Thursday, July 18, 2019

Pretty Instagrammable Places in London - With Directions! ♥

I'm just back from a lovely two days spent in London and during this visit (I've been to London many times before), I wanted to focus on some of the most beautiful and instagrammable places within the city, which, to my pleasant surprise, also turned out to be some of the quietest places within the city too!

Anyone who knows me knows that I love to photograph anything and anywhere beautiful and I wanted to find some stunning places in London that were perfect for this little love of mine - yet that weren't obvious tourist sites such as Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, etc.

#1. Peggy Porschen
This is probably the most well known beautiful Instagrammable place in London for anyone who wants a pretty pastel aesthetic, but I was surprisingly pleased by how quiet the Peggy Porschen on the King's Road was when we visited.

I was able to take lots of photos, both inside and outside the café without anyone clouding the view and the cake and cocktail I enjoyed in there were both delicious!

I did take a walk past the Peggy Porschen in Ebury street but it was insanely busy and there were lots of people sitting outside - not ideal for getting pictures for the gram!

To visit the Peggy Porschen on the King's Road take the tube to Sloane Square and walk to the café, which is a good bit up the King's Road and is one the left hand side of the road if coming from Sloane Square tube station. It can't be missed with all it's florals and pink decor!

#2 St. Luke's Mews - home of the famous pink house!
This was one of my favourite parts of London. Such a quiet and beautiful courtyard type street filled with the prettiest houses, including the gorgeous pink house that everyone fawned over when I shared it on my Instagram @dollydowsie.

The pink house is probably the most vibrant and well-known house within the mews and outside is a 'selfie box', installed by the house owners to collect money for a local homeless charity from tourists who come to the house for picture. I think this is a fabulous idea and I gladly donated £2 to take a picture of the house.

I took the tube to Notting Hill and walked to St. Luke's Mews via Portobello Road, which had a string of pastel coloured houses which were absolutely beautiful, so it was well worth the walk!

#3 Notting Hill
This is such a dreamy part of London, boasting the most beautiful pastel coloured houses with gorgeous architecture.

I enjoyed a quiet stroll through the neighbourhood (it was incredibly quiet when I visited) and I was able to take some pictures without any other people around.

This pretty pastel pink houses was one of my favourites. It's just off Portobello Road and has a mint green house next to it which is just a pretty! Perfect for a photo opp.

I highly recommend taking the tube to Notting Hill Gate and having a wander around the neighbourhood. There's something pretty to capture your eye on almost every street and so many Instagrammable houses!

#4 The Botanist
If you want to enjoy a drink in a beautiful pub then The Botanist is one of the most beautiful. The outside is decorated with flowers and we easily got a table outside during our visit.

The mojitos there are delicious and I was able to enjoy one whilst looking out on the beautiful building of Sloane Square.

#5 Mayfield Lavender Fields
I'm not sure if it's 100% correct to include this in a 'beautiful Instagrammable places in London' post as the lavender fields are actually in Surrey, but if you're in the London area then you have to visit this Mayfield Lavender Fields.

These were the most beautiful and vast lavender field I have ever been to, with photo opportunities at every turn. There's a red London telephone box within the lavender field, along with a red tractor and sign posts, all of which can be used for photo props.

There's also a wildflower field which is so beautiful with it's burst of colours and different flowers.

Even the delicious afternoon tea (£18.50) is Instagrammable at Mayfield Lavender Farm. Entry is only £2.50 and is most definitely worth it.

We took the train from London Victoria to West Croydon and the 166 bus to Oaks Park, which stops right outside the lavender fields entrance.

#6 The Ivy Chelsea Garden
Want a building covered with flowers for your shot, The Ivy Chelsea Garden is it! I stumbled across this place on the King's Road while walking to Peggy Porschen and it was incredible to look at!

It's covered in coloured flowers with the most beautiful windows on the upper floors. I sadly didn't get to go inside and enjoy the restaurant but from looking it up, the inside looks just as beautiful as the outside. A real gem and a stunning place for photos - although it was very busy outside so early morning is probably the best time to get that coveted gram shot. The Ivy Chelsea Garden is situated on the King's Road.

#7 Elizabeth Street, Belgravia
This is one of the prettiest streets I came across while strolling through London. Almost all of the shops are decorated with flowers on the outside and they are just stunning!

My favourites were the display outside Les Senteurs and Moyses Stevens. Both were stunning, so eye-catching and perfect for an impromptu photo opportunity.

Hopefully this post has given you some inspiration for all the pretty pictures you want to take. I only spent two days in London, with the majority of my second day travelling to and from the Mayfield Lavender Fields so didn't get to fit in everything I wanted to see, but I will be back!

London is such a pretty place. I think Chelsea is the bourough that inspires me most, but I'm looking forward to seeing more of this beautiful city in the future.


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