Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Ways To Brighten Up Your Bedroom For Spring ♥

I don't know about you, but once spring arrives I'm always filled with inspiration on how to redecorate our home, DIY projects and giving everything a new lease of life with fresh paint and spring cleans.

There's no better season than spring to brighten your home up a bit - taking inspiration from the (hopefully!) brighter days and longer evenings.

Today I'm sharing some ways to brighten up your bedroom for spring and hopefully they'll give some inspiration to those of you who are looking to make your sleeping space lighter, brighter and a little lovelier to be in.

A lick of paint
Sometimes all a room needs to seem lighter and brighter is a simple lick of paint. Whether you decide to go for a different colour, or you want to freshen up your current colour, paint is fairly inexpensive to buy.

If you want to give some old furniture rather than the walls a new lease of life, then furniture paint and a bit of upcycling is a great idea. See how I transformed an old-fashioned, dark chair into a brighter, more aesthetically pleasing chair with very little effort and no cost at all. This transformation is actually a perfect one for spring too with the pastel theme.

Change the curtains or blinds
If you've had the same curtains in your bedroom for some time, it might be an idea to go for some new and fresh ones for spring.

During spring and summer you'll want to allow as much natural light into your bedroom as possible, so opting for a lighter curtain fabric is a great idea. Direct Blinds have a great range of made to measure curtains in a whole host of beautiful fabrics - all perfect for brightening up your bedroom for springtime.

Move the furniture
Moving furniture is something that doesn't take much effort but which can make a big impact in a room - especially a bedroom. Perhaps you want to move your bed so that you can look out the window from it on a beautiful spring morning, or maybe you have a dressing table which would be better in the natural light as you get ready in the morning.

Moving furniture has another added bonus as it can often reveal dust and dirt you didn’t know about, helping you to give your bedroom a thorough spring clean!

Add some plants or flowers
I love bringing the outside inside when it comes to my home decor. It's no secret that I'm a flower lover and I love having fresh flowers in my home, especially in my bedroom.

Having flowers, plants or succulents on display really helps to brighten up a bedroom and give it a fresh feeling that is perfect for spring days. If you're looking for some inspiration, check out my tips for decorating with flowers.

Give it a spring clean
Spring is the perfect time to give your bedroom a spring clean. You can have the windows fully open as you clean, dust and de-clutter, making your room a lovelier place to rest in.

Will you be brightening up your bedroom for spring?

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