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Silver Cross Pioneer in Carrycot Mode | Review ♥

Silver Cross is a brand my family and I have loved for quite some time now. When Tyler Lee was a baby I had a Silver Cross Classic Sleepover pram for him (featured here), a lovely 'high pram' to go on walks with him in, all snuggled up inside on those first few snowy February days of his life. I also had a Silver Cross Linear for him, this being my 'shopping pram', perfect for taking out and about and popping in the car.

When he got to toddler stage I then moved him to a buggy, the Silver Cross Pop (reviewed here) being one of the best I had for him with it's roomy seat and plenty of leg room so that his feet no long dragged on the floor, as it had done with other buggies.

So when the lovely people at Silver Cross got in touch and asked if I'd like to try out and review their Silver Cross Pioneer with Beau I was absolutely delighted to try another lovely pram from their range and to have this as 'just Beau's pram', his from the beginning and until he's out of prams and buggies altogether.

The Silver Cross Pioneer is one of the most stylish prams I've ever had the pleasure of using. I chose the newly released vintage silver colour pack for my pram which consists of a silver hood and apron and I think this colour pack looks beautiful with the chrome chassis.

The pram looks quite luxurious with the little touches it has - such as the black leather effect on the handles surrounding the chrome Silver Cross logo and the button to extend the handle, the leather effect bumper bar, the cup holder and the matching chrome detail on the hood, all the features on the pram tie in together and they make it something quite lovely to be seen pushing along. I get so many compliments on the pram and it really is such a pleasure to have my precious little babe pushed about in.

Silver Cross Pioneer in Carry Cot Mode Features - 
✓ Swivel front wheels for easy maneuverability
✓ Interchangeable colour ways for customisation
✓ Soft 100% bamboo material mattress and liner for baby's comfort
✓ Large sized carrycot
✓ Large basket
✓ Quick-click fold for putting the chassis up and down
✓ Bumper bar.
✓ Extendable handle for taller users
✓ Easy to assemble
✓ Can fit in a small car boot

Beau is extremely comfy in his pram. The liner and the mattress of the carrycot are made of super soft bamboo material which really is so lovely to the touch. He's always happy laying in his pram and thankfully the carrycot is a generous size - perfect for my long boy. He's still in the carrycot now at five months and I'm delighted that I've been able to get this long out of it as I really do love having the carrycot on the pram - I'm not yet ready to move him to buggy mode!

The carry cot attaches to the chassis very easily by just popping it onto the adapters. It's also removes very easily too, you simply pull on the sides and it pops off - it really couldn't be easier. In fact, the ease of use with the carrycot and chassis has encouraged me to bring the carrycot everywhere with us, even if I'm just popping in somewhere quickly. The chassis and the carrycot fit into my small car boot too so it's really convenient for me to take them with me when I'm out and about.

The Pioneer features a large basket underneath, perfect for popping bags and other essentials into when out and about. However, it's impossible to get bags, if they have much in them, into the basket while the carrycot is on top of the chassis, there just simply isn't the room to slot them under and on more than one occasion I've had to lift the carrycot off to place things underneath - far from ideal I know, but I'll get over this as the other features of the pram really are spot on and I'm hoping that in buggy mode the basket will be easier to get to.

The maneuverability and handling of the pram is fantastic. The swivel wheels on the front really help to steer it well and I've even been able to push the pram one handed and not have it veer off to the side. I've taken this pram on all types of terrain - gravel paths, grass, tarmac, footpaths - you name it, it's been on it and it does handle really well, not being too bumpy for baby either. As the Silver Cross website says, the Pioneer is 'designed for adventure' and I definitely agree with this.

The hood is a lovely feature on the pram with the silver detail on it and it is a good size. The hood is lined UPV50+ material and has a silver lining to reflect heat, insuring that baby doesn't get too hot on warm, sunny days. The hood clips onto the sides of the carrycot and is held on sturdily with velcro strips.

The Silver Cross Pioneer currently retails for £695 and this price includes the chassis, carrycot, pushchair seat, a colour pack of your choice, rain cover and cup holder, which I think is very good value for money for something you're going to get a lot of use out of over many years.

