Saturday, May 06, 2017

A Few Hours In London ♥

Yesterday Jacek and I spent a few hours strolling around London, after attending an blogging event (details of which I shall be sharing in a future post) which we both thoroughly enjoyed.

It's very rare that we get any time to ourselves, so when the opportunity for Jacek to accompany me to London came about, we were both delighted that we could spend some quality time together and be tourists for a few hours, visiting the historic sights that the UK capital has to offer.

We were pros on the tube - we didn't get lost or mixed up once, which I'm quite surprised about if I'm honest! There's nothing like going to a big, busy and bustling city to make you realise just how much of a country bumpkin you really are.

I was in awe that people were only on the tube home from work gone ten o' clock at night, or that the streets were still so busy so late at night - it's a place that never sleeps and that's so alien to me. I'm a 'tucked up in bed at half nine' kind of girl.

I can honestly say, after our travels around the city, that the city slicker life could never be for me. I'm far to fond of wide open spaces, green fields and nature - although I was surprised and delighted to encounter some beautiful nature right in the heart of the city.

We had lunch in Natural Kitchen on Marlebone Highstreet, were we ate probably the healthiest plate of food we've ever had in our lives. I tasted halloumi for the first time - it was absolutely delicious! Their OMG smoothie really gave a strong kick of ginger and the raw chocolate and orange cake was to die for.

After our tummies were full of goodness we caught the tube to Piccadilly Circus and walked to Buckingham Palace. It honestly was so lovely strolling along by St. James's Park in the sunshine holding hands, I may have felt young again at that moment in time...

We didn't walk right up to the gates of Buckingham Palace, the place was thronged with tourists and we had better views being stepped back anyway, but it was great to see - I had been there once before but I was only 13 and can't quite remember my visit.

We then walked to Westminster, passing Downing Street on our way and making our way to Big Ben. I have to admit, before my trip I was very anxious about visiting London again, especially after the recent terrorist attack, but when we got there and I saw how busy and full of life the city still was I felt reassured.

I even felt brave enough to walk to the spot on the bridge where those poor people lost their lives and were injured, and although the bridge - a prime photo taking spot with Big Ben - was a lot quieter than other parts of Westminster, it was good to see people there taking pictures and being happy again in a spot which had previously been filled with so much sorrow. Life goes on and it was great to see positivity after such horrific events.

Our final strolls around London were had in the beautiful St. James' Park, where we witnessed nature up close and personal, with little squirrels and herons coming right up to us.

We spotted lots of adorable baby ducklings too, some were tucked under their mothers wings, others were roaming around on their own, feeling brave. It amazed me that such nature existed right in the middle of such a busy city, but all the wildlife seemed so content in their surroundings. London really does offer something for all!

The flowers there were absolutely stunning too, so vibrant with all the colours mixed together - I of course had to find flowers somewhere in the city, they are my 'thing' after all...

The views over the lake in St. James' Park were stunning too, with one way facing Buckingham Palace and the other facing the London Eye and Big Ben - a real 'Instagram worthy' spot of pictures.

I really enjoyed our few hours in London. It was amazing to experience a new place with the one I love and get some quality time together too - although I did really miss our boys. They'll have to come with us on our next visit to the UK.


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