Saturday, September 21, 2019

3 Ways To Feel Better in Your Own Skin ♥

When you look in the mirror, sometimes it can be hard to be happy with what you see. So often, you can lose confidence in who you are and how you look, and it can be a real blow to your self-esteem.

This is something which I've struggled a lot with in life. At times there have been periods where I have struggled to see even just one thing I like about myself when looking in the mirror and these periods can be devastating on my mental health. It took a long time to learn to love myself, after all, I'm a mother of two sons who I am constantly telling they are clever, funny, handsome... only ever positive things, but how can I make them grow up loving who they are as people if I'm not setting that example with myself first. If you have felt like you hate everything about yourself, please know that you're not alone. Most people go through feelings of low self-worth based on how they view the way that they look and with today's society seemingly being obsessed with how people look and what is deemed socially acceptable on how to look, it's no wonder so many of us are struggling.

There are simple ways of getting your confidence levels up and coming to accept and love the way that you look. Here are three that really helped to make me feel better in my own skin.

Make Some Changes To Help Yourself Feel Better
If you're conscious about a certain part of your appearance and feel like a change could help you to feel happier in your own skin, then please don't be worried about what other people think. If you're doing something to make you feel good about yourself then that's okay and you're more than entitled to do that.

It could be something as simple as visiting a good hairdresser and getting that haircut and colour you've been wanting for ages now - this is something I've been wanting to do for quite awhile now. Even the most subtle of changes can help us fall in love with the way that we look again and help us to be more confident in ourselves, at least in my experience anyway.

Similarly, if you have issues with your teeth (like me) you may want to take a trip to a cosmetic dentist and have some work done on your teeth to help you be more confident when smiling, etc. People who have issues with their teeth, no matter how small, can end up feeling unbelievably conscious about them and sadly end up not sharing their smiles with the world. If you think visiting a dentist will help you gain the confidence to smile and speak without hiding your teeth behind your hands then go for it.

Focus On The Positives
There are things about you that you will like about yourself, but far too often you will spend your time worrying about the things that you dislike. By changing your mindset, you can become less bothered about the things that you don’t like and instead just enjoy the things that you are confident about.

I'm not going to lie, it takes a long time to grow to love yourself, especially if you, like me, have been hit with nasty comments about your appearance throughout your life. Before I wouldn't let anyone take pictures of me because I was ashamed of how I looked - purely due to the comments I had received from people regarding my weight. Now I never stop asking for pictures though, because I never want to miss out on recording my memories, especially with my children, again, due to other people's perceptions of me.

Make a list of all of the things that you do like about yourself and read through it in your times of doubt or if someone has insulted or made fun of how you look. Spend time admiring those aspects of yourself. You could even take some photos which highlight those things to help build confidence. The more time you can spend concentrating on these areas of yourself, the better. Over time you will adjust your mindset, and you will be more inclined to see the good in things.

Change Your Social Media Habits
Social media has a lot to answer for when it comes to how we look at ourselves and there are times when I wish I could just delete it all and concentrate on living a happy life in my reality instead of comparing myself to strangers on the internet. If you are someone that scrolls through their Instagram feed and compares themselves to everyone that they see of there, you need to change your habits - this is something I've been working on over the past few weeks and have scaled back my time on Instagram a lot.

People post highlights of their lives, often leaving out the day to day stuff. They post the pictures of them at their best and tend to not share the struggles they go through. To compare yourself to this type of edited version of someone else is not helpful, at all! You should also consider that these people that you think look perfect may well have similar insecurities as you. Most people have some kind of personal hangup about the way that they look, even if they seem like the most confident people in the world.

If social media is causing you more misery than good, think about limiting the time that you spend on there. Look out for the signs of these thoughts cropping up, and when they start to enter your mind, it’s probably time to log off. If you're like me and need social media for work, you could set up time restrictions on apps so that you're only using them when you're being productive and actually need to be on them, instead of endlessly scrolling.

I hope these three things can also work for others in order to feel better in their own skin. It takes time to grow to love yourself, but always remember, YOU ARE ENOUGH.


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