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Sun Holiday Destinations That Are Perfect For Families ♥

Summer is upon us and if you're still deciding on where to jet off to for a bit of sunshine this year then hopefully this post will give you some holiday destination inspiration.

I'm longing for the sunshine and warmth. Although we've had a great (and very rare!) run here with the sunny days here in Ireland it's still quite chilly (it feels more like April instead of June to be honest) and I've been looking up some destinations that offer lots of sunshine and that are perfect for families.

It's been three years since we've been on a sun holiday and to be honest, I miss them. I miss the days on a gloriously sandy beach, warm waters, lounging by the pool and soaking up the culture of somewhere new.

I definitely want to go on a family sun holiday soon and now that our boys are out of the toddler stage, hopefully we won't have to run around after them as much on any future holidays! I also think that for our next holiday, instead of staying in a hotel, that I'd like to rent out a villa for a week or two so that we have a nice place to stay with our own pool, etc. Clickstay have lots of beautiful accommodation options in a whole host of places all around the world and they're making me long for some time away in the sun.

Here are some sun holiday destinations that are perfect for families - most of which we've holidayed in and would definitely go to again.

Picture courtesy of Clickstay

This is where we had our 1st holiday as a family of four. We travelled to Torremolinos and it was such a great destination for a family holiday. The flight to Spain isn't very long, which is ideal for travelling with two small children and although the weather is quite warmer than back home, it's still not too hot for babies and younger children.

There are lots of gorgeous villas in Spain if you're looking for something a bit different from the usual package holiday. I think staying in a villa is a much better option for families as it's more homely, it's private and you can enjoy it and it's features to your hearts content without having to run down to the pool to reserve sun chairs! Anything that makes a family holiday more enjoyable and relaxing is a big winner in my books and I'm definitely wanting to stay in a villa on our next sun holiday.

Lanzarote is where I used to holiday as a child and I think it's such a great holiday destination for families, in fact, I think the Canary Islands in general are a great sun holiday destination for families because although the climate is warmer than at home, the breeze makes it a lot more tolerable.

Lanzarote is such a family friendly place and the airport isn't miles away from accommodation either, meaning you won't have any extra travelling to do once you get off the plane - and from someone who had to travel three hours on a bus with a toddler, that's a great thing, believe me!

We've holidayed in Portugal twice now - once as a couple and once as a family of three (we actually had our 1st family holiday in Portugal) and have nothing but good things to say about Portugal. The beaches in Portugal are absolutely beautiful and the people are really friendly there too, and just like Spain the flight isn't too long for young children either.

If you are holidaying in the Algarve region of Portugal, be prepared to carry your buggy/children up and down lots of steps to get to the beaches. It's totally worth it when you get down to the beach though and you're guaranteed to spend all day enjoying the sun and the sea and that gorgeous golden sand.

This a place where all my friends used to visit with their families and I've always been curious about it. The island looks so beautiful in any pictures I've ever seen of it and it's actually a destination which Jacek and I considered for our holiday back in the summer.

There are lots of historic places to visit in Malta too, making for perfect sight-seeing opportunities - just what we love as a family and as people who like to take pictures in historic and beautiful places.

All of these destinations are perfect for soaking up some winter sunshine and there are lots of great last minute deals for all of these places too - ideal for saving some money whilst still getting a great family holiday.

Probably the most perfect sun holiday destination of them all for families is Florida. I've wanted to go to Florida ever since I was a child for a visit to Disneyworld alone (still haven't gotten there by the way!) and with it's theme parks, sunshine and beautiful beaches, Florida really does have a lot to offer for families.

Florida is a longer journey and a more expensive place to visit than a traditional European sun holiday destination but oh how much would it be worth it for all the fun to be had in the sun there and a taste of what a destination stateside has to offer?

Have a you been to any of these sun holiday destinations with your family? Do you agree that they're perfect for families?

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