Saturday, February 15, 2020

10 Ways To Keep Your Family Home Organised

Keeping your family home organised can seem like a mammoth task. I only have two children, but honestly, keeping on top of all the cleaning and tidying each day, finding spaces for all their things and keeping some organisational harmony within our home can be a full-time job in itself!

Here are 10 ways to keep your family home organised - without giving yourself a headache!

1. Have a place for everything
Such a simple tip, but having a place for everything will really help you when it comes to finding things easily and putting things away just as easily. Have a place for the kids' arts and crafts materials, their sports gear, the cleaning supplies, everyone's outdoor gear, etc. and it will make life so much easier, believe me!

If you're in need of some extra storage for designating all these things a space to live then shelf and storage solutions are a great thing to invest in.

2. Make the beds every morning
Again, this is such a simple tip but one that will immediately make your home feel and look for organised.

3. Use clever storage hacks
Storage hacks are a great thing to look into and are fab for saving space when having to hold onto things but not wanting to clutter up your home. For example, keep a folder aside for storing all your children's artwork - give them a folder each or use a hole-punch and string to make their own little books. Get a container for different types of toys and label them so that the kids know where everything should go after playtime. Use over-door storage or hooks if you're short on space in a room but need places to keep coats, etc.

4. Get rid of clutter
A family home can descend into chaos simply for not having enough space for things, so getting rid of clutter is a great way of keeping your family home organised. Gather and sell the kids old clothes, donate any unwanted items such as old toys and books and make space for the things you do actually want to keep.

5. Keep on top of laundry washing, drying and putting away
If you have to do a load of laundry everyday to stay on top of it - do it! Living on a farm means that there's always clothes to be washed and the only way to keep on top is to do a load daily. The rule in our house is that clothes get put away the day the laundry basket of freshly washed clothes makes it's way back upstairs - it's the only way to stop the baskets piling up!

6. Keep to a cleaning schedule
Everyone is living busy lives and that means that the cleaning can take a backseat sometimes. By having a cleaning schedule, it's easy to keep on top of things by getting things done and rooms cleaned when they really need to be done. You can find cleaning schedule templates over on Pinterest and make a schedule to suit you and your family.

7. Deep cleaning your kitchen and bathroom at least once a month
Deep cleaning your kitchen and bathroom, at least once a month, will stop dirt and grime building up, will give you an opportunity to organised products, drawers, cupboards, etc. and will mean that you can keep on top of cleaning these rooms more efficiently. Kitchens and bathrooms are high-traffic areas within a family home and giving them a deep clean will really help you to keep on top of things when it comes to cleaning and having an organised space.

8. Invest in things to keep your home organised
If you think that extra hooks, baskets, dividers, space-savers, etc. will help you to keep your home more organised - invest in them! All of these things can be great at keeping family homes organised, neater and making sure that things can be found easily around the home and put back in a specific place too. You can pick up a lot of these things quite cheaply too from discount stores so they really are worth the investment.

9. Clean up every night before bed
Nobody wants to start their day in a messy house. In fact, starting the day this way could just lead to a bad day! By cleaning up every night before bed you're ensuring a good start to your morning and not having to deal with a load of mess and chaos while you're trying to get yourself and the kids ready for school, work, etc. Cleaning up will only take a few minutes, but those minutes are so worth it.

10. Embrace minimalism
This is something which I've begun doing more as my children have gotten older and have acquired more things! Embracing minimalism means that you're able to clean down surfaces quickly because there's no mess and clutter. It means that the majority of your possessions have a place and are hidden from view most of the time, but still easily accessible when you need them. It means that you let go of the things you've been hoarding for years but will never have a need for again and it means that your home is a lot more organised.


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