Thursday, February 09, 2017

Decorating With Flowers ♥

If you're anything like me, then you'll love having fresh flowers in your home. Not only are they such a pretty focal point, but they really help to brighten the place up too - especially on dull January days like today, where there's not a bit of natural light or colour to be seen.

I try to have fresh flowers in as many of the rooms of my home as I possibly can and honestly, decorating with flowers doesn't have to be a luxurious thing, there are plenty of lovely DIY projects you can do to display flowers creatively in your home and nowadays, even the most beautiful of flowers are now accessible to everyone - you can even get flowers delivered in Australia and they include rainbow roses, so magical for brightening up your home!

Flowers in glass bottles
This is such a simple idea but one I really love. Glass milk bottles are available from a whole host of places these days and they're perfect for popping some little flowers in to.

Flowers in painted jars
A cost effective little DIY and a great way of displaying flowers around your home. Simply paint some old jars (clean jam jars are perfect for this) in your favourite colours - pastel being my favourite for flower displays, and you have a lovely little colourful display for your petals.

Watering cans, wellies, wreaths...
Honestly, anything can be used to display flowers, so long as it has a hollow inside to hold the stems. I love the idea of displaying fresh, seasonal flowers in wellies outside the front door, popping plants and flowers in old watering cans to decorate the garden on a budget and making wreaths for the door to reflect the season - wreaths aren't just for Christmas and I already have some lovely spring wreath ideas in mind.

Fairy perfume
When I was a little girl I used to get a bowl of water and fill it up with flowers and petals in the hopes of making fairy perfume. I'm not quite sure I ever did get that beautifully scented perfume I was hoping for, but my efforts did result in quite a stunning little display of flowers and petals floating on water. This is a lovely display to have as a centerpiece or on tables around your home.

A 'washing line' of flowers
This is something I see a lot on Instagram and something which is so simple yet so pretty too. You simply need to put a piece of string across a wall in your house and hang fresh or dried flowers on it with little pegs. Extra points if you display some botanical postcards or floral pages from old books behind or beside it.

A floral chandelier
This is such a gorgeous idea and one that I think may be quite easy to make (or so I hope as I really want to try it!). Simply tie strings with flowers attached onto your light fitting and you have a pretty floral feature to adorn your ceiling. I absolutely love this DIY flower chandelier. Stunning!

Use vintage/old china teacups to display flowers
I'm a lover of shabby chic and have spoken about my love for it on the blog before and one of most beautiful, shabby chic-y things I can think of, is displaying flowers in vintage/old china teacups. If you have none to hand, your local charity shop or vintage shop will be sure to have some for very little money.


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