Pros -
Lightweight and easy to push
Front swivel wheels for easy maneuverability
Very comfy for baby
Extendable handle
Can fit in the boot of my car
Very easy to use and assemble
It's a good price point for the quality and what it includes

Cons -
The basket is very hard to get things in when the carrycot is attached to the chassis

I really love this pram, even with the con I've pointed out above. It's such a beautiful pram and it's so easy to use. It's actually a dream to push and I love strolling along with Beau in it. It's very comfortable for baby and this is a big thing for me as we use it a lot and I want him to be happy in it - which I'm delighted to say he is. This is a great pram and I'm so happy that I've been able to use it with Beau.

I'll be sharing an update on the Silver Cross Pioneer and how we're getting on with it again once I move Beau to the pushchair mode of it.

*We were sent the Silver Cross Pioneer for the purposes of this review, however, as always, all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.



  1. What a lovely pram. Silver Cross is a great household name. Lovely pictures and review :)

  2. T also had a Silver Cross buggy/pram which I loved. The only downside was that it was so heavy! This also looks lovely. x

  3. The basket part looks quite large, this would be useful whilst shopping and I think it will be more accessible when you use the pushchair seat. It looks extremely comfy. x

  4. My sister in law is about to have a baby! I know she would love something like this. This stroller looks SO classy!

  5. This looks lovely. Silver Cross are a fab brand. I love how stylish it looks and little Beau looks so snuggly, it's obviously a little thumbs up from him :) x

  6. What a lovely carrycot, I am loving that it has a mattrees from 100% bamboo soft material. Great review

  7. That is a beautiful stroller. I love the storage space on the bottom, since babies aren't known for traveling ligh!

  8. This looks like such a stylish and lovey pram, if I ever had another I would love something like this. We also have the Silver cross pop, I liked it so much with my daughter I brought the boy version for her brother too. xx

  9. That is a super spiffy and stylish stroller. Wish I had one when my kiddos were babies.

  10. I'm glad the major wins outweight the minor annoyances. It does seem like a wonderful pram!

  11. This stroller looks super steady, comfy and easy to use. I have a friend who is expecting soon so I have to send her this link!

  12. The Silver Cross Pioneer would be great for any little one. I will have to share this with my niece for her little one. It is a great price for all that comes with it. Thanks for sharing the review.

  13. I don't know much about this since I haven't had a baby yet but it seems nice - safe looking and comfortable too.

  14. I prefer buggies over strollers for little ones. This one will be my next baby shower gift! Such a cute passenger you have there!

  15. There is something about a silver cross pram, just always looks so plush and comfortable. I love the look of this pram x

  16. This pram looks very stylish and multi-faceted in function.
    The carrycot is a great idea and feature.

  17. I don't have kids, but I can see how having a stylish stroller that has practical setting could be a must have.

  18. I love Silver Cross prams. They're such a classic pram that deserve to keep going. I had one when I was small and my teenage sister had one of their classic shaped prams when she was small too. It was such a beautiful pram. I love this design, they have such great features. x

  19. This is just beautiful, such a nice design and I love how classy it looks x

  20. I think I need this! I have a 7 week old and this looks perfect for taking her on walks!

  21. This baby stroller is so cute and looks so classy! I am not expecting but will tell friends about this

  22. That would be a great pram for my new grandson. We live in the country on a lot of land and I think it would be sturdy enough to conquer the terrain while keeping the baby comfortable.

  23. He is such a cutie. He looks very comfy in that baby stroller.

  24. Awwww, your little one is so adorable. This pram looks like a really good one.

  25. Looks like a great pram. Your baby looks absolutely adorable!

  26. That looks like a lovely pram, love the big basket. Shame it's not easy to access with the carrycot on it - I think my old one had a zip so you could pop stuff in with the carrycot on

  27. What a beautiful pram - your baby looks very comfortable in it! :)

  28. What a lovely stroller - it's very stylish and looks safe, too. Adorable little one!


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