Wednesday, April 07, 2021

How I Lost 13lbs in 40 Days By Eating in A Calorie Deficit and Walking

If you told me a few months ago that I could lost almost 14lbs in weight by just eating in a calorie deficit and walking then I wouldn't have believed you. But, this is just what I've done.

I've lost 13lbs pounds in the past 40 days by unrestricted eating within a calorie deficit and going on a daily walk or two.

It all seems too simple to be true, but it's happening and I'm delighted with my weight loss progress.

Not only am I seeing the benefits this new lifestyle is having on my physical well-being and body image, I'm also feeling a whole lot better mentally too.

My daily walks are my daily solace and something I look forward to. They give me the little bit of 'me time' and disconnect from my phone that I desperately need each day.

A few months back I thought I'd never lose weight. I thought I would be this 'big' forever. I donated a lot of my favourite outfits to the charity bank and felt saddened.

On February 22nd I decided to make a positive change for myself and I'm so happy I began on this journey.

Not only am I down weight and inches off my body, I'm also feeling a lot more positive too, which is definitely needed during these lockdown times.

I'm losing weight in a steady and healthy way and all by making very small changes to my eating and lifestyle.

I didn't need to cut out any foods, to follow any fad diets, a gym, people to come walking with me (although it's nice when they do) or any equipment. All I need are my legs for a walk and a bit of willpower.

This past week I've been able to go up the steep hill on one of my walking routes without stopping. This is such a small achievement for many but a really positive achievement for me as I'm trying to improve my fitness as well as my weight.

I fit into a new dress I bought a lot more comfortably than a couple of weeks ago and I even wore it on our annual Easter egg hunt.

As the days go by I feel like pushing myself further with what I'm doing. I'm my only competition in all of this and I'm now 45 days into this and feeling great.

I share a daily 'what I do and eat to change my weight' diary style video on TikTok every day @dollydowsie if anyone fancies following along.

I will also update here weekly with my progress.

Read last week's weight loss efforts post here.


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