Friday, March 13, 2015

My 25th Birthday ♥

 On Monday March 9th I turned 25, something which I have to say made me feel very old - God forbid how I'll feel when I turn 45! I didn't plan anything special for my birthday, it's just a normal day as far as I'm concerned, plus my other half was working so it was just my boy and I and it was raining and blowing a gale so the weather wasn't ideal for going on a little adventure together. My boy was being a right pup on the day too, he began crying at five o' clock in the morning, broke my beautiful white rabbit porcelain lamp and scribbled all over the cream leather couch in pen... happy birthday to me from my little rascal of a toddler!

 I haven't had a birthday cake in years and this year was no exception, I had to go and buy myself and Jacek some raspberry and white chocolate tartlets and our boy a chocolate biscuit cake, everything was so yummy, if I had one of those tartlets right now I'd eat it for breakfast! Starving! Jacek arrived home from work with a lovely card and a bottle of pink cava for me, which I have yet to drink (tonight is the night!). We were supposed to get a takeaway and have a drink together but as we were heading to Amsterdam very early the next morning and needed to get our boy settled in my parents house for the night we just didn't have the time, plus we were both exhausted - we're officially over the hill now!

Jacek had gotten me three gorgeous Lime Crime lipsticks which I had wanted for ages - Cosmopop, Great Pink Planet and Airborne Unicorn, the latter being his favourite on me. I'm actually so surprised that he loves the purple colour as it's a bit 'out there' from lip colours I usually wear.

My mother got me the beautiful Pandora 'first dance' charm which I had wanted for ages, even though I'm not married... I just think it's stunning and am delighted that it's now part of my bracelet. I now have just two charm spaces to go before my bracelet is full and I begin another. My Dad, Stepdad, Nan and Aunt gave me money which I have no doubt will be spent on my boy rather than myself and my friend Shauntella, who is in the US, sent me a lovely garden and Steampunk inspired locket - such a surprise and they arrived right on time on the morning of my birthday too. I'm so thankful for everyone's generosity to me on my birthday, the older I get the more grateful I become from my wonderful family and friends.

So that was my 25th birthday, not the most exciting of days but spent with those I love most in the world. Plus, even though I shed a few tears leaving my boy in my parents that night so that Jacek and I could go to Amsterdam the next morning (more to come on this tomorrow!), he gave me the most lovely present, he fell asleep on my lap, cuddled into me whilst I stroked his curls. This is something he hadn't done since he was very small and it meant the world to me.


  1. Awwww..lovely post glad you had a lovely birthday, the presents all sound meaningful and very thoughtful..lucky girl xx

  2. Happy happy birthday to you! Hope you had a great one! :)

    Style Reader

  3. Happy birthday, Dear! Wish you all the best and may your blog will be great too! :))

  4. A cream couch and a todder. You're a brave woman! Hope it came out? Glad to see you had a lovely birthday.

  5. Happy Birthday to you!!! Looks like you got some pretty awesome gifts....btw those tartlets look so yummmy!!!

  6. Happy Birthday! <3 Looks like you had a wonderful day and got some very nice and thoughtful gifts from your family, the Pandora 'first dance' charm is very pretty. :)

  7. I'm glad you had a wonderful day!! Loved your photos ;) I'll be hoping you could do a review on the Lime Crime lipsticks, they look gorgeous! xx

  8. Sounds like you had a great day - those white choc & raspberry tarts look scrummy!

  9. Happy Belated Birthday Sweetie! You've got quite the lovely life for 25. These sweets look delicious. The lippies are such a wonderful gift too. :)

  10. Happy Birthday!!
    I really like your blog! Keep up the great job!

  11. He wakes up at 5 in the morning! I can see he has something in common with my little son, ha, ha
    Those tartlets look fantastic, they remind me of my time in England. Happy birthday from a reader from Barcelona,

  12. Happy Birthday! You re very young actually and Oh my God the presents you got! I wish I had them :D
    Also, those tartlets look like pieces of Heaven

  13. Happy happy birthday to you! :-D theses foods looks delicious hmm you're lucky ^.^

  14. Belated Happy happy birthday to you <3 i really like your mom gift , itss soo cute


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