Wednesday, April 24, 2019

5 Stylish Improvements To Make To Your Home For Summer ♥

Summer is fast approaching and the mini heatwave that we experienced recently has gotten me all excited for the those lovely, long and balmy summer days.

Summer is a fantastic time to make improvements to your home. Not only is the weather better and allowing for jobs such as painting, working in the garden, etc. but the days are longer too, which hopefully gives you more time (and light) to work through in the evenings.

I'm sharing 5 stylish improvements to make to your home for summer, so that you have it looking its best to enjoy it to the full on those lovely summer days.

1. Paint your front door a new colour
The trend of painting your front door a bold or pastel colour has taken over Instagram and I never thought I'd see the day where I'd admire people's front doors, but I do, I really do! The front door is one of the first things people notice about a house and painting it a colour that's a little bit out of the ordinary can transform the overall look of the outside of your home.

How beautiful is the pale blue door pictured above? I'd love a pastel blue or pink door on my house.

2. Invest in new windows
Once summer arrives the windows are open all day, but come night you'll probably have them closed tight because all those gorgeous clear blue sky days lead to cooler nights! Summer is a great time to give your home a facelift and replace features such as windows and doors, ready for the colder months to come.

This doesn't need to be an expensive job either, affordable new windows for your Dublin home can be found quite easily and don't need to break the bank. With new windows your home will be better insulated and this will ultimately save you money on your heating bills come the colder months.

3. Tidy up the garden
Summer is a great time to give your garden some TLC and do complete any projects you've been wanting to do out there. It's a great time for planting, cutting grass and hedges and making over the space in general.

Perhaps you've been wanting to build a patio, decking or covered area to enjoy a BBQ in with family in the summer evenings - well summer is the perfect time to get the job done! You could even add some fun summer accessories to your garden such as garden furniture complete with cushions, a teepee for the kids to play in and even a hammock! I've shared 7 ways to decorate your patio for spring and summer if you're in need of some more inspiration.

4. Change up your soft furnishings
Summer is a season for letting as much light and brightness into your home as possible, so why not reflect this in your soft furnishings also? Summer is a great time for experimenting with bright or pastel colours and prints and patterns within the home, so choose some items in prints and colours you love and decorate accordingly.

I like to introduce pastels and floral prints into my home during the spring and summer months and there are so many great places where you can pick up affordable soft furnishings.

5. Let nature into your home
Summer is a great season for embracing nature and for bringing the outside inside. Everything is in bloom come summer and it's lovely to have nature as part of your home. Be it with potted plants, fresh flowers, hanging dried flowers, etc. Nature can really add some gorgeous summer colour to your home and for quite cheap too.

I've shared some inspiration for decorating with flowers on the blog before and these are all lovely ideas for embracing summer nature within your home.


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