Monday, December 04, 2017

6 Finishing Touches For A Vintage Inspired Nursery ♥

One of my favourite rooms in the house to decorate has been our sons' nurseries. There's just something so joyful about decorating a room for a new little love of your life and with so many themes to choose from, it can be such a fun experience too.

I'm not sure if I'll ever get to decorate a nursery again (fingers firmly crossed though!), but if I ever do, the decor will most definitely be vintage inspired. After all, I absolutely love dressing my boys in vintage and vintage inspired clothing, so why not extend this theme to the baby's nursery too?

Here are some finishing touches to give your nursery a vintage inspired feel.

Hang a canopy over the cot
This is such a beautiful decor idea for a nursery and it's one I had in Tyler's room when he was a baby. The canopy can be attached to the cot (as Tyler's was) or attached to the wall and then drapped over the cot to give a real dreamy feel to baby's sleeping area. You could even add bows, hanging stars of LED lights if you want to make the canopy even more of a feature in the nursery.

Finish off the room with skirting board
Skirting board helps to give the room a polished and completed look and for the vintage feel Victorian skirting board is the perfect finishing touch. The moulding on Victorian skirting board gives a lovely, subtle design detail to a room and having this white framing on the ends of the nursery walls just helps to tie in that classic look you're going for.

Keep baby's things on display
Use shelves or dressers to display your baby's beautiful keepsakes, cuddly toys, pictures and prints. Another love touch is hanging one of baby's special outfits on the wall or from the handle of their dresser - this is something I've done in Beau's Beatrix Potter inspired nursery with one of his vintage Peter Rabbit outfits. It's a very simple, yet lovely way of giving a personal touch to your vintage inspired nursery.

Opt for a vintage or vintage style cot
A vintage or vintage style cot is the perfect finishing touch for a vintage inspired nursery. You'd be surprised just how many vintage ones there are for sale on various selling sites and they really are a thing of beauty. I've also spotted a few vintage inspired nurseries over on Instagram which have vintage metal cots in them and they are just stunning. Finish with end skirts, embroidered pillows (to dress the cot when baby's not asleep in it), crocheted blankets and baby's favourite teddy for that quintessential vintage baby look.

Upcycle old furniture
Adding a vintage feel to your nursery can be as simple as picking up a paintbrush and making over an old piece of furniture - either that you already have or have picked up from a thrift store or charity shop. There are no even wooden paints that come in a range of vintage inspired colours and are perfect for giving a new lease of life to your old pieces. Add vintage inspired knots or handles to dressers and drawers or mismatched cushions to chairs to perfect the vintage inspired look.

Decorate with patterned wallpaper
Patterned wallpaper is the perfect addition to a vintage inspired nursery and the design can be as subtle or busy as you like. I'm personally a fan of delicate floral print patterned wallpaper, like in this picture, or for boys, I think this sky blue and white striped wallpaper is beautiful.


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