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5 Tips For Creating A Child Friendly Garden ♥

The garden is the one part of our home where I really allow my boys to play freely. By freely I mean they can run about to their hearts content, make as much mess as they want and play with things that I wouldn't allow inside such as water play and Playdough - yes, I'm one of those mothers!

Because the boys spend so much time in the garden, because I encourage the children to spend as much time outdoors as possible, it's important that the garden is as child friendly as it possibly can be.

So how do you create a child friendly garden? Here are some tips to make sure your garden is as child friendly as possible and a lovely, safe place for the children to play freely.

Think of the materials
If you want your garden to be child-friendly and able to be used in all weathers then it's important to think of the materials which will make it up. For very young children it would be best to avoid gravel or pebble stone ground coverings as they'll be constantly trying to eat it - I know from experience!

If you want your kids to enjoy the garden in all weathers without getting covered in mud and dirt then fake grass is a good choice because it's suitable in all weathers, is child friendly, has no pollen and requires very low maintenance.

A little decking area is also a good choice if you'd like your children to play close to the house and is great if you'd like them to have a little sitting area or shaded area to play with their toys outdoors in the summer months.

Make your garden as safe as possible
We all want our children to be able to roam and play freely, especially in their own homes, but in order to let them do this, it's essential to make your garden as safe as possible. Make sure the boundary of your garden is enclosed in some way, either with a wall or with hedging that children can't escape through. Make sure gates have a safety latch or lock that can only be opened by adults - especially if your garden leads to a road.

Give the kids their own area
Giving kids their own area of the garden lets them know that it's theirs to enjoy to their hearts content and encourages them to get outside more. My boys have a playhouse, which I gave a shabby chic makeover to and it's their little 'base' as they call it, housing their toy kitchens, a table and chairs which can be taken out for sunny days when they want to sit outside and it even has an upstairs for storing toys and hiding out when their friends come over to play.

If you'd rather not have a playhouse in the garden, simply having an area for the kids with some playthings is enough. Perhaps you could have a swing or a slide? A mud kitchen is always a fab idea too and these can be made simply if you're up for a bit of DIY. Sand and water tables are also fab for keeping the kids entertained.

Embrace the magic
My favourite gardens as a child were ones that had loads of little areas to explore. It didn't take much to make a part of the garden magic - a little windmill here, a little gnome or garden ornament there, but I loved little things like this in a garden and I think these memories are what has brought me up to be an outdoor and nature loving adult.

If your garden as some mature trees, think about making a DIY rope or tyre swing. The kids will absolutely love it and it'll be a lovely feature in the garden. If you have other trees or a shaded area you could make a little fairy trail - fairy doors can be bought quite cheaply from the likes of discount stores or you could even make some out of discarded pieces of wood.

Don't worry about the garden looking perfect
Houses are almost impossible to keep looking pristine with kids in tow so it's important for us parents to realise that our gardens probably aren't going to look perfect either, especially while the kids are young!

Children love gardens that look a bit like a wilderness and allow them to play and hide amongst tall grass and shrubs and gardens where they can pick flowers and play imaginary games, so let them do it. Grab a packet of wildflower seeds and let them sprinkle them about, let them dig little holes or even learn how to grow their own herbs and plants. They'll enjoy it so much and even though the garden won't be looking perfect, it'll definitely be loved and used.

I hope these five tips have given you some inspiration and advice for creating a child friendly garden for your own little ones. The garden should be one of the children's favourite parts and most used part of the home - especially during the summer months, so ensuring it's a fun and safe place to explore and play in is a must.


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  1. Great tips! I really want to create a more child friendly environment in our back yard but I have no idea where to start! There's so much to be done to it it feels like such a daunting task.

    Renee @ Maritime Mama


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