Monday, June 18, 2018

Whimsical & Beautiful Prints From Posterlounge ♥

 *This is a collaborative post.
Living in a rented house, it's important for me to be able to put my own stamp on the place without ruining any of the walls and this is why I love prints.

I'm unable to paint the walls in any colour I like, but being able to adorn them with beautiful prints makes me happy and allows me to give the rooms of our home some of our own personality.

I recently discovered Posterlounge, who have a huge range of beautiful prints suitable for every room of the house. What's unique about Posterlounge is that their prints come in other materials other than paper or card too, meaning that you can create something completely unique to your tastes and a beautiful feature to keep forever too.

Posterlounge offer posters made of wood - perfect for an old-style vintage charm, canvas, alu-dibond (aluminum pictures), forex and acrylic glass, as well as the traditional poster too.

I picked five beautiful posters from the Posterlounge range and all have quite a whimsical theme to them to them. Everyone who knows me knows just how much I love flowers, the outdoors and folklore, so, being able to combine these things into art for my home was just perfect.

I searched for flower themed prints and there was a huge selection to choose from. I ended up going with some Wildflowers posters which have a vintage vibe to them and I got these printed on wood.

They look really unique and I think they look fab! It's lovely to have something in print that will never be spoilt - these wont wrinkle or tear like traditional posters.

While searching through the flower themed prints I stumbled across some that had a folklore and fairies element to them and I thought they were absolutely beautiful! I chose two fairy prints from the same artist and had these printed on acrylic glass, they look so lovely!

I also chose another fairy print by a different artist and had this printed on wood for a vintage look. This came out lovely too and I really love the print with the fairy and her child lying amongst the flowers, it couldn't be more me!

I have these fairy prints in my bedroom, but if I ever have a daughter I will be definitely getting more of these prints from Posterlounge to decorate her nursery, they're just gorgeous and magical and everything I love in art.

The prints arrived really well and securely packaged and included metal mounts for me to attach the prints the wall (once attached leave it 24 hours before hanging the prints on the wall).

I would highly recommend Posterlounge to anyone who is looking for unique prints for their home. I love my whimsical and beautiful print choices and they're the perfect additions for adding some personality and beauty to our home.


  1. I Love these prints. The dark blue ones look absolutely amazing and I'd love to have something like this in our living room!

  2. Such gorgeous prints I really love the flower theme - they look so beautiful in your bedroom and they are a great way of making a house your own whilst renting.

  3. This are absolutely beautiful. Have bookmarked Posterlounge for now :)

  4. Oo these are so mystical and magical - I love the colour tones and whimsical feel :)

  5. All these prints are gorgeous! The flowers are lovely and I love the colours! Those cushions are lush too!

  6. I have a few bits from poster lounge for the kids room, although mine are all dr who and marvel and not pretty prints like these

  7. These are gorgeous prints! I've got to check Posterlounge and see what I can add for my own home.

  8. Lovely! I am also in a rented house and it feels so bland - I would love to add a splash of colour to the walls and express my personality!


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