Thursday, February 21, 2019

Kids Bedroom Inspiration | Sea & Space Themed Prints From Posterlounge ♥

*This post is in collaboration with Posterlounge, however, as always, all thoughts and opinions expressed in this post are 100% my own.

Living in a rented house can sometimes mean that you can't make the place as 'homely' and 'personal' as you'd like. I've never lived in a house where the walls are painted in a colour that I like (bar my childhood bedroom of course!) and it can be really frustrating not being able to have the beautiful decor you've been lusting over on Pinterest.

One room I do like in our current home is Tyler's room. I love the sea and space theme it has and the dark blue, white and red colour scheme goes really well together. His curtains have metallic silver stars on them (which remind us all of the night sky) and the sea and space theme is complimented by little touches to his room, such as his little metallic star cushion and his pirate and sailboat cushions in his seating area.

I wanted to compliment this theme by adding some framed prints to the wall above his seating area and found the most perfect ones from Posterlounge.

I wanted to find prints that were personal to Tyler and I found five perfect and gorgeous ones that look lovely above his seating area (which is an Ikea Stuva toy box with a foam cushion on top, it's such a space saver and is a lovely area for him to read and have us read to him).

I ordered all the prints framed from Posterlounge, which costs a bit more but was so handy to be able to hang them straight on the wall when they arrived instead of searching for the right size frames.

The prints I chose were 'Live by the sea with salt water in your hair', which I think is a perfect print for an island boy who loves to run into the tide whenever he gets the chance! I chose teal stars because I thought it was a pretty print and went well with the space theme.

The 'stay cool' on a ice-lolly is a hint to Tyler's love of ice-cream and lollies (seriously, the kid would eat them every day if he could!). I was so happy to find the aquarius boy print for my little aquarius boy and the space explorers print is super cool and a perfect addition to Tyler's bedroom - he loves it too.

All of the prints are so gorgeous and have been a great addition to Tyler's bedroom and they've really helped the make the place his own and brighten up a plain wall.

The prints from Posterlounge are all great quality and arrived really quickly too. Posterlounge have a wide range of prints available in a whole host of topics, so no matter what you're looking for they're most likely to have it!

I was so happy to come across these prints in the 'sea and space' theme I was going for and they couldn't be more perfect for my little sea and space loving boy's bedroom.

I highly recommend Posterlounge if you're looking for some beautiful prints to decorate your home with. They're a great addition to any home and I think it's fab that they come either framed or unframed - depending on what you want.

You can see the beautiful and whimsical prints in my bedroom too if you're looking for some more print inspiration!


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