Tuesday, July 02, 2013

NOTD - GOSH 'Oh My GOSH' Nail Polish in 'Bright Yellow' ♥

I'm really loving painting my nails these days and today is really dull, grey and dreary here in Cork so I wanted to paint them bright and cheerful. I decided on 'Bright Yellow' by GOSH, a shade which was sent to me by one of my darling friends Anne Mette. The colour is very eye catching, well it's bright yellow of course it would be! It really reminds me of the sun which is great as I'm jetting off to the sun on Friday, yay! The polish applies very easily although I prefer a larger and broader brush for application, this one was very slim which makes it hard to cover the whole nail quickly. The polish doesn't have as much gloss as I usually like but it is very pretty and definitely one to life your spirits! I may wear this shade for my holiday as it is most definitely one for the summer and is such a fun colour.

I must invest in more nail polishes. I have seen people with shelves full of polish and I am so jealous, imagine having that selection to choose from?! Although maybe I should get over my lipstick obsession before I begin a new one!

Stay pretty people!


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