Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Our Family Holiday To Jersey 2018 ♥

A couple of weeks back we went on our third family holiday as a family of four and returned to the lovely little island of Jersey where we had holidayed the year previously too.

Jersey is a place I've been going to every summer for the last twenty years and it's a place that's quite special to me, having fond memories of holidaying there with my grandparents when I was younger. Anytime I visit a spot around the island that I went with them, I always relive the fabulous, happy and funny memories we made there. So it's lovely to go back there now with my own children in tow.

My Dad actually lives in Jersey, so it's always great to see him and his lovely partner Shirley, and we stay there with them too. Both of the boys grandfathers - and one nana, live in different countries, so any time they get to spend together is quite precious.

This year we hired a hire car and I was able to drive around the island myself. I was quite nervous at the prospect of driving us all around the island but the place is so easy to navigate and it was so much easier than my Dad having to do multiple trips to get us all to the beach, etc.

It also meant that we were able to have our own little adventures too and Jacek and I were able to explore the island once the kids were in bed was so lovely. One night we took Tyler for a walk down the pier and it was lovely to spend some one on one time with him too.

It's great to go on a holiday as a family, but so lovely to be able to fit in that quality couple time too and being able to enjoy a peaceful, delicious dinner and watch the stunning sunset at St. Ouen's beach a few times during the week was just Heaven for us. St. Ouen's beach is one of my favourite places in the world - I love the surfer vibe and laid back, easy-going atmosphere that just fills the air out there (I should have been a surfer!) and would stay there forever if I could. Our favourite place to eat there is The Watersplash - such a cool place and a must visit if you ever find yourself on the island.

We had some lovely days out when we were in Jersey, returning to the beautiful Jersey Lavender Farm again and taking all the photo opportunities we possibly could there. It was so lovely to see Beau running through the lavender - I was reminded of Tyler doing it at his age all those years ago and they were both dressed in lemon yellow.

It's such a lovely place for children to explore too and Beau was rather taken by the chickens and roosters let loose around the farm. The afternoon tea at Jersey Lavender is absolutely amazing too. Such delicious, filling and so reasonable priced at just £16 for two - it would have fed three of us to be honest!

We took a walk through the lavender field over to Reg's Garden too. A beautiful private garden that is free for members of the public to explore too. Tyler loved looking at the ducks and fish in the pond there, recreating a picture I capture of him last year.

We also returned to Samares Manor, home to the beautiful botanical gardens. I was able to stroll around and take some flower pictures while Jacek entertained the boys at the playground - they love the swings there. We then all walked up to the Japanese Gardens and had some quiet moments underneath the willow trees looking at the ducks. Both of the boys loved spotted the carp in the pond - it's the simple things really isn't it?

If you're like us and are into nature and visiting family-friendly outdoor spots, I highly recommend visiting these places if you're in Jersey.

Usually on our visits to Jersey, Jacek and I have a day to ourselves and visit the beautiful little island of Sark. Sadly though, this time around, the boat had technical issues and was unable to sail, so we couldn't go. We only had a week in Jersey you see, if we had the second week we could have gotten there... there's always next year.

The rest of our holiday was filled with beach days - I highly recommend Greve de Lecq if you're looking for a lovely little sandy bay to visit with the kids and have the best tasting ice-cream ever, car boot sales (Jersey has some of the best bargains ever, so I stocked up on all the pretty Cath Kidston things) and just spending lots of quality time together.

It was a wonderful week away and I'm already looking forward to next year. Now if Aer Lingus could reinstate the Cork to Jersey route so we don't have to fly through Dublin it'd be perfect!


  1. It looks like you all had a lovely time. I have never been to Jersey before, it looks wonderful. Gorgeous photos as always and you are looking amazing these days xx

    1. We had a lovely time, thank you! I'd love to be back there right now. Thank you so much for reading x


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