Monday, April 29, 2019

The Donkey Sanctuary Ireland ♥

I've been following The Donkey Sanctuary on Instagram for quite some time now and I don't know why but during the Easter holidays I really wanted to bring the boys there. We'd never been before and I had never been myself - I vaguely remember my brother going on a school tour there once and that was the closest connection I had with the place.

On the last day of the Easter holidays (and what a gorgeous day it was!), we packed up the car and drove to The Donkey Sanctuary in Liscarroll, which is a few miles outside Mallow, and we weren't disappointed with our visit.

The Donkey Sanctuary's aim is to prevent the suffering of donkeys worldwide through the provision of high quality, professional advice, training and support on donkey welfare. Permanent sanctuary is provided in the sanctuary's site in Liscarroll for donkeys and mules in need of refuge. The Donkey Sanctuary has taken in thousands of donkeys that have been rescued from all parts of Ireland since it was set up in 1987.

The Donkey Sanctuary is free to visit, which makes it a wonderful, cost-effective family day out, especially if you have a larger family. However, donations are most welcome and I think having no entrance fee means that people are more likely to leave a bigger donation - or at least I hope so!

During our visit we let the children adopt a donkey for the year at a cost of €25. Tyler was immediately drawn to Lorcan, a rescue donkey who when he was found had almost lost his ears due to getting barbed wire cut into them, the poor dote.

The Donkey Sanctuary is a perfect place to bring the kids, not only did we get to see lots of gorgeous donkeys - and hear them hee-hawing, the kids were able to run free safely too as the walking routes are in a ring around the sanctuary.

The views at The Donkey Sanctuary are picturesque. Surrounded by beautiful, green, open countryside and with lovely blossom trees and benches to rest on every few yards, it's a lovely place for a stroll, to gather your thoughts and look at the donkeys.

If you find yourself in Cork and are looking for a lovely day out for yourself and the kids then I highly recommend a visit to The Donkey Sanctuary Ireland. I'm so glad we finally got there, it was well worth the wait. The boys absolutely loved it, Tyler is delighted that he was able to adopt a donkey and is already asking when we can go back and visit Lorcan again.

By visiting The Donkey Sanctuary, not only will you be giving your family a lovely day out, but you'll be helping to support the sanctuary in their mission to provide rescue donkeys with the care they deserve and help to cease their suffering.

The Donkey Sanctuary is open every day from 10 to 4.30 and admission and parking are free. If you're looking to make a day of it, Liscarroll has a lovely playground just down the road from The Donkey Sanctuary and Doneraile Park and Mallow Castle are just a short drive away.



  1. This looks and sounds like such a beautiful place! Donkeys are so adorable. Warms my heart to hear about such a lovely place <3
    Your photos are also gorgeous btw!

    Renee @ Maritime Mama

  2. I love donkeys, my parents used to have 3 of them when I was younger. They have the softest velvety muzzles, not bristly like horses. I'm glad there is an organisation looking after donkeys in need of a safe forever home.


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