Monday, April 22, 2019

10 During & Post Pregnancy Essentials ♥

I've been through two full-term pregnancies and have bought and used a lot of different products during and after my pregnancies, some of which I've loved and found to be essential and some which have been a complete waste of money.

I'm sharing my during and post pregnancy essentials. All of these things were great for me, especially as a mother to a newly turned three year old and a newborn. They made my pregnancy and new life as a mother of two easier. Were any of these things essentials to you during and after your pregnancy too?

Comfortable footwear - my feet grew in pregnancy and I'm still wearing a size bigger than I previously was! When you're expecting it's important to look for some women's comfort shoes that will be kind and comfortable to your pregnant and post pregnant feet.

Baby sling/wrap - I carried my second baby in a wrap from birth and it was the best thing I ever did - I only wish I had done it with my first too. He was a summer baby and it was so convenient and comforting to carry him in a wrap when we were out and about. I had a Kari-Me wrap and I couldn't recommend it enough. With a newborn and a three year old in tow it was a game changer for getting out and about.

Pregnancy vitamins - the importance of these was rammed down my throat at each GP and hospital appointment during my pregnancy, so I took them religiously. There are loads of brands to choose from but I took the Vitabiotics Pregnacare Original and felt fine with them.

Frozen drinks/ice lolly - I was quite ill and nauseous in the first trimester of both my pregnancies and practically lived on frozen drinks and ice lollies. They really were so refreshing when you're feeling too ill to eat anything but need some flavour and hydration other than water to soothe your throat. Stock up the freezer!

Pregnancy app - I loved using the Pregnancy + app during my pregnancy as it gave me a week to week update on baby's progress and also info how how I should/could be feeling, how my body may be changing and what I should be eating during each week. It also had a section for appointments, etc. so it was a very handy, all-rounder pregnancy app.

Pram - a good quality pram was a huge essential for me after having my babies because I was taking my boys out for walks pretty soon after birth - always of the belief that plenty of fresh air is one of the best things you can give a child. My pram of choice after having Beau was the Silver Cross Pioneer. I used it firstly in the carrycot mode (it has a lovely memory foam carrycot which was so comfortable for baby) and then in pushchair mode (he's a month shy of three and still fits in the pushchair!).

Comfortable pillow - if you're anything like me you'll have a lot of naps during pregnancy! Of course, you'll want these naps to be the most comfortable and refreshing they can be (gotta get those energy levels up when you already have children to mind!) so investing in a good quality pillow is a good thing to do for yourself. I used a premium u-shaped pregnancy pillow when I was pregnant with Beau and it was amazing!

Maternity pads - these are a staple post pregnancy essential and should be an item you have stocked up after giving birth. These extra padded pads are great for cushioning post-delivery stitches too (I've had two almost 10lb babies so I know all about this!) and can even be frozen if you need some extra comfort.

Comfy clothes - I think I lived in loose dresses and leggings for the first year after my youngest was born. After all, I was trying to look after a baby and needed to run around after a three year old so being comfortable was at the top of my agenda. I didn't breast feed but found non-wired nursing bras to be the most comfortable thing to wear and big, comfy underwear too. There's no shame in being comfy mamas! A comfy mother is a happy mother, believe me!

Baby wipes - is there anything you can't do with a baby wipe?! I've been carrying a pack around in my bag every day since 2013 and I think they're not just a post pregnancy essential but now a life essential! My sons are now 6 and almost 3 and I still need baby wipes to wipe their mucky hands and faces!


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