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Our Dream Wedding | Alice In Wonderland Themed ♥

Signs // Food // Table Setting // Dress // Teacup Cupcakes // Wedding Ring
All found via Pinterest

Did you know that I'm actually engaged? No? Don't worry, I forget this little fact too, seeing as Jacek and I very rarely speak about our wedding plans, in fact, at one stage I even thought about calling off the engagement altogether and just carrying on as we are, I mean, do we really need to give ourselves the added expense of organising and paying for a wedding just so we can be recognised as a couple by law? We already joke that we're each other's 'spiritual' husband and wife. Recently though I've had a rethink and the legality of it all doesn't even come into it for me, I'd purely like to get married to seal and show my commitment, not only to Jacek, but to our family unit too, after all, it sometimes feels like it's just him, Tyler Lee and I against the world. Plus, I can't say that these beautiful Vashi wedding rings aren't swaying my opinion either, I'd be absolutely delighted and proud to wear one on my finger forever to symbolise our love and commitment to each other. I love the fact that Vashi's wedding rings are handmade and are bespoke, so that you and your other half can design the perfect rings tailored to your own style preferences, it allows you both to design something truly special and unique to you both. I love the style of the Vashi engagement ring pictured above, it has such a regal feel to it I think and I love the shape of the band adorned with diamonds, it's beautiful.

We actually chose our wedding theme straight away when we got engaged way back in 2012 and the theme is Alice in Wonderland. I'm a big fan of Alice of Wonderland and I think the theme just opens the way for a whimsical and wonderful wedding day. From the moment we got engaged I began pinning wedding inspirations onto a board on Pinterest, saving all my favourite Alice in Wonderland ideas that I want to incorporate and feature on our big intimate day. Some people may think the theme is a bit wacky instead of wonderful but that really doesn't bother me, it's our day and we both love theme, also, we only plan on doing this once so why not have fun with it?

I think the theme allows me to incorporate shabby chic and pastel details - both of which I'm a lover of. There's also a lot of decorations which we'd be able to make ourselves and I love the idea of a few DIY inspired projects for our wedding, after all, we want to spend as little as possible whilst still having the perfect day and decor for us.

The dress above is absolutely beautiful isn't it? It really does have that Alice in Wonderland vibe without being too 'out there'. It actually reminds me a bit of the Chi Chi London Elsa Dress which I featured here.

I love the table setting in the above picture, it's so beautiful and has that romantic vibe which I think a wedding definitely needs. The lights hanging above the table are stunning and would make for a great atmosphere.

 I love the cupcakes in teacups - something I do myself with my own baking but having the cupcakes in pretty, shabby chic inspired teacups would just be darling! Because the theme is Alice in Wonderland we can be very outlandish when it comes to displays and favours for the guests - something which I'm so glad of because I don't like anything boring. I love the idea of an old-fashioned candy cart, stocked with wedding favour sweets - especially my favourite's, Sherbet Lemons! I've found sweet little 'eat me' and 'drink me' labels on Ebay and I think they'd be perfect for wrapping around the sweet jars or favor bags.

For the decor, I'd love to have pocket watches, playing cards, teacups and books hanging from the trees as well as LED floral lights for when it gets dark, that would be such a pretty touch I think. The signs are similar to the ones we saw at the Alice in Wonderland themed Easter egg hunt but I really like the blue and pink colour of the ones above.

Hopefully we'll be able to get married one day and during the summer too as we'd like the ceremony and reception outside if possible. As you can probably tell from my blog I love nature and taking pictures outdoors surrounded by beautiful natural backdrops so I'd like our wedding photos to be filled with all of these beautiful touches too.

Are you planning your wedding at the moment? Do you have a theme?



  1. Wowww, what a great idea and a magical theme! I love it. I am so into theme parties and I definitely want to do Alice in Wonderland once in my life.

  2. I've never been to a themed wedding before, but I love the idea of your Alice in Wonderland themed day x

  3. Fab theme idea I wish i had gone for something similar. I love the idea of the cupcakes.

  4. I would love a fairy tale wedding. But we don't have the budget. Still looking for my perfect engagement ring

  5. That dress is stunning and what a lovely idea for a wedding theme. I got married ten years ago and lacked in ideas, some of the weddings I see look amazing now

  6. What a gorgeous wedding theme this would be, so magical and memorable xx

  7. Wow, this would be beautiful. If I had the opportunity to do my wedding over again I would love to do something along a similar theme.

  8. Why do you tempt my mummy with this wonderfulness?!?? She would love have her wedding day again in this's her 10year anniversary so hopefully she might get the chance to renew one year! ;) xx

  9. I love the idea of a themed wedding, especially if it is something you both love x

  10. Absolutely gorgeous Fiona and I just think this suits your personality x

  11. Love the idea of an Alice in Wonderland themed wedding, you could have lots of fun decorating


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