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7 Great Gift Ideas For Tween Girls

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Are you looking for a great gift for a tween girl? This age can be difficult to buy for as they're usually outgrowing all the 'little girl' stuff and becoming more grown up and particular with their tastes.

Things they once loved have now become 'uncool' to them and they may be conscious about what their peers think about what they play with, wear, etc. 

Here are seven great gift ideas for tween girls that they're sure to love and appreciate.


Cash or gift cards

Gifting a tween girl cash or gift cards allows her to pick her own gift (or save her money in she's that way inclined!), meaning that she's sure to get something she'll love and appreciate.

If she's into gaming you can get her a gift card for a particular game she plays or if she's into fashion, gift her a card for her favourite store so she can choose clothes or accessories she loves.

Concert Tickets

Now that the world is opening up again and concerts are going ahead, gifting a tween girl tickets to see her favourite singer or band is a great idea.

This gives her something to look forward to and it's a gift which she's sure to love. It also makes for a great experience for her and in my opinion, experience gifts are the best. I still remember going to see my favourite band when I was 12, so it's something she'll always remember.

The gift of tech

Tween girls are so clued up with tech and love receiving tech gifts. A really popular piece of tech for tweens is the Nintento Switch. There are different versions available and Nintento have released the Nintendo Switch OLED this year which is sure to make a great gift.

There are so many game options available for the Nintendo Switch too. A really popular one with tween girls is Animal Crossing and this is sure to keep her busy when she's indoors relaxing.

You may also think about gifting your tween their first smartphone at this age. Make sure to choose a suitable model that won't break easily (we all know how kids can drop break things in a hot minute!) and read up on a parents guide to smartphone safety for kids before giving them a smartphone.

Air pods or other wireless earphones are another great tech gift option for tween girls to listen to their music or chat to their friends while out and about.



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If you're looking to gift jewellery to your tween, then these are the best earrings for kids. They're so pretty too so there's bound to be something she'll like. They're age appropriate too and not too flashy for school, etc. 

If your tween likes to keep fit, then a Fitbit or Apple Watch is another great gift idea. This is a bit of tech which doubles up as jewellery and the straps can be changed depending on what colours she likes, etc. 

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Clothing always makes a great gift for tweens, especially comfy hoodies that they can wear day in and day out. Project Orochi has some lovely streetwear fashion inspired by Japanese Art and Myth that tweens would love, especially if they're into anime, etc.

There are lots of gorgeous clothing options to gift to tween girls and some fun options too like fluffy socks, odies (oversized, super soft hoodies), etc. that they're sure to love. 


Fujifilm Instax Mini Camera

This is such a fun gift for a tween and one they can enjoy capturing memories on with friends and family. They'll also have fun decorating their bedroom with all the instant pictures!

These come in a range of colours. Just make sure to also buy the film for it as this is sold separately.

The gift of an experience

Experience gifts really are the best, in my opinion and there are lots of fun experiences that you can gift to tween girls.

Why not take her and her friends out for afternoon tea or if she's more adventurous, organise for her to go do some outdoor activities like kayaking or orienteering or spend the night away glamping! You could also book air soft, paint balling, trampolining, etc. The experiences are endless and would make for lots of fun memories too.


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