Sunday, April 04, 2021

Beautiful DIY Decorative Twig Easter Trees

Every year I make DIY Easter trees. This is a tradition my mother began many Easter's ago and I love carrying on this tradition in my own house.

These are so simple to make but so beautiful. They don't have to be perfect, and really, it's the twisted twigs that make them look so elegant, but they're so decorative and I love them.

This year I've made two twig Easter trees - one for our playroom and one for our sitting room.

This is our first Easter as homeowners, so I thought, why not make our home as cheerful as can be this Easter.

 For one Easter tree I used fallen twigs that Beau and I collected in the woods by our house. For the other, I used fallen twigs from the field.

I've displayed both Easter trees in vintage basins and jugs we had in the house. Our house is an old farmhouse with lots of antiques and original features and I like to include these in our decor. 

Years ago I picked up decorative egg decorations from Dealz and this year I bought more lovely ones from Dunnes Stores.

I also collect bits of ribbon off gifts, etc. during the year and cut these up to hang on the Easter tree branches.

This year I also added a rose garland that I bought from The Range on the Easter tree in the playroom. On the Easter tree in the sitting room I added a knitted chick from Beau's pre-school teacher and some bunnies and chicks.

I'm really happy with how these Easter trees turned out and they've been lovely to look at in our house over the Easter holidays.

 To see my other Easter trees from over the years click here.


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