Friday, January 03, 2014

LUSH - Star Light, Star Bright ♥

Before Christmas I treated myself to three gorgeous products from the LUSH Christmas range, one being their Star Light, Star Bright bath melt, a stunning little silver shimmery star with a blue centre and a zingy lime scent. The look of this bath melt really appealed to me and when I picked it up and smelt the divine lime scent, which is a personal favourite of mine, I knew I had to have it. Before I popped this into my bath I rubbed it against my skin and it left a great shimmering sparkle on my arm, that is the second picture that you can see below, I loved it. When put into the bath this bath melt immediately loses its silver coating which floats in bits on top of the water, the blue core of the bath melt then turned the water a vibrant blue colour. Unfortunately the lime scent wasn't as strong when the bath melt had completely dissolved into the water, such as shame as this was one thing I was really looking forward to. I noticed after my bath that my skin had little bits of glitter on it leaving a lovely shimmer. I think this is a fun little product to use during the festive season and my bath was very relaxing with it even though I was disappointed with the lack of scent once it was put into the water.
Stay pretty people!



  1. It's a great and fresh little star, I loved the lemon scent and how it had that teal colored centered all hidden inside. For me I wish there had been more glimmer left on the skin afterwards :O). Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight

    1. I know I loved it. I would have liked more shimmer too but I guess it's okay to be subtle sometimes too :)

  2. I just tried this one, as well! Thought the silver sparkles on my skin after my bath were really fun :)

  3. It looks awesome but it's scary for me the colored water!!

    1. The water was actually a lovely light blue I don't know why the camera made it look green!


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