Monday, December 30, 2019

My Realistic 30 Before 30 | Updated! ♥

With just over two years to go before I read the big 3 0, I decided it was high time I put together my '30 Before 30' list - mainly due to the insane amount of time it takes me to get things done!

I will have two years and two months to tick everything I possibly can off of my list and it'll be great to have it here on the blog, where I can come back to it time and after time, tick things off and link up any posts I have written about my experiences.

I've made my 30 before 30 a realistic one, not adding any 'huge' things such as 'visit the 7 continents' because it's just not going to happen in that space of time. Hopefully though, the things I have included will be manageable to accomplish in the time I have left before March 9th 2020.

So here goes...

1. Holiday outside of Europe
2. Save the deposit for our mortgage
3. Visit Co. Kerry again - done, we went to my cousin's wedding on July 27th in Killarney and also had a family day out to Killarney National Park.
4. Upgrade my camera - Jacek gifted me a new camera for Christmas 2019.

5. Do a photography course
6. Take Jacek home to South Africa- I didn't take him but he did go and took Tyler with him too!
7. Get back to a size 12
8. Lie in a field of flowers - I did this on our visit to Mayfield Lavender Farm in July 2019.

9. Visit Sark on a sunny day again - done in August 2019.

10. Stay up past midnight on New Years
11. Have a spa day - done on March 11th 2018 at Dunboyne Castle Hotel & Spa
12. Get married
13. Learn to knit
14. Volunteer for a charity
15. Read 30 books (not kids ones!)
16. Swim in a warm sea/ocean again  Done summer 2018 when Ireland had a heatwave!
17. Make a new friend
18. Print out all our special photos and make scrapbooks
19. Visit Herm and not check the time once
20. See the aurora borealis
21. Take my boys to Lapland to visit Santa
22. Fly in a hot air balloon
23. Go to The Burren and photograph the wildflowers Done 03/07/2019
24. Take up yoga
25. Send more snail mail
26. Start a photography project
27. Get paid to take photographs
28. Visit at least two new countries
29. Go to Amsterdam again for mine or Jacek's birthday - Done 08/03/2019
30. Have more nights out - I go out quite a lot now at night, not just to pubs but out!

Wish me luck!

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  1. Great list, you're inspiring me too, although my list won't be to do before I'm 30, that ship has long sailed!


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