Monday, March 29, 2021

How I Lost 30cm Off My Body in 3 Weeks


A few months ago I donated some of my favourite outfits to the charity bin. Nothing out of the ordinary with that, but what was sad for me was that I had resigned myself to the fact that I would never fit into them ever again.

I was defeated and my attitude was that 'I'll always be this big now'. I don't know what my exact weight was at this time, but one week into my current weight loss journey, when I first weighed myself, I was 244lbs.

Now, a few months later and 5 weeks into a weight loss journey of non-restrictive eating within a calorie deficit and walking daily, I'm now 11lbs down and I've lost 30cm off my body.

I can't say it's been easy. Sometimes when I'm on my walks and I'm finding it tough going up the hills (where I live is very hilly!), I find myself getting angry at myself for letting my weight and fitness get to this level.

A couple of years ago I had done fantastically at losing weight, losing 30lbs in a few months, but when the first lockdown hit I neglected myself and began binge eating.

This is why this current weight loss journey of mine is different. I am trying to change my relationship with food to be more mindful of what I'm eating. I am no longer using food as a crutch and feeling sad is not reason enough to binge on a load of junk food I don't need, nor really want.

So, how have I lost 30cm off my body in 3 weeks?

I walk daily and make sure I always get my 10k steps in. I average 15k a day. These walks are not only important for my physical health, but are greatly benefiting my mental health too. Plus, they give me some much needed 'me time' during the day and keep me off my phone.

I eat within a deficit. My deficit is 1700, but I've begun to zig-zag them this week. 5 weeks into this and I'm not feeling as hungry as I used to. Go to TDEE Calculator to work out your maintenance calories and take 500 off that number to get your deficit.

I eat better than I ever have. I still allow myself to eat whatever I want but I'm cooking meals from scratch and am eating a lot more fruit and vegetables than I ever have.

It really is that simple.

I will say though, I work from home for both of my jobs, both as an employee and a self-employed person, so I do have the flexibility to be able to walk whenever I can most days (around having someone at home to mind my boys of course).

Where I have lost the cm

Smallest part of my stomach (dip under ribs) minus 5cm.

Waist minus 3.5cm.

Hips minus 5cm.

Bust minus 2cm.

Right leg minus 3.5cm.

Left leg minus 5.5cm.

Right arm minus 2cm.

Left arm minus  3.5cm.

I walked a total of 107,654 steps last week according to my Fitbit. I consumed 11,560 calories and burned 24,947 calories according to my Fitbit. That's a deficit of 13,387.

Sticking within a calorie deficit really works for me because I don't feel deprived of anything. I enjoy my daily walks and I'm seeing results so I'm going to to stick with this new lifestyle of mine.

I'll update my blog weekly with my results and you can also follow me on TikTok @dollydowsie for daily 'what I do and eat to change my weight' videos.


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