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How To Prepare Your House For Sale



Selling your house is a big decision to make and you'll want everything to go as smoothly as possible.

Making sure that your house is in the best condition possible can garner you a lot more interest in your home and can generate a higher selling price for you too. This usually involves a little effort but doesn't have to cost too much money. After all, we want to make as much profit off the sale as possible!

Here's how to prepare your home for sale:


Have the vitals ready for your estate agent or selling platform

Depending on how you decide to sell your home - you may choose to sell through a real estate agent such as Better Homes and Gardens Mississauga Real Estate or sell privately or through auction, you'll need dimensions and measurements of your property to give to potential buyers - this includes the outdoor areas of your home. You may want to hire surveying equipment to do this or get a surveyor or engineer in to do a report on your home.

Make sure your home is in good condition

A house with broken fixtures and a messy garden isn't going to make anyone want to buy it - unless they want to take on extra work! So making sure your house is in good working order and the garden is tidied up is a good thing to do. First impressions are everything and you'll want your home to look well kept in order to garner interest in viewings. 


Stick with neutrals

You may be a fan of bright colours, but that doesn't mean that everyone is. Repainting your home in neutral colours can help to attract even more potential buyers and may even increase the value of your home.

This will obviously take a bit of effort but will be worth it for the return.

By implementing this six tips, you'll hopefully create a lot more interest in your house and have lots of offers for sale.


Think about the presentation

Cleaning your house is something you'll do a lot of before and in between viewings. Make sure the rooms are clean and well kept, allowing potential buyers to see the layout of rooms clearly without lots of clutter in the way.

Adding small, cheap touches such as flowers in vases, greenery and soft furnishings in rooms and having personal things such as family pictures and cosmetics put away, can help create a 'show house' type environment which allows potential buyers to see the house clearly and cleanly.


Decide on a signature fragrance for the house

Different fragrances can have different effects on people and when selling a house, it's important to have fresh fragrances throughout to make the house appealing to viewers. 

Having fragrances from scented candles, air fresheners or homely scents such as freshly baked bread or coffee from the likes of a la specialista espresso machine can help potential buyers to envision living in your house and making it their own.

Avoid cooking strongly scented foods such as curries before viewings as it can put buyers off.


Make sure your front door is inviting

The outside of your home is the first thing a potential buyer will see, so making sure it's clean and inviting is important. If your front door is in need of a freshen up, give it a lick of paint or clean it from top to bottom.

Add some potted plants or other homely touches to your porch or steps by your door to make it even more appealing to potential buyers.


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