Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Simple Ways To Add Class & Style To Your Home ♥

Is your home lacking something? Do you wish you could put your finger on it and make it feel that little more classy and stylish? There are steps you can take that will help you do just that, so don’t despair if your home isn’t exactly as you would want it to be right now. Each of the changes we’re about to talk about will help you add something important to your home, so read on and find out more about all of this.

Start at the Front Door
If you want to make sweeping changes to your home and how it looks, you need to start at the very beginning. Creating the right impression needs to be done quickly, and that’s why it has to start at the front door of your home. Make it something that strikes the right chord and grabs attention right away. This can be as simple as painting it a striking colour - I'm not going to lie, I'd love a baby pink coloured front door!

Find a Simple and Effortlessly Cool Layout for the Space
The layout of each major room in your home will definitely dictate its style and overall impression, so you need to work on getting this right as soon as you can. You should go for a simple and effortlessly cool layout that gives the impression that no thought has been put into it at all, as if it just unfolded naturally that way. But at the same time, it should work and offer a natural sense of a space well-used.

Upgrade Your Old Wardrobes
Wardrobes are necessarily evils in that they take up a lot of space in your bedroom and limit your options. But to stop them ruining your space, you should choose wardrobes that really add something and make the space feel fresh and alive again. Rauch hinged door wardrobes are examples of wardrobes that look great, do what you need and complement your other elements in the bedroom.

Introduce a New Layer to the Floor
The flooring is something that you most definitely need to work on when you’re making your home more appealing. If you have a monotone flooring arrangement, it can really add some class and style to add another layer. This could be as simple as finding the right rug that works well in the space.

Add Plants and Fresh Flowers
It’s never a bad idea to add some life to your home, and that can be done in a variety of different ways. One example is adding plants and fresh flowers that make the home feel colourful and fresh for a change. This added style is cheap and affordable, but the impact it has on your home overall can be absolutely massive. If you're looking for some inspiration, check out my post on decorating with flowers.

With these changes, you will be able to make your home feel fresh and interesting once again. You’ll achieve that class and effortless style, and it’ll never feel like you’re trying too hard with your design choices or style elements. Make your home a place that you actually enjoy spending your time.

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