Tuesday, September 10, 2019

5 Reasons Why Small Businesses Need an Office Space ♥

If you're the owner of or a member of staff of a small business, you'll know that having an office space is an amazing thing to have for your work environment. Having an office space doesn't need to be an expensive outgoing for small businesses either, with companies such as Click Offices Dublin, offering fixed/dedicated desk space for as little as €200 a month - which is an amazing rate for office space in Dublin.

So, why do small business need an office space at all? Here are 5 reasons why -

1. It gives a professional image
Professionalism is one of the key business attributes that every small business aspires to have and having an office space of your own is something that adds to this.

Having a branded space looks far more professional than just working from home and it's a great place to point customers and clients to if you need to meet face to face.

Small businesses grow through trust from customers and clients and having a professional image will only contribute to this.

2. It adds to productivity
Having a dedicated office space adds to productivity, as opposed to working from home, as there are no distractions and you are coming into a solely work environment, therefore, are more likely to get more done throughout your working day, without procrastinating.

3. It gives you access to a proper office infrustructure
Having an office space ultimately gives small businesses a proper office infrastructure, which allows them to be more productive within office hours.

If you opt for a serviced office your business will have access to a fast internet connection and a quality phone line, which makes communication between clients and customers a much smoother process. These elements also allow for better access to websites and social media channels, which are must-haves for any small business looking to grow in today's society.

4. It allows for better team mentality
If you're lucky enough to employ staff as part of your small business, then having an office space is a great way of increasing team mentality and ensuring that your staff are just as passionate about your business as you are.

With all staff members working from the same offices it allows you to see productivity levels, who has the same drive to make the business succeed as you do and allows for ideas and communication to open and delivered there and then, rather than passing messages through email, text, etc. It also contributes to colleague relationships and it's great to be able to work as a team rather than remotely alone.

5. It allows for long term planning
Essentially, what ever small business owner wants is growth, so, although your business may start off small, having an office space allows for growth.

The elements that having an office space allows for - the more professional image, a place to meet with clients and customers, the opportunity to grow staff numbers due to increased work space, are all things which contribute to the growth of a small business and ultimately, it's great to be able to have a 'hub' for your small business and place which you can really call your 'work space' - as opposed to working from your kitchen table which the whole family share with you.

Do you have an office space for your small business? Have you found it beneficial?

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