. The next step will be painting it and making preparations for either Tyler Lee to move back in there so that we can get him into his toddler bed or to make it a nursery for the baby.
I've been meaning to - make an appointment to get my hair done. Jacek got me a voucher for Christmas and I'd like to have my hair done before Valentine's Day.

I can't wait for - tomorrow when we have the anomaly scan.


Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Dyson Small Ball Animal Vacuum Cleaner | Review ♥

We recently got the opportunity to try out the Dyson Small Ball Animal*, a newly launched vacuum cleaner by Dyson, and I can't even begin to tell you how excited we all were to try this out (yes, even the toddler was excited, he loves vaccum cleaners, washing machines, etc. - tell me he's not alone?!). Our old vacuum cleaner has had a broken attachment for some time, meaning the my pregnant self has had to get down on her hands and knees the last few months to clean the entire house with the nozzle, so you can imagine my delighted when I unboxed the gorgeous and sleek looking Dyson, attached the parts and was able to finally vacuum the house standing up!

The Dyson Small Ball Animal has been designed as an ultra-light, compact vacuum, whilst still having the power and suction of a typical Dyson vacuum cleaner. Weighing just 5.5kg (the average vacuum cleaner weights 7.7kg), the Small Ball Animal is perfect for tackling the stairs, gliding through the house and as it only measures 806mm when the handle is put down, this vacuum is also perfect easy storage - ideal for someone like myself who lives in a small house with not a lot of storage space. The Small Ball Animal is also a lot quieter than normal vacuum cleaners, boasting a 30% reduction in noise, this is all down to the redefined airflow paths in the vacuum, however, this refinement does not compromise on the power of the vacuum.

The Dyson Small Ball Animal is the perfect vacuum cleaner for gliding through the house, honestly, just one movement of the wrist allows the vacuum to move in the direction you so wish, there's no battling to move the vacuum and it's not heavy in the slightest. This is all down to the 'small ball' design which makes mobility super easy. It makes vacuuming the house and effortless task and dare I say that Jacek and myself actually enjoy vacuuming the house now, especially the carpets as the Small Ball Animal gives such a deep clean on them - the evidence we can see collected in the cylinder when we're done cleaning.

The Dyson Small Ball Animal features an advanced self-adjusting cleaner head which allows the vacuum to adjust between carpets and hard floors - sealing in suction. The direct drive motor pushes bristles deeper into carpets for a more in depth clean and you can actually hear the vacuum adjusting between the different types of flooring.

It also features 2 Tier Radical cyclones, which are 19 Cyclones arranged across two tiers (this is the pretty purple part of the vacuum) that work in parallel to increase airflow and capture fine dust.

The Dyson Small Ball Animal vacuum cleaner also comes with various attachments which make cleaning different areas of the house even easier. There is an attachment for the stairs which works like a dream. This gives each step of the stairs a deep clean and it glides on the carpet on our stairs effortlessly. It also comes with a tangle-free turbine tool (perfect for getting unwanted pet hair and such out of carpets) and a combination attachment, all of which make getting into the nooks and crannies of the house even easier. The vacuum cleaner also boasts a 45% longer cleaning reach and this is ideal for giving the house a fuss-free and effortless clean. You can see how well it moves and works in the video below.

This vacuum cleaner is perfect for those with pets and/or children in their home. It picks up the dirt effortlessly, is super easy and light-weight to use and it gives the house a deep, thorough clean. I couldn't recommend it highly enough and am so impressed with how well it cleans every time.

The Dyson Small Ball Animal vacuum cleaner is £400 (reduced to €299.98 on the Irish site here at the moment) and is available from the Dyson UK and the Dyson Ireland sites.

*We were sent the Dyson Small Ball Animal vacuum cleaner for the purposes of this review. As always, all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

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