Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Emma's Soy Candles - Lemongrass Tin Candle & Harmony Blend Wax Tart Melt ♥

 I absolutely love candles and wax melts, in fact, I always have a candle lighting here in the evening once my son has gone to bed. I love having one lighting to relax and unwind after a busy day and if they have a strong, gorgeous smelling fragrance then that makes it even better. As you all know I love promoting anything Irish on the blog and I was recently delighted to come across Emma's Soy Candles, healthier alternative candles which a long lasting, clean burning and handmade in Co. Louth, Ireland. I was so looking forward to trying out these candles and was delighted when they arrived.

The packing on these products is really sweet and I love the floral design on the logo, it not only looks pretty but it shows to me that the product I am using is natural, which in fact it is. Emma's Soy Candle's are made from all natural ingredients including soy waxes and essential oils for the wonderful scent. They do not have any parabens, toxins or colourings so not only are they safe for me to burn and not get adverse effects from such as headaches (unlike other strongly scented candles I could name!) but they're clean burning for the environment too. Soy wax also burns for longer so you really are getting great value for your money when purchasing any of Emma's Soy Candles products. 

In all there are seven scents to choose from in the range - Lemongrass, Lavender, Orange and Palmarosa, Citrus Blend, Harmony Blend and Neroli Fusion. I have the Lemongrass Tin Candle and the Harmony Blend Wax Tart Melt. Now I must admit Lemongrass isn't a scent which I am overly fond of, I prefer floral scents but this is actually quite nice. It isn't over-powering which I'm guessing is because it's a natural scent and not artifical. I like the little tin that this candle is presented in and it's so lovely sitting on my table in the sitting room of an evening, I think it'd make a sweet little gift for someone too and for just €9.95 for twenty hours burning time I think that's a fantastic price. I love the scent of the Harmony Blend Wax Tart Melt, a fusion of Rose Geranium and Sweet Orange which is so zesty and uplifting. I burn this in my oil burner and this tart itself is so thick that I think this will last me for ages, great value for something which costs just €4.95.

I am so impressed with Emma's Soy Candle's products, not only are they fabulous value for money but the scents, presentation and natural ethos behind the products really has me hooked. I shall be purchasing again once I have used up my current products and am really looking forward to trying some more scents. I'm delighted to be able to have found and be able to support a brand which is all natural, Irish and most importantly something I love to have in my home always. 

You can find the Lemongrass Tin Candle and the Harmony Blend Wax Tart Melt as well as being able to browse other products in the Emma's Soy Candle range on their website.



  1. I love candles, these look lush! Good price for 20 hours too!

    1. They are gorgeous and yeah the price is fabulous!

  2. I love candles and Lemongrass is a fabulous one to have as it natural eliminates odours!

    1. Ooh I never knew that, another reason to keep it burning so ;)

  3. These sound lovely I love a nice candle burning away in the background!

    1. They're gorgeous Yav, I love that they're Irish made too.


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