Tuesday, October 01, 2019

Why Quick-Step Perspective Flooring Is Perfect For Family Homes ♥

If you are contemplating changing the flooring in your home then there's absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t go for quick-step perspective flooring. Available in a range of colour tones to suit the decor of any room, it never risks appearing dated because it fits with all decor styles - from modern to vintage and everything in between.

Quick-step perspective flooring is the perfect option for a family home too, as not only is it stylish, it's also durable, hard-wearing (needed with the kids playing on it with their toys!), it's a lot more affordable than other flooring choices - without compromising on the finish and it's so easy to maintain and clean - an element very much needed in a family home!

Each room in our house, bar the kitchen and bathrooms, is fitted with quick-step perspective flooring and it helps to create a feeling of the rooms being larger as they all have the same flooring. It's incredibly durable - tested by the boys and their many dinky cars, blocks, etc. hitting off it constantly and it still looking as good as new and is perfect for a busy household too as it's so easy to clean, mop and steam clean without any fuss.

I think it's a perfect flooring to have in bedrooms, especially children's ones, as it means that there's no grubby carpets when they forget to take off their muddy shoes, it doesn't wear down and it's easily made perfect for playtime with the addition of a large soft rug or foam mats.

The colour of your flooring is also an important feature too and laminate flooring comes in so many options, with a colour choice to suit any kind of decor or vibe you want in your room.

Looking to create a bright and airy space? White brushed pine planks are the perfect choice. The best thing about white/lighter floors is the way that they act as a backdrop to your room, which means that you’re then allowed to accent any furnishings and interiors that may be a little bolder in colour. I think white flooring looks lovely in bedrooms and would be a perfect addition to any nursery decor.

Looking to create a rustic feeling and cosy space? Homage Oak planks are a perfect finish to go for. With their distressed look finish they give an element of bringing the outdoors in and as if the flooring had been a feature of the house for years. I think darker flooring choices work really well in living rooms for creating a cosy feeling space and in dining rooms for creating a more elegant look too.

So, if you’re looking to update your bedroom, living room or even your kitchen - why not invest in quick-step laminate flooring? It's easy to install, easy to clean and is perfect for any room.

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