Saturday, November 25, 2017

Ways To Keep Your Family Bathroom Cleaner & Tidier ♥

If I had to name the one room that you hate to clean the most it’s probably the family bathroom. It’s not that the kids leave it dirty, it’s more that they leave it looking like a tornado landed in there - usually after I've just cleaned it too!

Product bottles get left strewn all over the place, towels are all over the floor and there’s toothpaste all over the sink, again... You can’t leave it go without being cleaned - even for a day, and you’d be horrified if any of your guests ever had to use it. So what can you do to end the giant task of it all? I decided to ask our friends at Connect Cleaners what we can do to help keep the bathroom from looking like a bomb went off in there.

Electric Toothbrushes

If you end up with great big streaks of toothpaste glued to the basin, chances are your little ones are using too much. It often means they’re not doing a great job of scrubbing those little toothens either! You can’t be there for every brush, but you can give them the tools to do a better job so that spit is spit and not sticky toothpaste.

An electric toothbrush has a smaller head so they’ll use the right amount of toothpaste. It also whips up the paste into a watery froth as they go that tends to slide away down the drain a lot easier. Best of all, the kids can feel that they’re actually covering each tooth.

Towel Radiators

Think about swapping out your tired old white radiator for a contemporary towel rail radiator. The kids might be more likely to pick their towel up when they’re finished. Why? Because an open-sided towel radiator, like the ones on this website, is easy to use and who doesn’t want a toasty towel when they step out of the bath at bedtime? They’ll soon see (and feel) the benefit of replacing their towel. They’ll be sure to miss the cosiness of a warm one if they forget to hang it!

Fitted Bathroom Furniture

You can install some of the cupboards and countertops yourself as they don’t affect the pipes or plumbing. They do a pretty good job of hiding all that stuff, whilst also saving you from having to dust and mop down there.

Perhaps the best benefit of the cupboards in there is that you can hide away all those product bottles. No more bottles rolling onto the floor or cluttering up the bath area. They’ll also stay dust free and you’ll be able to keep all the clutter out of sight in the bathroom.

Slatted Bath Mat

These are often made from woods like bamboo and look quite elegant in the bathroom. However, if you cover them up with your regular bath mat, you’ll find an extra benefit. The bath mat will dry better and quicker because the air can get underneath it. When lots of people are stepping out onto the same mat in the morning, it can be quite unpleasant for the last person in! Another benefit is that there is less risk of mould building up on the grout or vinyl underneath.

Cleaning up after the kids twice a day takes a lot of time, energy and patience. Just a few of these ideas can help reduce the task of dealing with yet another bathroom mess. 

How do you keep on top of tidiness in your family bathroom?

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