Thursday, October 03, 2019

5 Ways To Help Treat SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) At Home ♥

The weather is changing. And as the sky becomes grey and the trees get red, SAD – Seasonal Affective Disorder – is already affecting the most vulnerable population. SAD is linked to vitamin D deficiency, which is why it is more common during the colder months of the year when people are forced to stay indoors.

However, doctors insist that you only need 20 minutes of direct sunlight exposure a day to keep on top of your vitamin D needs. Whether the day is cloudy or rainy, it doesn’t affect the UV lights. In other words, it is fair to say that most of us probably spend enough time outside to prevent SAD symptoms. But the gloomy weather can still continue to affect your moral. How can you lift your mood when you’re stuck indoors most of the time?

Visualise what you need
Changing your interior style to reflect on the new season can help to create a sense of excitement. Admittedly, creating your dream interior can be tricky; however, you can work closely with experts and smart tools to visualise your project. Indeed, summer-inspired decors can make it difficult to transition smoothly to the next season. But if you create an interior style that encompasses intemporal vibrancy and elegance, you’re more likely to feel happy at the prospect of spending more time indoors.

Get some happy tunes at home
Music is one of the most potent mood manipulators in the world. Listening to your favourite songs can instantly improve your mood and make you feel happy. In other words, if you’re going to trick your brain into maintaining a healthy serotonin level – imbalances influence the mood and facilitate depressive emotions –, the easiest approach is to inject some music. Why not upgrade your sound and entertainment system for the occasion? From high-quality stereo system to practical portable DAB radios, there is something for every budget. More importantly, there is a song for every mood.

Smell and taste gorgeous food
Your brain reacts to odours and flavours. Autumnal spices are ideal to create warm and invigorating dishes and drinks that can put a smile on your face. Think about it: does anything sounds more appealing than a warm cinnamon latte or a bowl of freshly cooked chili with cayenne pepper? Autumnal spices give a flavoursome kick to your favourite treats. But they also boost your immune system and support your metabolism in fighting off the symptoms of SAD.

How about changing what you wear indoors?
Last but not least, it’s time to wave goodbye to your faithful shorts and t-shirt lounge outfit. The temperatures are dropping, and you need to adjust your loungewear to stay cosy and comfy. Seize the opportunity to keep things fun with playful PJs. You can be sure that matching loungewear for the whole family is going to transform your evenings at home. Choosing the right material is not just a matter of taste; it also affects the way you feel about the weather. It’s no wonder people find soft blankets appealing! It reminds us of a loving embrace. So, believe it or not, but your winter PJs can cure your SAD.

Your sensory experience of autumn and winter triggers SAD-like symptoms. But you can keep your mood uplifted by targeting your senses at home. From a change of decor to a soft loungewear outfit, you’re in charge of how you feel.

What do you do to combat SAD?


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