Monday, September 19, 2022

9 Tips To Sweat-Proof Your Glowy Makeup Look


In summer, you want to ensure your makeup stays put while you’re outside in the sun. The problem is that the makeup you spent time perfecting may not respond well to the heat. It may start to wilt and shift as the beads of sweat roll down your face. The main culprits are oily skin, oil-based products, and heavy formulas. Here are five tips to ensure your look withstands the heat. 

1. Wear eyelash extensions
You can’t talk about sweat-proof makeup without discussing smudged mascara. You can use waterproof mascara, but it can be hard to remove and may make you feel like you’re losing lashes when you try to scrub it off at the end of the day.
A great option is to use eyelash extensions. Lilac St, Ardell and Vavalash eyelash extensions are easy to apply at home, look very natural and emphasize your eyes enough so you don’t have to wear mascara. The company gives some tips on how to make lash extensions last longer
2. Don’t skip moisturiser
When you’re in a humid environment, you may think you should skip moisturizer. Don’t do this because a hydrated base is key to making your makeup last. When your skin becomes too dry, it responds by producing more oil. A good moisturiser is just as important on hot summer days as it is in the dry winter months. Opt for the lightest moisturiser with a thin texture. 
3. Wear a primer
A primer forms a protective barrier between your pores and your foundation. It will prevent sweat from affecting your makeup during the day. A good primer won’t feel heavy, but it will make sure your makeup stays in place. A mattifying primer containing hyaluronic acid can help to soften your facial lines and create a smooth surface for applying makeup. 
4. Apply matte foundation in a thin layer
When you sweat, any greasy or creamy makeup will start to become cakey. Opt for a matte foundation, as it’s made with the least amount of oil. Apply it in a thin layer to prevent your pores from becoming clogged. The thinner the layer, the less chance there is of slipping, melting or sliding when your skin heats up. Sweat and oil will fight against any formula that’s too thick. 
5. Powder your t-zone
Gently press lightweight face powder over the parts of your face that are prone to glisten, such as your t-zone. A powder often also has SPF, which offers another layer of protection to your skin when you’re out in the sun. You can use the powder to keep touching up during the day. Blot your t-zone first with a beauty sponge and then follow up with the pressed powder. 
6. Ditch the powder blush
It is easier to fix smeared blush if you use a cream or gel formula rather than a powder. Powder can easily end up looking cakey. If you use a gel or blush stain, you can add a touch of creamy lipstick on top to add vibrancy to your cheeks. 
7. Smooth on an eye primer
Rich, deep eye shadows can look heavy in summer, and light shades work best. For a sweat-proof look, use an eye primer rather than a shadow cream. This helps to ensure you don’t have creases on your upper lid. Using subtle colors on your eyelids means your look won’t be overdone, and it will last better on long summer days. 
8. Go for matte lipstick
You may love a glossy lip, but exposure to heat can turn it into a sticky mess. A lip balm with a tint will work well in the heat. If you want to use lipstick, go for a long-lasting waterproof formula that offers great coverage.
9. Finish with a setting spray
Using a setting spray seals all your makeup products. It will prevent cracking, smudging or fading. It’s the last step to make sure your makeup stays on until you remove it at night. 
If you want a sweat-proof look that lasts in the heat, you need to stay away from oil-based products and heavy formulas. Sticking to light, matte products will help you to create a look that stays in place for the whole day, even when the temperature rises.

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