Saturday, September 16, 2017

The Petal Game ♥

Since Beau was a little baby I've playing this game with him, the petal game. I don't know how it even came about, but one day I just looked at the wilting roses on the kitchen windowsill and thought they'd make a lovely photo prop, so I sprinkled them over the baby.

He instantly loved it.

He'd lay there each time and giggle wildly as the petals fell towards him like colourful drops of rain. He'd become even more excited each time I slowly said "one...two...three" and then let the petals cascade over him. I'm so glad this flinging petals over my baby idea came to me, as not only did they bring him great enjoyment, but they also made for beautiful keepsake photos for me too.

As a flower and nature lover, I always try to have a floral or outdoor element to my pictures and as a mama, I love to have my boys in the frame. Combining my two loves into one photographic capture is wonderful for me and this photo series of mine is one of my favourites ever. In fact, I'd possibly have more babies to just keep capturing these petal game shots!

Who knew that wilting flowers could make such beautiful expressions?

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