Sunday, June 07, 2020

Introducing Daisy, Our Little Falabella Horse

We moved to the countryside back in November and have been thoroughly enjoying the country life. We love it here. We live in my childhood home - that we're hoping will be our home (currently in the midst of signing our mortgage!) and I'm delighted that my boys are also getting a country childhood.

One of the perks of living in the country (and far different from our life in rental houses in town), is that we're able to let the boys have a pet. They have taken on their Grandad's boxer dog, Bruno, as their own, but this week Jacek and I also let them have their first pet that is theirs from the beginning - a little Falabella horse named Daisy.

Daisy is so small, standing at just 28 inches. Falabella horses are referred to as miniature horses and make great pets, especially for children as they have a friendly temperament.

Daisy was born to an horse rescue centre in our town and we were happy to take her in. We're letting her get used to us - and us used to her too and have been taking her for walks on the lead to get used to the place.

Right now she's in the paddock, but we're building her stables. We've been looking at timber stables which I think would be a great option for the site which we'll be putting them.

Daisy joined us with another lovely horse in tow who is a companion to her. That horse, named Lexi, and the other horse, Dakota, which I have shared on my Instagram @dollydowsie before, belong to my brother's girlfriend. I think it's lovely that the horses will have each other as well as us too.

I'm hoping that having a horse will teach the boys a sense of responsibility. They've been gifted a grooming kit and will be taught how to look after her themselves, with supervision of course.

We've been encouraging them to pet her and walk her by themselves too. Tyler and Beau even wore horse print t-shirts to meet her for the first time - we go all out here for special occasions!

This evening after her walk she even came over to me for a pet and cuddle, she's a dote - a little stubborn, but a dote nonetheless.

We're so happy with her and glad to have her here with us.

Welcome Daisy!

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