Friday, December 27, 2019

Our Woodland Christmas Tree 2019 | A Yearly Tradition ♥

Since Christmas Eve 2017 we've had the tradition of decorating a Christmas tree in the woods, told to the children that it's for the 'fairies', as it's in the 'fairy woods' after all. This year we live quite close to the woods so it was lovely to be able to walk to the woods to carry out our yearly tradition.

As a family of outdoor lovers it's a lovely tradition we have and one I look forward to doing with the children each Christmas. This year in particular they were really interested in decorating the tree - despite feeling quite ill, and Beau was even calling out for the fairies to come and look at it once it was finished. In fact, Beau was absolutely delighted with himself once the tree was decorated - as you can see!

It wasn't the most beautifully decorated tree, nor was it the most elaborate, but they were both pleased and proud of their efforts and that's what really mattered. We also brought the dog with us this year and Tyler was delighted because when he felt quite tired from not feeling very well he sat next to Bruno and leaned against him cuddling into him, it was very sweet.

We always take pictures with our woodland Christmas tree and I've loved looking back on the photos from the previous two years this year and seeing just how much the boys have grown. When we began this tradition Tyler carried a teddy around with him and was wearing his beautiful red duffel coat, which was perfect for Christmas time. Now, he's less than two months shy of turning seven, has cut his curls and is so grown up.

Beau is no longer the baby who was too young to join in with the tradition the first year we did it, but now is old enough to rummage through the decorations bag and believe in the magic of it all - how quickly the time flies by. I popped his little knitted Christmas bonnet on him for one last photo too because next year he'll definitely be too old to wear it and I'm so sad because it's the sweetest thing! I'm definitely holding onto it for any subsequent children!

Traditions like this mean so much to me. They mean a whole lot more than experiences that cost money, Christmas gifts and anything else I could buy for the boys. I'm so glad they have each other to carry out these traditions with too, even if Beau acted like a pup to Tyler when we first got to the tree! He swiftly said sorry and we carried on with our decorating - the joy of younger siblings!

These are memories which will always be precious to me and hope they'll continue to join in with our very outdoorsy Christmas tradition for many years to come.

You can see our woodland Christmas trees from previous years here - 2018 and 2017.


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