Monday, September 17, 2018

10 Gift Ideas For Kids That Aren't Toys ♥

Christmas is one the way - so sorry for mentioning the 'C' word in September, but needs must - and if you're anything like me you're racking your brains trying to think of suitable gifts for the kids that AREN'T toys!

Our house is overrun with toys at the moment and sadly, only a small few are played with on a regular basis. That means that our house is full of stuff that never gets used and I'm not going to lie, it breaks my heart a little (not only because all that plastic is too expensive to not get played with!).

So this year, I'm concentrating on gifts for my boys that aren't toys (rhyme not intended!). Here are some things which I've come across, or which we already have, that I think make great non-toy gifts.

1. Playhouse - One of the best things we ever invested in. Not only is a great gift as it stays outside, but it also acts as an added 'playroom' of sorts and gives even more storage for all the kids stuff. It was also a great little project for me to give a playhouse makeover to too. It doesn't have to be big and fancy, the kids will just love playing house and being out in the garden (and out of our hair!).

2. Wagon - This is another great gift that we got for our eldest boy for his 4th birthday. Everyone loves having a turn in the wagon when we have play dates, the kids love putting their toys in it and pulling them along and they even have picnics in it! If the boot of your car is big enough, it also makes as a great transport for tired little ones on long walks or days out. This the Radio Flyer wagon we have.

3. A new outfit - As parents, we all know how expensive kids clothes can be, which is why I'm always grateful when people gift us with clothing for the boys. I've been eyeing up some lovely pieces in the Ralph Lauren sale that would make for gorgeous Christmas outfits. A new outfit is always a great gift idea for kids because you know it will definitely be used!

4. A bike - Everyone remembers their first bike, right? (Mine was an orange one with a white basket and I loved it!). Not only is a bike a memorable gift but it's also one that helps kids to stay active and I think that makes it a perfect gift altogether.

5. Membership to a sports club - Another great gift to keep kids active and one that they'll get great enjoyment out of no doubt as they run along a pitch, etc. with their new teammates. Our eldest son recently joined the rugby club, it was €30 and he's loving it.

6. Music lessons - Could there be a greater gift that the gift of music - or in fact, learning to play music? I was gifted with piano lessons as a child and I love that I was able to learn music at such a young age. This is a perfect gift for any little budding musicians in your life!

7. A day out - Usually, all kids really want is to spend time with their parents, friends and loved ones, so gifting them with a day out is just perfect. It doesn't have to be anything fancy or expensive, the kids will be happy with a packed picnic and a trip to the local wildlife park, but not only will they have the gift of going somewhere exciting, they'll also have the gift of time with those that mean the most to them.

8. A scrapbook of your memories together - During one of our eldest sons holiday's with his Grandad, his Grandad's partner made him a scrapbook of his time there and it is by far one of the most special gifts he has ever received. He still looks through it to this day and loves seeing all the memories he made on his holiday. I can't thank her enough for this gift, it was such a lovely thing to do and one that he will cherish always. So, if you have some time on your hands, print out photos, write little stories, stick on some stickers and create a wonderful keepsake of your memories with a child in your life for them to look back on always.

9. A mud kitchen - Again, I love the idea of anything that gets kids out of the house and into the fresh air and I think mud kitchens are a wonderful gift idea! You can buy them, if you have the funds, or you can make them quite easily out of palettes and crates with some unused bowls and utensils from the garden for the kids to play with. You can follow a tutorial on how to make a DIY mud kitchen if you're up for giving it a go! The kids will be delighted with their new gift and you can be happy and proud in the knowledge that you created it!

10. Their very own camera - The photography lover in me loves this gift idea and I think encouraging children's creativity and love for taking pictures is a great thing to do. You don't have to get them a big expensive camera, a cheap digital camera - or even those kids cameras that are available now, will do. Or if you want to give the kids an added element of fun, a polaroid type camera is a great gift - my sons have great fun with mine! Not only will they have fun snapping away, you will also be left with all their beautiful captures to print out and display about the house.


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