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Dream Family Holiday Destination Ideas | Phuket ♥

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Ever since I was a teenager, one place in the world I've wanted to visit was Thailand. I even had a poster of a Thai beach hanging on my bedroom wall and longed to visit there one day.

To me it always looked like Heaven on Earth, with it's beautiful beaches, turquoise waters and dreamy landscapes, it's a place which I'm quite sad that I haven't been able to visit yet, but hopefully that will all change soon!

I've shared my 30 Before 30 bucket list on the blog before and one of the things I need to tick off is holidaying outside of Europe. I can't think of a better and dreamier destination than Thailand and Phuket Province in particular seems like the perfect place to visit as a family.

Before I would have always thought of Thailand as being a 'young people's' destination, with opportunities for backpacking, partying on the beach and soaking up the glorious sunshine. Having looked into Thailand as a destination for a family holiday my mind has been changed and I now know that there's a lot of things to see and do in Thailand with children.

With it's rainforested, mountainous landscape and stunning beaches, Phuket really does have it all for families like us who enjoy the great outdoors - I can already imagine the beautiful photo opportunities!

I've done my research on Phuket and it seems like the idea spot to holiday in as a family. It seems to be safe for kids with a low crime rate and lots of stunning outdoor spaces to enjoy. It looks and sounds like a perfect place and I dream of bringing my boys there - I know they'd absolutely love the beautiful beaches and swimming together as a family.

Phuket also offers lots more to families than just the beautiful beaches. There are lots of things to do in Phuket with kids, and with places such as Baan Teelanka (an actual upside down house!), the Phuket Trickeye Museum, Splash Jungle Water Park, Anthem Wake Park, KidzSole Flying Trapeze and so much more, there's so much to keep the kids entertained on holiday in Phuket.

As I'm now a mother, and not a wanderlust-filled teenager, I don't think slumming it in a hostel would be for me anymore (or if it ever was really!), that's why I've gone in search of some beautiful family-friendly villas in Phuket.

I've found a website,, that offers the most beautiful looking villas in various regions in Phuket and their website has made it easy to find the right villa for you, no matter what your needs. I've researched and found that south Phuket is probably the best area to stay as a family and has some stunning family-friendly properties on offer.

What's great too is the peace of mind they seem to offer to travellers. Travelling with children can be nerve-wracking enough, so I need to make sure that our booking is hassle-free and our stay goes as smoothing as possible. have the human touch, offering a team of travel consultants to find the best villas to suit the clients needs - for us we would need enough room so we weren't all on top of each other, a swimming pool, space to enjoy outside, etc. They also have a guest relation team who can arrange your stay, making things like airport pick-ups, day tours, special dinners, in-villa massages, etc. possible and hassle-free for families. I'm all for other people helping to sort these things out whilst I relax and soak up the sun!

Why I think a villa is best for our family holiday is that it offers privacy and space we would otherwise not receive at a standard hotel. If we're travelling all the way to Phuket for a once in a lifetime holiday experience I want to make sure it's as perfect as possible. It would also be a unique experience for us as all of the villas I've looked at are absolutely stunning!

As a family we all enjoy our own space too and I never want to stay in a cramped hotel room with the boys again, a villa offers plenty of outdoor and indoor space for us all to enjoy our time away. A villa stay also comes with a personalised service and I love that attention to detail, it gives a very appealing luxury aspect to a holiday, that's for sure - no battling for sun loungers when you have your own private villa and pool to enjoy!

Yes, a villa may be a slightly more expensive option for families compared to a standard resort hotel room, but honestly, I think for the experience it offers - privacy, space, luxurious surroundings, etc. paying that bit more is totally worth it. I've even found villas for as little as £67 per night so it's definitely a budget-friendly option for families too.

I have two years to cross this holiday off my bucket list and I'm already excited at the prospect of travelling to such a stunning destination with my little family. I know it would be the holiday of a lifetime and completely different to any other family holiday we've ever been on before. After reading Beth's post about her family holiday to Thailand and how her little girl played football with an how her little girl played football with an actually elephant (yes really!) I can't think of a better holiday destination to experience culture, beautiful places and lots of fun for the whole family.

Have you ever travelled to Phuket or Thailand in general with your children in tow? Was it as much of a fantastic experience as I imagine it to be?

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  1. Thailand is top of my travel bucket list. I am so tempted to book for my honeymoon next year X


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