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How To Have An Amazing Wedding - On A Budget! ♥

Did you know that I'm actually engaged?

Jacek and I have been engaged for many years now and the time is coming where I think we should either go ahead and plan a wedding, or forget about it altogether. One big element to planning a wedding that puts off newly engaged couples is the expense. But honestly, in my years of researching wedding plans I've learned that wedding don't have to be an expensive affair and you can actually plan a really beautiful, personal and intimate wedding on a budget.

One great place to start is choosing a theme for your wedding. It's no secret that we're outdoor lovers, therefore, getting married in a beautiful venue either overlooking a stunning garden or actually marrying in an outdoor ceremony would be ideal for us - I can already envision the stunning pictures this would make for!

By choosing a theme you're able to source DIY creations and inspirations for your wedding, that are great for saving money from your overall wedding budget. Did you know that you can even get wedding favours under £1! I took a look at a list of 100 cheap wedding favour ideas recently and loved the idea of wildflower seed packets as favours. These would really tie in well to our theme of the outdoors.

If you're in need of some other cost-effective and even DIY ideas for your wedding then Pinterest is a great place to search for inspiration. There are so many stunning ideas on there! I began pinning wedding inspirations onto a board on Pinterest when we first got engaged and there are so many amazing ideas on there now, most of which would be simple and cheap to recreate for our own wedding.

As our wedding theme would be nature/outdoors based, there's a lot of decorations which we'd be able to make ourselves and I love the idea of a few DIY inspired projects for our wedding. After all, we want to spend as little as possible whilst still having the perfect day and decor for us.

If you also love the idea of an outdoors themed wedding then basing your wedding decor on the time of year you're getting married is a lovely thing to do and can ultimately save you money too as you could gather and forage a lot of the decorations yourself.

Seasonal wedding ideas are easy to create on a budget. Think glittered pine cones, springs of holly and mistletoe and lots of candles/fairy lights for a winter wedding or plain pine cone centerpieces mixed with autumn leaves and hay bale seating for a rustic autumnal wedding. A spring and summer wedding calls for lots of flowers and there will be lots in bloom during this time of year to choose from. You could even dry some flowers out as a keepsake from your wedding bouquet afterwards.

Every aspect of your wedding day and the build up to it can be done on a budget and without compromising on style and the details you really want. Even the personal planning your hen party can give you a fabulous send off from the 'single life' by doing things on a budget. There are tons of great hen party games that can give everyone a giggle, without having to spend a whole load of money.

Other ways to save money on your wedding are -

Buying a cost-effective dress This is a great way of having a beautiful dress but not spending an absolute fortune! Most people will only wear their wedding once, but will spend so much money on it. By shopping for beautiful source prom style dresses you can find dresses similar to wedding dresses but for a fraction of the price. Which means you can still have your dream, beautiful dress, but for less of a pricetag.

Create your own DIY invitations. Again, this makes for a lovely personal touch for a wedding. Personally, I'd love a picture postcard type invitation that I could easily make myself with my own photography and printing card. There are also tons of DIY printable wedding invitation templates available too.

Choose your wedding date wisely. If you want to have the most cost-effective wedding day possible then choosing an 'off-peak' time for your wedding is a great way to save money. The winter months - January, December (apart from Christmas), November and February (apart from Valentine's Day) can offer great value, without compromising on the venue of your dreams.

Cut the guest list. I'm not one for huge weddings as I'd prefer a personal affair where I'd get to chat to and thank each guest personally for attending, so cutting down your guest list is a great way of ensuring that those you love and care for most are attending your big day, without forking out tons of money for guest you probably won't even get to say hello to throughout the day!

Call in a service as a gift. If you have a friend who's a great photographer or a friend who's an amazing baker, then calling in their services in lieu of a gift is a great way of saving money on your big day, but still having the lovely touches and memories from it. In most cases, friends and family would be absolutely delighted to help with such big parts of your special day, especially if they're already skilled in these areas.

Are you planning your wedding at the moment? Do you have a theme? Read all about my dream wedding theme here.


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