Thursday, July 23, 2020

A Family Day Out At Wexford Lavender Farm, Ireland

Wexford Lavender Farm is a place we've been wanting to visit for many years now, but always thought it would be too long for a drive with the boys. Now they're a little bit older though, and don't mind being in the car, we decided to make the drive from Cork. It took just over two hours and it was so worth the drive!

I've been looking for flower farms to visit in Ireland for many years now - I love photographing flowers and having days out in beautiful places, so a flower farm seems like the perfect place to go.

However, Ireland seems to be short on open flower farms to visit, with Wexford Lavender Farm being the only place that comes up on any searches. Please let me know if there are any others you've found and recommend because I'm all for the flowers!

I'm so glad we made the drive because it was so worth it. Wexford Lavender Farm is the perfect summer day out for families.

It's only €3 entry per car and that's it! It's such a bargain to visit such a beautiful place and even though we went on a sunny Sunday during the summer, people weren't on top of each other and we had lots of space to explore to our hearts content.

There are two fields of lavender at Wexford Lavender Farm. The top field has benches, a selfie seat and is a little sparser than the bottom field but is still as lovely. The mix of the pink and purple makes for beautiful photos. In fact, the whole lavender farm is a photographers dream really and I was in my element there.

Ever since Tyler was a baby we've gone to a lavender farm in the summer for photos. We usually go to Jersey Lavender Farm, but unfortunately, this year that's not possible. So, I was delighted that we finally got to Wexford Lavender Farm and had the opportunity to see some lavender fields blooming right here in Ireland.

I always dress the boys in yellow for our visits to the lavender fields - yellow and purple go so well together, right? This year was no different, even though they're both getting so grown up now.

The bottom field is a stunner! It has rows of pink and purple lavender and the half door which makes for a perfect photo opportunity!

There's also a patch of pretty wildflowers and an area to play a giant game of snakes and ladders.

The farm also has woodland walks too if you want to make a real day out of it.

We had our lunch in the cafĂ© - there's seating outside. It was €24 and some change for a wrap and chips, goujons and chips, two buns and a coffee, which was reasonable enough as the adult goujon meal fed the two boys.

There's also a stall selling ice-cream and I highly recommend the lavender and honey flavour - it was delicious!

The Billy the Bull ride (quad bike with barrel carriages) was a big hit with the boys. It's €2.50 per child/ride and it was well worth the money because they loved it so much.

The boys also really loved the fab playground at the lavender farm. It had lots of fun things to climb on and play on and they couldn't get enough of it. Plenty of space to run around too. There's also a paddock with goats and a little Falabella horse, which reminded us of our own little horse Daisy.

I highly recommend a day out to Wexford Lavender Farm during the summer months. It's such a beautiful place and makes for the most perfect bargain day out for families. We'll definitely be back and it is well worth the drive, no matter what part of Ireland you might be in.


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